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26 Home Remedies for Weight Loss and Obesity

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Everybody's an expert

Proper diet and exercise is the only cure for obesity. Unfortunately, this goes for those of us who have a genetic propensity for weight gain. I grew up a fat kid. By the time I graduated from high school I weighed a whopping 315lbs. At 5' 6" tall, I was well beyond the lower clinical obesity threshold. I didn't begin to lose the weight until I stopped listening to my doctor, and to the advice of others, and began to research on my own. I eventually lost all of the weight and became a certified personal fitness trainer. My advice to you is as follows:

1: Stop looking at and listening to the advice of genetically fit, or thin people. They are clueless about losing weight, regardless of what fat people they know, or what fat family members they may have or what they've read or studied in college. The only true experts are those who have been where you are and have succeeded in losing the weight.

2: Do not listen to the advice of a doctor unless they have been where you are and have succeeded in losing the weight.

3: Do not listen to the advice of anyone who has lost weight, but were never more than 50 lbs. overweight. These are mere vanity pounds and, compared to losing weight when obese, losing them is child's play. Fat is not fat, is not fat, is not fat. It's NOT all the same.

4: Educate yourself. Stop looking to others to fix the problem for you. Research fitness options for yourself. My choice for fitness was weight training and bodybuilding. Research diet and nutrition on your own. Find out for yourself what you've been doing wrong, and down to the smallest detail. This, in the longrun, will help you above all else.

5: Every person is an individual. What worked for me might not work for you, etc. Trial and error is what's needed, and sticking to what provides the best results for YOU. A doctor can't tell you this. You must discover this on your own.

6: Make this your lifestyle. You're not like everyone else. Accept and embrace it. You have to make this as much a part of your life as going to work everyday. You must have the same dedication. There is no such thing as a 14 minute workout 3 times a week. Forget the things you see on TV. This is something that takes a daily commitment. But remember...You CAN do it!

7: Get your heart rate up everyday to burn calories. Muscle burns fat: Workout your legs, hips and buttox. This is the largest muscle group in your body.

8: Lots of veg is the key to your diet. Include a little meat everyday, some dairy is alright, but don't go overboard. Veg is low calorie and you can consume as much of it as you like. Cooked veg is the best way, as the cooking process unlocks many nutrients that would otherwise remain dormant in its raw state.

9: Keep it low carb. Some fruit is alright, but remember: fruit has fructose...a form of sugar. Sugar carbs are a fat person's worst enemy. Steer clear of potatoes. Also, it is a big misconception that we need grain for, well, anything. There is absolutely nothing in grain that one cannot get from vegetables. So no bread, granola, cereal, oats, grits, etc., as these are carb heavy foods.

10: Peanut butter is your friend. While it is high in calories, a spoonful goes a long way to controlling appetite, and it is an instant cure for obnoxious hunger pains.

11: Low fat, or recuced fat does not equal weight loss. Lowering caloric intake does. Just because the label says "low-fat" doesn't mean there are fewer calories. For example: Peter Pan reduced fat peanut butter has more calories than regular peanut butter. Compare the labels for yourself and see.

These are some of the things that made it possible for me to acheive my weightloss goals. I hope it helps you.
May 15 2016

Dr Ken from Georgia

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Weight loss and obesity

This weight loss remedy post is knowledge that I've accumulated and would eagerly like to share with all of you beautiful creatures. <3
I hope this helps you. I love you...

Okay, first things first, and write this down:

0) TEA~!
Drinking tea is very healthy because it provides you nutrients. If you are given nutrients you will feel less hungry, and thus your appetite will naturally be curbed by tea.

The best kind of tea to get is an ORGANIC tea.
organic green tea, organic chai tea, or something.. they have all kinds.

Because that means the tea leaves are high quality and potent. Bring yourself back to the earth by drinking a cup of leaf water.. <3 <3

Tea brands like TAZO, Stash and NUMI can be found at generic supermarkets.


Your body is merely the temple that your soul resides in.

Taking care of your body will also take care of your soul. This is because your body and soul are connected.
High levels of synthetic food bi-product can accumulate in the pineal gland of your brain causing damage. And your brain has a whole universe inside of it... Protect your universe.

Processed foods and chemicals in food DO alter your cell DNA causing really bad health problems. It can even lead to tumors or cancer, when the cells replicate themselves wrong.

Humans were never meant to eat all these man-made synthetic foods.
junk food, candy bars, instant coffee... etc.

Food comes from the Earth. It grows out of the ground. All these majestic animals eat off the earth.. You won't see a big strong tiger eating a pizza.... or a majestic stallion eating a cheeseburger.

You will lose weight and be healthy simply by reading ingredients and be careful what you put inside of yourself.

Baby Steps: you crawl before you walk.

1) Avoid foods high in fat and sugar.
-Peoples bodies metabolize sugar differently. Particularly in overweight folk, if you cut back on processed sugar, your body will be more eager to do your bidding.
( Artificial sweeteners are just as bad as sugar. Healthy sugar substitutes are honey and agave nectar.)

2) Avoid MSG (which is proved to cause obesity in lab RATS)
- MSG stands for Monosodium Glutamate. This chemical ingredient is found in packaged/frozen dinners, frito lay snacks, processed snacks, and chinese food.
It's a disgusting chemical that tricks your body into thinking you have proteins available. It actually destroys your taste buds by shocking your tongue cells. It's a tricky chemical ingredient found in lots of things. Be weary about this. This is the key to losing weight. Just be aware.

Check ingredients before you ingest.
MSG also has fake names: "Hydrolyzed yeast", "hydrolyzed corn" "hydrolyzed soy" "spices" "autolyzed" yeast/corn/soy etc

You may think you are doing your body a favor by eating progresso soup.. you are doing the opposite.. Progresso soup is full of sodium, genetically modified organisms, and they hide MSG in the ingredient list with a psuedo name...
So many name brands are not trustworthy at all.

3) Salads are really healthy. Try eating a salad every day.
-Mix in it, your favorite salad dressing.. you can add stuff to it, to make it taste better like croutons.
I like organic iceberg lettuce with ranch <3 MMMMmMMmM

4)DO ~NOT~ FILL UP ON BREAD. golden rule
cut back on your bread intake.
You get stomach full of wheat, where you absorb absolutely NO nutrients from bread.... so in return, your body is still hungry because it wants nutrients... but your stomach is full of bread..

So many things are made from bread: pizza, cinnamon rolls, pasta, etc. JUST make sure you eat a more BALANCED DIET. You can still indulge once and a while but please balance it out and you will find yourself gradually improving.

5) Counting calories is good..
but eating healthier is the first step.. if you're hungry, then you are hungry and you should eat all the HEALTHY food your body desires.
-Pro athletes burn a lot of calories and they eat a lot... So eating a lot isn't bad.. it's just the quality of the "FOOD" these days is really poor quality. Going to a supermarket is like walking into a trap. BUYER BEWARE. BUYER BE AWARE.

~~REMIND YOURSELF: Your body is capable of repairing itself... Just breath,.. Lift your arms,

6) STRETCH YOUR MUSCLES. Move your body.. Your body is capable of divine movement.. Moving is good for blood flow.. A lot of overweight people suffer from blood clots and sluggish blood flow.
Don't worry so much.. Do Yoga and relax. Nothing matters except the wellness of your being <3

7) Taking a hot bath will help your blood flow as well as figure, too.

Blood is important.. It's the fluid that courses inside you, that brings you to life.

Your blood absorbs nutrients from the food you eat.
Every CELL of fat that resides on your tissue has been ASBORBED by your BLOOD.

Your blood will circulate through out your ENTIRE body. It's important that you blood isn't diluted with sugars and fats.. Because all the sugary, synthetic chemicals DO GET ABSORBED into the CELLS the MAKE UP you, your brain, and your precious body.

8) Drinking a sufficient amount of water each day can replenish your cells and help you lose weight by flushing out toxins.

the end, I hope this helped. c:
January 05 2014
Weight loss and obesity
Steph from Fl

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Download an App

If you have an iPhone, download MyFitnessPal. Log ALL your meals for at least 3 weeks or a month. The longer the better.

At least once or twice a week, look back at your log. You will start to realize what you can do without. Did you really need that extra refill on your soda?

I lost 20 lbs in 8 weeks by doing this with a desk job and little exercise. Of course your results will vary, but it is amazing what you will notice just by keeping track of what you eat.
November 08 2012

Duder11 from Austin, TX USA

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Controling What You Eat

I agree with all the remedies for weightloss here, but what I have found out is simple. All you have to do is remember that EVERYTHING you put in your mouth has calories attached to it! (Except for water of course)

If a grown man needs two pounds of food a day, you have to reduce your intake to one pound of food or less a day.

Losing weight too fast is not good for you. You need to tighten up the stomach muscles and intestines as it shrinks, or you'll have a bunch of saggy skin. I ride a stationary bicycle a couple of times a week.

Another thing that bugs me is the amount of calories in fruit juices. 120 calories per 8 oz. So if I'm on a 1000 calories diet, and I drink 4 glasses of juice a day, guess what, that's half my calorie intake for the day! If I drank 6 glasses, I might as well forget eating right? :(

March 21 2010

miss divine from Missouri

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Slow And Steady Wins The Race...

This may sound like a silly idea, but it works. (It worked for me, 20 pounds later) :)
The thing to do is to "Change One". For instance, start with Breakfast.
For one week, Eat a Healthy Breakfast. Don't concern yourself with what to eat for Lunch, and Dinner. Just ease your way into eating Healthy for Breakfast.
On Week 2, Eat a Healthy Lunch for 1 week. Experiment with healthy ideas, like hearty soups and salads, healthy sandwiches, etc. Do that for 1 week.
On week 3, Eat a healthy dinner. Get used to that. 1 piece of Protein/1/2 cup of starch/and 1/2 plate of Vegetables. Feel free to grab an apple, or eat a salad or bowl of soup before your dinner.
The point of this diet is to get your body used to eating healthy. Once you have managed Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner seperately, you will have the willpower to put it all together, and eat healthy every day.

It's not about giving up food, it's about portion control. No food is EVER Off limits. And I have lost 20 pounds in the process. If you dive head first into a diet, you will crash and burn. It is best to really think about what you are eating, and experiment with different foods.

November 07 2009

Cathy from Connecticut

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Diet diary

Get a writing pad and call it your diary. If you are a full grown woman write down everything you eat and don't go over 1200 calories per day of nutritious food. If you are an adult male don't go over 1500 calories per day with nutritious food. NO JUNK! Walk for an hour straight once per day, drink a lot of water, cut out sugar and you will lose weight. I struggled to lose for four years after I had children. Nothing work except this. Just doing these few things I lost 50 lbs in one year. I messed up sometimes but got right back on the next day and didn't give up so it took me a year. If you are a die hard and don't mess up at all you will probably lose it faster.
July 01 2009

Melissa from CA.

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Water, vitamins, fiber and exercise

Water: Drink in ozs half your body weight (if your 200lbs. drink 100ozs) The lemon juice and cranberry is an excellent choice on the side.
Vitamins: Take your daily vitamins, they are not a miracle pill, but it helps to place certain vitamins recommended for the day.
Fiber: This is important, because fiber actually fills you up, you can buy it in bulk and it can be used in just about anything you eat without knowing, like pasta, there is no taste to fiber.
Exercise: Its a scientific fact everyone needs cardio atleast 3 times a week. If you dont like to exercise, then by all means any chance you can give your body some sweat do it. Like mow the lawn, mop your floor on your hands and knees, dust, remember any given opportunity to excercise-take it.
April 23 2009

Kathleen from Corning, California USA

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The Angelina Jolie Way....

Never eat after 5 PM - Make sure you have a Delicious & Nutritious lunch all planned out - Eat your lovely breakfast, have a healthy snack if you're hungry between breakfast and lunch - Only drink water - Leave an hour between the 'eating' and the 'drinking' - Aim to drink about 8 glasses or more a day - Water is the key to Life - Stop eating at 5PM, this gives your body time to rest. So that you are not going to carry a large amount of food in your stomach while you sleep - so basically you get a nice detox! Every Single Day! - and whats more? IT WORKS.....
April 11 2009

Happy & Hopeful from Spain

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HCG Diet

Do the HCG Diet, injections or sublingual.... both work very well. But you must also do the diet along with following ALL instructions given in DR. A.W.T. Simeons book POUNDS & INCHES. You can read it online for free.
I lost 30 lbs. in 40 days. And I feel so much better. I have more energy and my skin cleaned up and not to mention I lost all that weight when NOTHING else has helped me before.
March 04 2009

S. Jensen from UTAH

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Drink apple cider vinegar tonic in the morning

Every morning, on an empty stomach, mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 12 ounces of water and drink it. This promotes good digestion, detoxifies your blood, and increases your metabolism. Adding apple cider vinegar to your drinks also helps curb the afternoon nod-off and craving for munchies.
January 10 2009

Cherry from New York

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Start of slow

I wanted to look fit like all the olympic runners so I thought to myself, maybe if I tried it, it would work, so I decided to go jogging one day. I knew right off the back I couldn't go with out stopping, so when I jog I set goals, like I'll see a a street light at the end of the street, so I run to the street light then take a break. I try to run with my dog because she gives me motivation. I've been doing this for a while now and I'm starting to see a difference not only in my body but I can run a little farther each time.
June 29 2008

secret runner from USA

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Just like any addiction... some people need to wean off it.

I can only give 3 stars because the reasons for weight gain is too complex and loss is too long a process to have a 5 star remedy. If there was a short cure out there, I'm sure it would have made headlines already.

Unfortunately, when our body is use to something, it expects that something. If you eat potato chips and chocolate daily, your body is gonna go haywire if it doesn't get it.

My suggestion would be to gradually form your kitchen into a healthy kitchen. Don't throw away the junk food in there, but instead start buying replacements item by item. By the time your junk food is all eatin up, you should be just fine with eating what you've replaced it with.
-Take out all chocolate candy and replace with hot cocoa, which can then be replaced with some hot tea. When buying hot tea try to find something that taste good and doesn't require much sugar. Gradually reduce the sugar until you require none at all. Also, have caffiene and caffiene free so when your body is craving it you can give it a glass and drink the non otherwise.
-Don't eat out. This especially means no fast food! Just like quitting smoking, think of the money you will save! You don't know where every ingredient came from to make that dish your eating, so don't eat it, make your own. You can try to talk yourself into it by saying "I don't have the time to make a meal" but making a salad takes less time than waiting in line for one at the local restaraunt.
-change dressings. No more ranch, thousand island, etc. Instead make your own italian dressing. Buy a packet of seasoning and mix with olive oil (light if your not use to the flavor) red wine vinegar and a little water. Tastes great and is healthier.
-For snacks gradually switch to fruits and veggies.

These are just things that can gradually be changed into a healthier diet. You can't switch cold turkey because your body will hate you for it and you'll wind up completely giving up. Don't give up dessert, just change it up a bit. Instead of chocolate mousse cake go for strawberry shortcake.

In my personal opinion calorie counting is OUT! I've found that when I count calories I gain weight! It makes you think about food non stop. "Oh, I wonder how many calories is in that? I'm sure I can fit it in if I just don't eat anything for the rest of the day." Then the rest of the day your thinking of food because your not suppose to have it. That's usually when I say the heck with it, I'll just cheat today. Then the next day the cycle begins again...

When I wanna munch on food all day, I'm gonna do it, otherwise I'm gonna crash and burn by the end of the day and eat more than my body can handle. That's why I carry carrots, twizzlers, cherries, popcorn, etc. Things that I won't feel guilty about shoving in my mouth nonstop. I get what I want and it makes me happy all around. Oh, and get rid of the soda! That includes diet, its no better for you.

Basically, don't allow yourself to feel guilty for eating to much, but also don't stress out from wanting something so bad that your thinking of food all day long! Eat it and get over it, just try to make the rest of the day healthy. Don't subtract food from your diet or you'll binge. Just substitute with something healthy that is still yummy.
May 07 2008

Katie from Detroit, MI

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