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Fly/cold/sinus relief

I've had this awful cold for the past few days, and someone had suggested to me that I chop up a clove of garlic, and swallow each piece like a pill. (have lots to drink) garlic is anti bacterial, and anti fungal and it helps to clear up all the nasty stuff in your lungs. It will make you reek, but you are sure to see results. I had to try it to believe it.
January 02 2010

Lady Jay from charlotte, north carolina

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Betadine (providone iodine)

I am a Registered Nurse. I get sinus infections at least twice a year in the winter and I don't like to take antibiotics for numerous reasons (they are overused, they give me a yeast infection, etc.). So when this infection wouldn't go away I searched for a home remedy. I already have/use a Neti pot, so when I saw the recommendation for adding Betadine I decided to give it a try.
I just had to let everyone know THIS REALLY WORKS!!! After only 1 nasal irrigation with the betadine added I felt so much better! Then, after irrigating several times the next day I felt like myself again. I will definitely be using this remedy again. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
December 31 2009

Krista from Bothell, WA

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Hot/Cold Treatment

I read about this treatment a few years back during my first pregnancy when I came down with a sinus infection and couldn't take any of the typical decongestents. It worked well, so I use it as my go to when I feel congested and start to see green mucus.

It is pretty simple - make yourself a hot drink and grab an ice pack (or something frozen). Place the hot cup against your face in the area where your face hurts from the sinsus infection (careful not to make it so hot it burns you - you just need warmth), and hold it there for a minute or so. Then, take it off and place the ice pack in the same spot for a minute or two.
Go back and forth between hot and cold for 30 minutes or so. At first it doesn't feel like it is doing much, but it usually breaks loose the mucus so I can breath better. If I do it a few times a day over a couple of days, it usually gets rid of the infection.

December 30 2009

Angie from Chicago, IL

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I had a SEVERE sinus infection. Every time I would bend my head forward it felt like it was going to pop/explode. The pain was intolerable! I read just about every website I could find for cures and relief. I tried the apple cider vinegar but didn't find it gave much instant relief(I think it's a long term use cure). I had also read about garlic's fungal/bacterial benefits with a sinus infection and about white onion's. I saw about boiling them and inhaling the fumes with a towel over your head...I tried it, and it helped for about 2 minutes. I read about irrigation, and on this site someone described how to use a Ziploc bag to achieve this method (which is so much better than a straw).

So I decided to get creative...I am still sipping the 3TBS ACV to 16OZ WARM WATER (because I have heard such wonderful things about this not-so-yummy mix), but the thing I found the most relief from...
Boil fresh garlic, white onion, and salt.
Inhale the steam (careful not to burn yourself).
Once the mix has cooled to a luke warm state, put 1/4 Cup of the liquid into a ziploc bag. Cut a small hole in the corner of the bag. Lay your head way back over the sink, and place the corner of the bag into your nostril. Slowly lift the bag up so that the mixtures makes it way into your nostril. It doesn't taste yummy, but it doesn't burn and it gives you instant relief!! I just hope it truly helps to fight off the gunk in my sinuses!

December 29 2009

Ashley from Atl, GA

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vit c

2500 mg vit c. 2 in the a.m. 2 in the p.m. 3 to 4 days gone!!! But don't wait till it's real bad!!!
December 22 2009

j. a. watts from Anytown, AT 55555

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Simple natural sinus remedy

If you catch the infection at first sign drink 2tsp braggs apple cider vinegar in 8-10oz water through out the day (you will drink several glasses).
Using a neti pot 2x/daily is also very helpful.
When infection is FULL BLOWN drink Bragg's drink from above but also supplement with NAC - n-acetylcystine (help thin mucous) and a good quality high potency (5bill or more) probiotic, the probio has a natural "antibiotic" effect without damaging your immune system (since it's good bacteria).
*be sure to AVOID refined sugar, dairy, and wheat during this phase to help speed recovery!
December 18 2009

Kara from Minneapolis, MN

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Sinus Rinse

For temporary but instant relief, use NeilMed Sinus Rinse. This is wonderful to rinse out the sinuses. The pots and others just don't work as well. This is so easy and the cost is about $14.00 and comes with premeasured packets. This is absolutley the best device for a sinus rinse.
December 11 2009

Used for years from Arkansas

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Works 80% of the time -- Povidone Iodine aka Betadine

I got this cure from a medical doctor, and he told me that it works 80% of the time. Take a Neal Med sinus rinse bottle with the salt solution and mix according to package directions. Add 2-3 drops of povidone-iodine, also known as Betadine. You can purchase this cheap at Walgreens, over the counter. It's a wound-cleaning product, so it's just on the shelf. Rinse with this solution every few hours, and IT WILL CURE YOUR SINUS INFECTION. It's an antiseptic, and it will kill the junk that is growing in your nose. The only time it doesn't work is when it can't get where it needs to go -- for example, if you have a deviated septum that will not allow the liquid to flow where it needs to go.

The first time I tried this it took almost one week to kick the infection -- but that's because I had let the sinus infection get to the stage that it was full-blown, raging in fury.

Now I use it at the beginning of sinus infections, and it kills the infection before I ever get sick.


Also, I have noticed that the temperature of the water makes a big difference. It can be uncomfortable if the water is too hot or too cold.
December 09 2009

Sabrina from Dunedin, FL

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Onion poultice

I suffered chronic sinusitis for 20 years. I was using steroid nasal sprays with no relief. I had a surgical sinus puncture which was a temporary fix.

I read a passage on chronic sinusitis from a book called the nature doctor by alfred vogel.
This involved chopping an onion and wrapping it in gause and tying this around your neck while you sleep. I used a chux kitchen wipe as a gauze.
Within two hours my nose was running like a tap.
My ears were popping and i could hear so much better.
I recommend this to anybody that suffers from chronic sinusitis.
December 08 2009

Charles price from victoria australia

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Intranasal vinegar

This remedy is only for people who want immediate relief of nasal congestion. Take a cup of vinegar (I always use the red wine vinegar but I don't think it makes a difference) and mix a couple dashes of salt with it untill completly disolved. Take a straw dip in the vinegar and put your finger over the top to hold in the liquid. While laying down drop this directly into the nostrils. It burns like you would not believe but has always provided instant relief when nothing else did.
November 29 2009

Ashley from Oklahoma

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watch out for vicks and steam!

So many remedies! Interested in great sounding advice. However, a friend's mother tried adding vicks to a pot of boiling water as recommended by a couple of writers and ended up in hospital with second degree burns all over her face. (She didn't read the recommendation here.) The vicks is very sticky and you can't get it off...a nightmare. Please don't try this cure-it's terribly dangerous!
November 24 2009

Martha from california

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White sage smoke and tea

White sage is known to kill germs in the air, I read that sage was burned in hospitals to keep airborne viruses at bay. Try burning white sage in your home while you are recovering. It is a nice thing to do when you are uncomfortable, and it may help to kill germs in your sinus passages.

If you'd like, try a tea using the leaves, sage is a good remedy for sore throat, and it helps to reduce the amount of mucous.

Also, while you sleep, elevate your head to keep mucous from settling. In my logic, gravity helps it to drain and relieves pressure.
November 08 2009

Alana from Minneapolis, MN USA

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