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Neti pot

Recently I had the worst sinus infection I've had in my entire life. I had a fever, pounding head, couldn't breathe through my nose at all, and this went on for almost two weeks. I tooled around with a few remedies, and finally found one that cured the whole, horrible thing OVER THE WEEKEND.
Here's what I used:
Neti Pot Distilled Water Sea salt Grapefruit seed extract Oregano/clove oil mixture Mineral drops I mixed everything together in the neti pot and used it about 4-5 times a day. I started this Friday night, and by Sunday night I could breathe again. I kept it up for maintenance for a few days after that, but the brunt of the infection was gone in two days. I now keep these ingredients around as staples, and every time I feel a cold or infection coming on, I break it out and never end up getting sick. It works!
December 20 2013

Brittany Gray from Ohio

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Onion with hot water

First you will eat small onion and then you will drink 250ml hot water. It will clear your sinus.
November 22 2013

Subramanian from Chennai

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Field-tested sinusitis remedy

Need: Netipot or other irrigation device (squeeze bottle or bulb) Boil and cool 4 cups of water ( to kill any bacteria).

Add: 1 tsp sea salt (not table salt) 1 tsp baking soda 5 drops oregano extract 5 drops olive leaf extrtact 3 drops eucalyptus oil 3 drops teatree oil 20 drops betadine.

All of the above are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and many are anti-viral. Sea salt and baking soda are soothing and help loosen and flush mucus and cooties. Irrigate your sinuses using regular netipot technique, but without the full volume normally recommended.
The idea is to get the irritated sinus linings to absorb the cootiekillers, not just to blow out congestion. I flush using an ounce or two many times the first day, getting a little up into the nooks and crannies every time.
I do it 3-4 times the second day. It does sting a little, but seriously, the sting is nothing compared to the icepick pain of the sinusitis itself, and the method works remarkably quickly.
Add an icepack every so often to reduce facial swelling, and you will be good to go in just a couple of days.

You don't have to add all this stuff to the solution, I do this because I can never be sure whether the infection is caused by bacteria or virus. This recipe is a broad-spectrum cootie killer rinse. Want to get better faster? Three times a day, on top of rinsing, take a couple of capsules each of: olive leaf (anti-cootie) grape seed (reduces tissue inflammation) cayenne (turbo charges your healing mechanisms) ibuprofen or aspirin (anti-inflammatory painkillers)

If you are super stopped up, use a generic OTC pseudoephedrine tablet (never spray!). Every major drugstore chain sells a housebrand of this.
Happy recovery :)
September 21 2013

Destry from California

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Simple pain relief

I've been stuck with severe sinus pain for about 6 days now, I've tried all the remedies on the market and while they help with breathing, none seem to help the pain. By far the most effective relief I've had is to simply run a hot bath, submerge my head, holding my nostrils, and equalise the pressure by breathing out gently (with my mouth closed). I do this for about ten seconds five or six times, then sit up. Repeat the full process 3 or 4 times. It clears the blockages which cause the pain so effectively!
September 04 2013

Rob from London

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Sinus wash

I went through and read the suggestions. I was already using NeilMed sinus wash, but was having a hard time kicking this painful sinus infection. I read about Betadine and adding drops. It just made sense to me. I purchased the Betadine in the morning and by the afternoon I could finally feel the pain subsiding.
Here is what I did:

1. Used NeilMed part of the time with five drops of Betadine in DISTILLED water.

2. The other times I used a teaspoon of kosher salt with five drops of Betadine. I did this about every two hours until I could feel my sinuses clearing and I backed off doing it as much.

3. I also warmed up the water to lukewarm so it would feel good when I rinsed and also the heat would open up the sinus passages a little more.

4. In between rinsing, I soaked the top of the NeilMed bottle in alcohol to kill any bacteria on the top of the bottle.

My husband used to go to the doctor's all the time with sinus infection. Since we have been using a sinus wash, this has stopped. Also adding the Betadine is brilliant as it kills the source of the infection.
July 15 2013

Beverly from Orlando

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Apple cider vinegar

2 teaspoons Apple Cider Vinegar
6 oz water
Honey or splenda to taste

Drink hot like a tea three times a day.

Really works
February 16 2013

Missy from Morris

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Oregano oil--it REALLY works.

A number of years ago I had a stubborn bacterial sinus infection that refused to respond even to two courses of antibiotics. Someone told me about oil of oregano. I was never one for natural remedies, but I was desperate, and figured, hey, what have I got to lose? I was instructed to get some empty gelatin (NOT vegetarian) capsules, put about 15 drops of PURE oil of oregano in each one, and take a capsule 3 times a day (preferably with something to eat), and do this for a week to 10 days, like a regular course of oral antibiotics. Within a day I noticed a big improvement, and after about three or four days, I was completely symptom-free. I became a believer in the stuff. Now, whenever I get a hint of a cold symptom, I take it in capsules. I also will drop it under the tongue (yes, it burns for a minute), or if my ears are feeling pressure, I will swab some on the outer edge of the ear canal. You can also put 10-15 drops in a bottle of water and shake it up well, and sip on it, if you can handle the taste (that method helps get the vapors into clogged sinuses as well). Since discovering oregano oil, my colds are typically MUCH weaker, shorter in duration, and in 12 years of using it, I have yet to get a secondary infection or need antibiotics (which was an annual ritual for me previously.)
January 19 2013

Scott from Florida

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instant sinus pain relief

I have found the solution for getting rid of sinus infections and its accompanying pain.....(without having to resort to pills or sprays with chemicals)

chances are you have these things at home.

Dip one end of a Q-tip in Povidone-Iodine 10% solution (any pharmacy....

Swab the inside of your nose, gently and as deep as comfortable...a few times

The mucus should start dripping in the back of the throat, SPIT it out, (always spit out the mucus as it is loaded with bacteria)

Have a small covered pot of water on the stove boiling with a teaspoon of Vick's Vapour Rub in it

Drape a small towel over the front of your head and inhale the vapors as you lift the cover.

(as we do when we "smell" what we're cooking.)

You'll know how close to get. And keep your mouth closed, just inhale thru the nose.

Keep spitting it out, you'll notice it draining instantly.

You only need about a minute of this, inhaling and spitting out, and you'll notice the pain in your sinuses has disappeared.

Good luck

October 01 2011

Terri G. from Warren, RI

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Vitamin D3 to Prevent Sinus Infections

I have suffered with sinus infections for years. In fact, 2 winters ago, I was sick half of the winter with sinus infections. And I did use a netti pot. I heard a doctor, who was into natural remedies, speak about strengthening our immune systems with vitamin D3 instead of getting flu shots to fight off the flu.

I had a sinus infection the night of the presentation. I bought some D3 the next day in the form of drops. I had maybe 2 more infections last winter, but they were much less severe. I gave it to my kids too. One of my kids seemed to have a cold all of the time. Finally, gone! I have been searching for years on how to prevent colds and sinus infections. I think I found my answer. And it is cheap!

July 03 2010

Lisa from Fort Wayne IN

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Neti pot with Betadine

I can't thank you enough for this remedy. I read where people used varying amounts of Betadine solution but this is what I used. After searching the web I did see were some dr's have recommended this. It works!! I took 2 cups warm filtered water and added 1 tsp salt and 5 drops Betadine(it's a topical antiseptic from the drug store). Then I used half to rinse though each side of my nose. I do this twice a day and after a few days the colored gunk and sinus pressure is gone and I'm better :) I also drink a lot of water as well- 4 glasses in the morning and as many as I can throughout the day. Vitamin C is good too.
April 11 2010

Moni from Michigan

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Cayenne Pepper!

I came upon this great website when I was suffering from sinus infection on and off all last year. I tried the candling remedy and that seemed to work well the two times I tried it. I also visited my local CVS and purchased everything from baking soda, vinegar to hydrogen peroxide.

I took lots of C and cayenne pepper capsules. From there I decided to open up a cayenne pepper capsule and dab a BIT of the powder in my infected nostril. I applied it with a damp Q-tip and dabbed the inside. This does sting so it is best to apply it at night when getting ready for bed. My nose immediately started to flush the stuck mucus, I dabbed a bit more before going to bed to let the cayenne take effect at night. The next day my nose was healing, the wound was scabbing naturally and the sinus pain was noticeably less. I repeated this remedy for the next two nights and by the next day my sinuses were completely cleared.
April 06 2010

Lily from Los Angeles, CA

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There is a nasal spray on the market called SINUS BUSTER. It's made with capsaicin pepper, and it works! There is nothing in it that is habit forming. I have had a chronic sinus infection for about a year now and I've been trying to find relief without surgery. This stuff is potent but man it works. It works the best on the stuffy pain in the nose and above the eyebrows! Try it you'll love it.
March 22 2010

Kristy from Missouri

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