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113 Home Remedies for Sinus infection

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Grapefruit seed extract

I've been rinsing my nose with a solution of about 2 oz water and 4 drops grapefruit seed extract and seems to loosen the mucous quite well. Should clear it up in a couple days!
February 24 2007

Anonymous from New York City

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Raw Vinegar

2 Tablespoons raw, unfiltered vinegar by mouth until gone, usually 1-2 days. Can mix the vinegar with honey to taste. Cannot STAND the taste but works EVERY time!
January 22 2007

Tiffany from VA

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Natural Antibiotic Steam

This is the best remedy I have ever used to help my sinus infection. Add 1 table spoon of salt and one teaspoon of garlic juice (garlic cloves boiled will work also) to steaming hot water. Inhale the steam for a few minutes until you feel a loosening sensation in the nasal passage. Clear the nasal with gentle blows. Morning and night therapy with this steam with get rid of the infection naturally in 1 to 3 days.
January 08 2007

Dee from Orlando, Fl

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Salt water

I have chronic sinusitis and my ent told me to use 1 tsp of sea salt to 1 Tbspn of baking soda in a quart of warm water and irrigate my nose with it 3 times a day. It clears up my stubborn infections every time.
October 25 2005

Christine from Ohio

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Natural Cure for Sinus Infection

Here's what my mom used to make me do when I had a sinus infection as a kid.

Boil some whole potatoes in a pot until done. Drain the water, but leave some on the bottom of the pot.

While everything is still hot, put your head over the pot and cover your head with a towel. Inhale this steam through your nose for a few minutes until your nose clears. You will feel immediate relief.

Also avoid drinking cold fluids and foods. Stick to the hot tea with honey and soups.
October 13 2005

Vlad from Connecticut USA

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