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Prid salve for sinus infections!

I have a sure fire remedy I've used for about 6 years that I've never heard mentioned by anyone else, Prid Salve. It's an unconventional treatment, but it's easy and it works every time. I take a comb (or other similar object) with a long, narrow handle and dip the end of the handle in the Prid Salve. Once the tip contains a a smaller-than pea sized amount, I insert it up the nostril (or both nostrils if they both hurt) and smear it on wherever part of the upper tract is most in pain. Do this once, or twice a day for at least 6 days.

I recently did just that last week for five days and now I'm good as new. And best of all, NO DOCTOR VISIT, OR PRESCRIPTION!
November 09 2015

Bobo from In the Hood

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Chronic sinus

I had sinus for almost 2 months, felt like drug addict, sleepy n paining in head n nose n teeth, I tried penicllin and other it didn't work. Then I used Methi seeds boil the seeds n drink the water extract, then steaming with vicks available in Indian shops abroad. Don't eat oily food, bananas and yoghurt or cold things, it worked...I am 100 free now.
February 10 2015

Hari from Sweden

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Chronic sinus

I see a lot of people using Netti Pots but the squeezable bottles are so much better. Put your Neil med salt in the Neil med bottle and distilled water and put it in the microwave to warm it up. One bottle is about 30 seconds 2 bottles are 50 seconds. Never use tap water. There's evidence of Mycobacterial activity in tap water and I contracted a myco. It was bad. 5 weeks with a pic line and Tigercill antibiotics which make you want to puke. Every day for a month. It really sucked.

It was after sinus surgery and the path report showed Mycobacterium Abscesses. See outside germs rarely get that deep into the sinus unless there on a delivery agent and injected water is the best. Anyways buy 2 bottles and do it in a hot shower and it will really help.
December 30 2014

Ray from Clearwater

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Betadine really works

4 cups of boiled cooled water
Add a teaspoon of sea salt, 5 drops of oregano extract,
3 drops of eucalyptus oil,
1 teaspoon of baking soda,
20 drops of betadine solution and 3 drops of tea tree oil to the boiled water and mix well.Use neti pot to rinse several times a day ....
November 05 2014
Betadine really works
Tsoakae from Gauteng

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Betadine fan

I am so very satisfied with the rinse of 8 oz. Distilled water, 1/8 teaspoon sea salt, 1/8 teaspoon baking soda and 1 teaspoon betadine. I have been on antibiotics for 18 days, they weren't penetrating at all. I was so fatigued, miserable and in a fog. After two rinses on Tuesday, and three on Wednesday, I felt significantly better. By Thursday I was feeling like myself again. I highly recommend adding the betadine. It makes all the difference in the world. At least it did for me. I have been a long time sufferer of sinus infections and have had the surgery, etc. This works!!
October 30 2014

Jennifer from La Jolla, CA

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Tooth caused chronic sinus infection

After years of suffering with sinus infection and with one sinus surgery which only worked temporarily my new medical doctor took one look at my face and said your tooth is causing the infection in your sinus. Sure enough after insisting on a dentist to check this out,(none had thought my tooth was the problem) they removed a tooth that had a cyst on the root end of the tooth that was penetrating my sinus cavity.
Once the tooth was removed I no longer had any sinus infection. I also no longer get vertigo which is an incredible blessing since when that happened I could not stand because of severe dizziness. So please everyone if you have any issues with your teeth please get a 3D x-ray of your teeth to determine if you have any possible penetration to the sinus cavity. Thank God I am sinus infection free.
October 15 2014

Marcos from New York

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Salted nuts! sounds nuts right?

Hi. I was hungry so ate some mixed salted nuts from my cupboard. My sinus in no time after chewing on some nuts cleared my sinus up. Now this is a temp relief not a permanent one. I had a serious blocked sinus and it temp fixed it. I do think munching on the salted peanuts when you go out or have in your bag THOUGH its not a fux and I still recommend trying other remedies on here.
September 18 2014

Lisa from Australia

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Clearnasal - a combo nasal rinse

I would go and buy a kit of ClearNasal daily rinse. It combines the positive effects of traditional netipot and modern devices. It is simple to use and takes less than a minute to go through the process. Available on Amazon (search ClearNasal)
August 22 2014

Kumar Sriram from Novato, Ca

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Sinus irrigation and drainage remedy

My whole family suffers from chronic sinus infections. Both of my aunts and my father have each had sinus surgery 3 times. Of course, I developed the bad sinus genes. Needless to say, we will try anything.

First, sinus irrigation with a Neti Pot is the best thing. I use the Neti Pot with the solution that comes with it, or I make my own by boiling water a quart of water and while it's hot, adding 1/4 c of sea salt, and 2 Tbls of Baking soda. I use this regular solution every day, twice a day. This helps prevent the infection. I've done is every day for 3 years and didn't develop a sinus infection until this March, due to high stress with a family crisis (stress can make your body flare up in several different ways, so it may not just be allergies and pollen!).

Every time I get an SI, I do my Neti Pot with my normal solution, but once I pour the solution in, I add 5-10 drops of Betadine and if its really chronic I add 5 drops of apple cider vinegar. I have noticed this clear up withing 18 hours to 2 days almost every time!
Any time I feel the need to blow my nose (when I have an infection), I use the Neti Pot instead. It gets more junk out of there. By the way, 3 different doctors have told me that sinus irrigation is one treatment you CAN NOT over do!

I also suffer from severe drainage and I also develop laryngitis sometimes or I get sick to my stomach from the drainage. I am a vocal music education major, so I have to be careful.
1) to break up the drainage, warm 3/4 Cup of water. Add 2 Tbls of Apple Cider Vinegar and an 1/8 tsp of cayenne pepper (not joking). Mix this together and gargle several times. The pepper helps break up the mucus, while the ACV acts as an antiseptic and the honey soothes.
This has helped cure my laryngitis in literally a day. Also, don't ever boil the honey with the water. Boiling the honey kills all the good antibodies and enzymes that help fight and soothe the infection.

2) if you have not heard of or tried Throat Coat Tea (Made by Yogi or other organic tea brands) you must stock up! This is a staple in many vocalists repertoire of tried and true remedies! Drink like normal hot tea. Drink about three or 4 cups daily.
I suffered from bronchitis for 2 months in high school and tried every antibiotic but nothing worked. This cured it withing a week! It also soothes the throat for any issues (strep, throat infections, drainage, laryngitis etc). A very cheap and easy method!
You can also add a tablespoon of ACV to give it a boost.
June 02 2014

Katie from Atlanta, GA

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Inhaling alcohol vapour

How it was discovered: Was sterilizing the surface of some bags where my cat puked on by using a diluted alcohol spray. Being skeptical of whether the spray did contained alcohol, I smelled the sterilized region closely and accidentally inhaled a fair amount alcohol vapour. How it relieve symptoms: There wasn't any immediate improvement on the sinus infection. But that night I probably had the best sleep of the year.
The amount of sticky mucus significantly reduced and the next morning the nasal passage also got cleared of 60 percent ~80 percent of the "normally" thick layer of mucus.

Safety Issues: Upon inhaling the alcohol vapour, there was irritated feeling in my nasal passage. I can also feel that a tiny amount of the vapour might have also got through to the lungs as there were some mild irritations within my chest (last for 20 seconds tops in my case). Supposed/Hypothesized Retionale: Alcohol in the vapour has significantly reduce the size of the population of bacteria that causes mucus secretion.

Precautions: Inhaling concentrated alcohol might be/should be dangerous? The dilution on the alcohol is a must as I was just using a spray and still put up with the irritation in the nose for a minute and in the lungs for about 20 seconds.

Trivia: 1) I actually don't drink so I am not sure if it will be less effective to people who drink a lit.
2) I got an air conditioner in my house( common in asia homes) which generally reduces the moisture of the room to the extent that you will have a rather dry throat the next morning.
3) The remedy seemed only worked for up to 10 hours after each spray as I could feel that the mucus was coming back the next day afternoon( I inhaled the spray in the evening of the first day).
May 31 2014

Jeffrey from Hong Kong

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I tried the usual nasal irrigation of salt and baking soda in distilled water but added 20 drops of tincture of iodine per this web site and it was the first day of 15 days of sinus infection misery that I had relief! I had tried EVERYTHING in the past, different irrigation recipes, prescriptions, over the counter, antibiotics, nasal sprays, homeopathic remedies and nothing was working for this sinus infection.

I have dealt with the allergy testing, immune building shots, CT scans to see if I was a candidate for surgery....Nope. I am allergic to about everything and I have no physical obstruction just chronic inflammation, vasomotor rhinitis. This irrigation with iodine gave me relief for the first time in 15 days of misery!
May 04 2014

Melinda from Cincinnati

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Betadine really works!! try it!

My daughter had a pretty bad sinus infection for a couple weeks. Hoping I wouldn't have to take her to the doctor, we were doing Netipot sinus rinses a couple times a day. However,it wasn't helping enough. High fever eventually set in. So, I had no choice but to take her to the doctor and start her on an antibiotic. While the antibiotic did help, it didn't kick the infection completely (which had never happened before).

Frustrated, I made her do even more sinus rinses a day, but the infection still wasn't going away completely. I made her drink more, used a humidifier in her room....You name it, I probably tried it. I decided to turn to the internet for some home remedies and came upon this site. I saw several people mention adding Betadine to the sinus rinses. I would have never thought of that! Out of desperation, I went out and bought some the same day. WELL....Let me say, IT WORKS!! It really works!

Yes, I was a little skeptical at first, but I was hopeful. I used 2 cups of warmed DISTILLED water, 1 teaspoon sea salt, 1/2 tsp baking soda, and 6-8 DROPS of the Betadine. Careful not to add any more than that or it will likely burn. We did this sinus rinse (with the Netipot) 2-3 times a day. I noticed a difference right away. Each day, less and less yellow/green gunk would come out. A light at the end of the tunnel, perhaps? YES!

Now, after a week of using the Betadine in her rinses, she is FINALLY infection free!! I actually had a sinus infection this week and started using the Betadine in my sinus rinses as well. After only 3 days, my infection is almost gone! I probably would have needed an antibiotic otherwise. I wish I had heard of doing this long ago! I highly recommend trying this. It worked even on my daughters (very) stubborn infection.

Note: Betadine can be found in the first aid section in most stores. I realize what works for some people might not work for others. However, it's worth trying! Good luck!
March 08 2014

Amanda from Fayetteville, Arkansas

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