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39 Home Remedies for Migraine

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I started on the Atkins Diet 3 years ago and discovered I did not get headaches nearly as much. Through trial and error I have boiled it down to Wheat. If I stay away from wheat products my headaches have gone from 2-3 a week to 1-2 a month.
July 10 2006

judy McPherson from Ionia, Michigan

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Migranes and Ginger

I read an article that said a woman used ginger to relieve her migraines and cluster headaches. When the migrane first started she would stir 500 to 600 milligrams of powdered ginger into a glass of water and drank it down.

Her pain subsided 30 minutes later. She continued to drink it every day to ward off future attacks. Encouraged by her success with ginger, she started adding fresh uncooked ginger to her meals and found she was having far fewer attacks.
December 08 2005

Carol K from Shelton CT

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Migraine cure works best on men

By accident my father grabbed a bottle of Midol, saw on it cure for headache and nausea. he used it and worked better than prescriptions from the docter and much cheaper. ihave told others about this but seems to work better on males.
September 30 2005


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