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39 Home Remedies for Migraine

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Avoid Chocolates

Just like any other food, chocolates may be just an allergen. But when consumed in decent portions, I don't get hit with migraine. Only when I binge on chocolates - I notice migraine begins quickly.
January 22 2009

MC from Southern CA

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Sinusbuster Spray

Works for migraine, cluster, sinus headache. It's capsicum (pepper) spray. It burns like a mother at first, but it works and it's all natural! Very affordable, especially in the world of migraine relief!!
November 10 2008

Amber from Nashville,TN USA

13 5

bc powder

I have taken almost everything to relieve my migraine attack with no avail. I finally went to a neurologist in desperation to find medication for my migraine attack. I was then prescribed medication that only work as long as you keep it taking it daily. Once you missed the dose, you end up with migraine worst than what you have before.

One day, I have the worst attack in my life, my husband saw me crying in desperation for help, he recommended to take bc powder to see if it help relieves the pain and to my amazement, the migraine went away in a matter of minutes. Ever since, I'm hooked on it. Every time I feel I'm having an attack, I just pop one and it takes care the migraine heads on. love it.

November 02 2008

maria from garner, n. carolina

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peppermint and ginger teas

I get awful migraines that last just 1 day, but they are really strong, the worst symptom for me is the nausea associated with the migraine. In one day I could throw up up to 30 times (just water and gastric juices) since while having the headache and the intense nausea, I cannot eat. I have found that a combination of peppermint and ginger teas can relieve a little the pain and nausea. I don't mix the teas, but I drink sips from warm or cool peppermint tea and then warm ginger tea. It's the only thing I can swallow while having a migraine with nausea attack. Lately, I've realized that if I drink enough peppermint tea, cold or iced, during the week, then the migraine attacks are less often. Also whenever I have a heavy meal I try to drink a cup of warm ginger tea to help with digestion.

Ten Ren, is an asian company that sells ginger tea without mixing it with black tea. Also you can make your own fresh ginger tea with fresh ginger root. I get my peppermint tea at SpecialTeas.com

Hope this tip works for you and that you never have to experience a migraine again.
September 23 2008

Berenice Weber from San Diego, CA

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Ginger tea along with steam

On the onset of migrain boil some water and take steam then dip a small towel in that water, sqeeze it and then place in on the back of your neck and forehead. Then make a hot cup of ginger tea and drink it slowly. This remedy especially works for cluster or weather related migrains.
September 13 2008

sheetal from India

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Epsom Salt Bath

My adult son with autism suffered from migraines (or terrible, never-ending headaches) and I had to do many natural interventions to help him. He was in constant agony. Epsom Salts (magnesium sulfate) is just one of several "natural cures" that have helped tremendously.

Fill the tub with very warm water and add 2 cups of Epsom Salts. Soak for 20 minutes (best if head is partially in water, too). If your water is chlorinated, buy a shower filter and use that to fill the tub. (The chlorine fumes can cause terrible headaches/migraines for some.) Even better if you can avoid fluoridated water, too, but that is harder to accomplish.

It's wise to start slow, using about 1/2 cup and only 10 minutes the first time and work up from there. Folks who are deficient in sulfate (because they lack the enzymes to convert sulfur to sulfate, which is needed to detoxify) or magnesium might have a short detox reaction, but it passes very quickly.

My son needed this daily while his body was slowly repairing, but he got bored with the bath routine. There are several companies that produce Epsom Salt cream products that work very well for daily maintenance, especially if you warm the skin with a hot damp washcloth before applying the cream.

Epsom Salts is helpful both as a preventative and relief of oncoming headaches/migraines, but it doesn't work for everyone because the source of the pain varies so much. In talking to people who have tried it, Epsom Salts seems to work best for folks who have dark circles under their eyes, those who experience Tylenol-rebound headaches and/or those who have sensitivities to chemicals in food and their environment.
August 24 2008

Audrey from Renton, WA, USA

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Peppermint gum

To sooth a migraine headache, try chewing a piece of Wrigley's "Extra" Peppermint gum. I'm sure other peppermint gum works, but this worked very well for me. I've tried several prescription medications and over the counter products.
March 04 2008

Julie Piel from Chicago, IL

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Migraine Relief

Pure peppermint oil works great for migraine. Rub one drop into each temple and a few at the base of your neck. Also try taking a nice hot relaxing bath and add 5-10 drops of the oil into it. It can take as little as 5 minutes for you to start feeling the relief. Becareful though. Some people have very sensitive skin and pure peppermint oil can be really strong. If it is too strong you can always add a few drops to a nuetral oil and use that instead.
October 04 2007

Elizabeth from Lancaster, OH USA

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Migraine Preventive

Feverfew is great at preventing migraines. Depending on how bad/frequent your migraines are and how well you react with it, you might have to take it as much as one pill twice a day or as little as one pill every other day. Feverfew is easy to get in herb stores, or you can grow your own plant and chew a few leaves every day. This works great for people who can remember to take it on time. The side effect is if you stop taking it or try to wean yourself off too fast, you can get a rebound migraine. That is why this is really met for those who are willing to take it constantly and remember to do so. It is the only herb that I found mention for migraine relief in EVERY book read and it seems to be the only herb that was mention for migrianes that had a study done on it and it was proven to work.
October 04 2007

Elizabeth from Lancaster, OH USA

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apple cider vinegar

Mix 2tbs of apple cider vinegar and honey in a glass of water and drink it at the onset of a migraine, and then again a few hours later.
June 26 2007

Andre from Springfield, OH

16 11


As soon as migraine starts heat a wash cloth in microwave as hot as you can stand it and apply to head while lying down relaxing...as soon as it starts to cool repeat...it usally only takes a few times. It helps if you have someone heat it for you while you relax.
May 30 2007

Barbara from Wauchula, Florida USA

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Migraine concotion

8 ounces water,mix in
2 teaspons honey
2 teaspons apple cider vinegar

March 23 2007

Nick C from Pickerington OH

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