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39 Home Remedies for Migraine

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Ice on front of neck

I woke up with another migraine this morning. It must have providence that I read this article yesterday that ICE when placed for 15 minutes on the FRONT of the NECK, over the carotid arteries, rather than on the head where the pain is emanating from. I had one of those gel packs kept in the freezer and I tried it and it worked! I could not believe it. The pain was completely gone. I hope this helps someone else as well.
February 19 2014

Mare from New York

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Drink a red bull

Quite by accident found this. Traveled by air to my daughters and had a migraine when arrived. I'd forgotten my Sumitriptan (which never worked anyway) . I knew Excedrine had caffeine so I asked my daughter for coffee. "We don't drink coffee." (Where did I go wrong?). She went to buy me Excedrine and returned with a Red Bull. I'd never had one. She told me to suck it down. Within 15 min. My migraine was GONE! Since then I always keep some in my fridge just for those times. NEVER HAS IT FAILED! DRINK A RED BULL!!
November 18 2013
Drink a red bull
Cecilia from Nebraska USA

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Drink more water

I have increased my water intake to one cup every hour. No more migraines after having them almost daily.
September 26 2013

Dana from Florida

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Shocked to discover that ice worked

After years of migraines I went to a lecture on headaches recently and found out that despite your whole head hurting/or half/or whatever seemingly deep inside, the pain is most commonly emanating from inflammation in a thin layer between your scalp and brain that is the place with nerve endings - your brain doesn't have any.

Despite never reading this as a cure ever anywhere, recently after 3 days of misery I grabbed one of those soft-gel-ice packs I keep in the fridge and put it on the most painful area thinking well, inflammation = ice. THE PAIN DISAPPEARED IN 15 MINUTES COMPLETELY! And stayed away!

This morning I woke up with another, did it again and it worked again! I'm here having searched on ice for migraines wondering if this was something I missed. Only tried and worked 2 times now for me, but sharing anyway.
September 08 2013

Alex from California

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Brush Your Teeth

Brushing my teeth almost always has helped prevent headaches from getting too bad. Doing so removes the sugary and sticky flavors, no doubt chemicals too. Rinse your mouth often with water too. I am a smoker and tend to get them when I have gone more than a few hrs, without rinsing and brushing.
July 21 2012

nobody from USA

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Calcium and magnesium tablet/vitabin b tablet

Take one of each every day without fail, I find it helps with the severity only, not the frequency sadly. Also while suffering a migraine attack it helps if I don't lie down, instead sit up with head forward and chin resting on top of chest, it hurts the back of neck after a while but its better than the migraine pain.
January 10 2012

Ellen Johnston from UK

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Alternate very cold/very warm water

I've had headaches all my life, and only as an adult have I been experiencing migraines. It doesn't work the first time every time, but it will by the third try -

Warm showers always soothe me, no matter my ailment, but it doesn't help a migraine. I will get in a warm shower, warm up my skin, then sink to my knees and turn on the bath faucet. I kill the hot water and turn it straight to cold. I hold my aching head under there for as long as I can stand it. (Unfortunately, when you have a migraine, bending over causes severe waves of nausea and may increase the pain.) When I can't stand the cold any longer, I turn the hot water back on and turn the shower back on. I let the warm water re-heat my head, and perhaps do this two or three times. I'll get out, dry off and lie down for awhile.

As I said, sometimes I have to repeat this process two or three times, but when I don't have imitrex on hand or the Excedrin Migraine isn't cutting it - this helps me.
December 07 2011

Angie from Central Illinois

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Ice Water

I saw this in a movie once - don't remember which one - but the main character filled his sink with water and dumped a bunch of ice in it. Then he dunked his head.
I always thought this was interesting, but didn't think much more about it until I had a really horrible migraine - think 15 on the one to ten scale - and not even my excedrin was working. So I filled up a large bowl with water and ice and dunked the top part of my head in there.
I ended up with water all over the kitchen - I wasn't thinking clearly enough to put out towels beforehand - but the migraine went away almost instantaneously.
October 23 2010

Breanna from Grand Forks, ND USA

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I have been getting severe migraines for over 25 years. I have taken so many drugs I cannot tell you. If I did not do this myself, I would NEVER believe it.

Take a large bowl with very cold water and more ice. (As much ice as you can fit). Place your hand fingers spread. Make a fist, open, fist, open. (This hurts). Hold it as long as you can take it. Then, take a break. Do it again. Last night - LITERALLY - within 15 minutes, I was a new woman. PLEASE try this.
August 18 2010

Corinne Preis from New Hope, PA

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You Are Very Sleepy

Lay Down For a While!!!!!
July 07 2009

Matthew from ????

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Ice packs and peppermint oil

As soon as I sense a migraine coming on, I quickly put an ice pack on the painful area, rub some peppermint oil and lavender oil mix on my temples, base of skull and neck and lie down. I even spray some on my pillow. It helps me relax.

Also lately I have started having ginger tea everyday and I think its helping in controlling the duration and strength of my migraine.

May 22 2009

Shabia, India from India

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Cinnamon is known to trigger migraines. Stay away from it. Also, strawberries.
May 21 2009

Amber from St. Louis, Missouri

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