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39 Home Remedies for Migraine

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Ice cold/hot bath

I am writing this as my migraine is finally dissolving. I took a Maxalt today when the aura started followed by 800mg motrin. I do the ice pack remedies as well to the back of my neck and over the occipital region of my head. But the best for me is to sit in the bathtub and make sure house is very cold, even open windows if you live somewhere cold to allow cold air to come in and run really warm/hot water over your feet (do not fill bath tub up, let it run down drain) It will give you chills but it is the only way I can tolerate being cold and you need the coolness to help constrict the dilated vessels in the brain that cause the throbbing pain. That is why coffee, caffeine and all migraine medication causes vasoconstriction. It also helps the nausea too.
February 21 2017

Rachell J. from Port St Joe, Florida

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Ice relieves migraines

Take 3 ADVIL, drink 1/2 of Hot Black coffee. Get 2 qt size Zip lock baggies fill them up fully. Now get an ace bandage and wash clothe and a bath towel, you'll need two pillow in bed, Wet the wash clothe. Put one on ice pack on top of ur head wrap ace bandage on top of ice pack wrapping it under your chin keep doing that till ice pack is secure. Go to bed prop your pillow up. Put bath towel over pillow. Next put the other ice pack on the back of your neck lean back get comfortable put wet wash clothe over your eyes and relax. This is the theory: Migraines are swollen blood vessels in the brain. We take ADVIL for pain and as anti inflammatory. Coffee is a hot caffeinated stimulant and the heat stimulates blood flow which help activate the Advil Quickly. Now the Ice pack on the back of the neck will make your spin cold n your spin is connected to your brain stem which in connected to brain n blood cells in brain. The ice reduces the swelling. Now the ice pack on top of head reduces scalp blood vessels and helps relax you and it also help reduce swelling of blood vessels in brain..... It will work....
January 08 2017

Christa from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Summer migraine relief

It sounds counter-intuitive, but I've found that sucking on ice has helped to relieve my migraines. Even the classic brain freeze from the cold foods feels therapeutic.
July 27 2016

Bill W. from Baltimore, MD

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Alternating hot and cold shower

I used to get migraines--the kind that starts off with flashing lights, followed by throbbing headaches (on just one side of the head, usually then followed by nausea. I found that taking a shower with alternating very hot and very cold water spraying on my head would sometimes lessen or hasten the end of the headache. (I should also say that my doctor checked me for a condition known as "patent foramen ovale"--a hole in the wall between two heart chambers. Its a little hole, that every one has while in the mother's womb but that normally closes soon after birth, but when it doesn't close it can allow unrefreshed un-reoxgenated blood to go to the brain and possibly cause a migraine or something like a mini-stroke--a TIA.

Turns out I had that hole and with a relatively non-invasive operation had it closed. They run a catheter up into the heart from an insertion point in the groin and then implant a little umbrella-like thing that closes the hole. There is a simple test to determine if a person has the heart hole. I just want to let people know about this heart link. In my case it solved my migraines-- I've never had another one since the procedure was done!
June 14 2016

Jeff from Columbia, Missouri

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Classic coca cola and advil

I have had consistent migraines for years, often debilitating, varying in frequency, sometimes 1 a week, which do not respond to ordinary OTC meds. I have tried Rizatriptan and it made them worse. A doctor told me once to try the remedy of 3 ibuprofen and a Coke. Caffeine is widely known to help, especially in conjunction with pain reliever. He said the remedy approximates what is in over the counter pills, so I was skeptical, as those don't do much for me. But I have had good luck with it.

I drink 6-8 oz of Classic Coke with 600 mg of ibuprofen as soon as I feel one coming, and it usually curtails the pain significantly. It doesn't go away entirely, and the fuzzy hungover feeling takes a day to pass, but the ice pick pain and nausea is definitely relieved. For some reason other caffeine doesn't work. I drink 1 cup of black tea in the AM but if I have a migraine, that will make me worse.

Oddly, other caffeinated sodas don't work as well as Coke. The fizziness is also good for nausea, it helps a lot. I don't drink sodas at all otherwise and I don't love buying Coke, but I think of it like a prescription. For a few severe migraines per month, it beats any drug I have tried.
December 10 2015

Christine from Alaska

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Valerie fouladian

When the flashing in your vision starts - get a large glass of water and ice. Lean over the sink or down on your knees over a bathtub and rinse the water through your teeth over and over for at least 5 minutes. It needs to touch your gums. A water pic with ice water works also. For me, it shortens the flashing time and almost always keeps the pain that comes next from being bad enough to take pain pills. I've done this for almost 20 years and it really works.
August 14 2015

Valerie Fouladian from Tigard Oregon

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I get frequent migraines. So painful it brings tears and it seems all I can do is roll around on my blankets clutching my head. My whole family knows that when it comes on I'll be out of the day. One thing I can Always count on to give me a migraine is too much salt. I'll see sunbursts moving quickly over my vision and I know before it hits. I'll pop an over the counter migraine pill or two but what really helps is to have my husband massage my scalp and my palms of my hands.
February 06 2015

Emily from Texas

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Piping hot liquids

Hot liquids. As hot as your can stand it. Peppermint tea in particular is amazing I find. Why? Blood vessels in your head enlarge during a migraine. This helps shrink them back down. The relief can be almost instantaneous. This is a god send. I often don't respond to my triptan meds (the migraine zappers) so I was super happy when I figured this one out.
October 10 2014

Virginia from Toronto ON

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Peppermint, ice on head, heat on feet

Pepperment oil on temples, back of neck, on upper lip near nostrils so you can continuously breath in and anywhere the pain is, just be careful around the eyes. Put a few drops on palms, cup hands over mouth and nose and breath deeply.

Also a nurse practitioner shared this remedy with me and it almost never fails. Ice packs on head and neck while soaking your feet is as hot of water as you can possibly stand. Your feet will turn very red and you'll probably go through at least two ice packs or bags of frozen peas. I usually just sit on the counter and keep adding hot water as the water cools. Good luck. I hope this works for you.
September 17 2014

Gina from California

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Cold water

If you have a backyard pool, or live near water try going for a quick swim. I don't know how it helps but it definitely does. I don't know if it would work quite as well in a heated pool. My pool was 74 degrees.
July 01 2014

Lori from Canada

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Ice cold showers, and relaxing

When ever I have a migraine I usually start to drink water, to make sure my body stays hydrated. If I have it available, I will take a couple Excedrin Migraine pills. I sit in a hot bath with a cold wash cloth over my eyes and temples. After my bath, I put on some loose fitting, comfy clothes and lay down in a quiet room with no noise or lights and the window is usually open with a fan on. Sometimes. Just relaxing your mind and being comfy can help relieve tension from a migraine. Another remedy I just discovered is taking an ice cold shower with the stream facing your forehead. For about 3-5 minutes.
May 14 2014

Annie from Massachusetts

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Neck exercises

I've suffered from migraines for about 4 years now and as a teenager I always thought it was stress related. However I went to the doctor and got told that because I'm so petite it's actually caused by my neck being under constant strain holding my head (sounds stupid I know) so now everyday I lean to one side and then the other just letting my head droop for 20 seconds. My migraines are no way near as strong as they were. I also drink a bottle of lucozade sport as it is very sugary and hydrating which also helps.
I can also highly recommend solpadeine which is an over the counter very strong paracetamol that also contains codeine and caffeine. Great stuff! Hope this helps!
March 18 2014

Louise from UK

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