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I have been fighting Psoriasis for about 5 years now. I have it on the bottoms of my feet and the palm of my hands. I have used all kinds of creams and lotions. I have soaked my feet in everything from salt to bleach. I even got the very painfull shots from the doctor ( which I do not recommend to anyone). Then finally my mother-in-law had a coworker tell about how she controlls her's with medicaded blistex .97 cent stick of blistex. MIRICLE it worked. Kept it away for 1 year now. When I get a flair up I just smear some on before I go to bed and by morning it is gone. Save your self time, pain and money try it.
August 03 2009

Tammy Bandy from Bulpitt, Il USA

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Walmart lotion

I have a terrible case of psoraisis and have had it for 35 years. As I have gotten older, mine has gotten worse. Tried Enbrel, got NHL--Lymphoma cancer. Cancer is gone, but psoraisis still with me. The only lotion that I can find that will keep the lesions soft is the Walmart Equate in the pump bottle. It is fragrance-free. I totally cover myself after a shower and it keeps my places moist and soft all day at work. Sunlight and tanning provides a cosmetic help and lessens the redness of the lesions.
The Walmart lotion, however, really keeps my places from getting thick, hard, and from cracking to the point of bleeding.
July 13 2009

Douglas from KY

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Hemp lotion, seed, milk...anything hemp.

My husband was born with super bad psoriasis and has tried every thing in the book. I'm sure a very restrictive diet might work but he wont stick to it. One thing that we were recommended was Hemp lotion-It's been a miracle. Drinking hemp milk is good also and putting hemp seed in food is great. Hemp seed tastes kinda nutty-it's good. You can also just eat a tbsp of it and it'll help. Any omega fats help but hemp seems to get rid of my husbands really well. We also have hemp body wash, shampoo and conditioner.
June 24 2009

Stephannie from La Grande, OR USA

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Tomato Surprise

I have battled eczema and psoriasis my whole life. My son also gets it badly. His legs used to be terrible. I searched online and there was one random posting on a chat board that caught my eye.

The woman said her son’s eczema "was triggered by tomatoes, which is common". My then 1.5 year old was having pastas with red sauces or pizza probably 5 nights a week. So, I started to cut down on the sauce and paid attention. Sure enough, tomatoes were the main cause of his eczema.

Now I realize citrus fruit also causes terrible flair-ups. Since our family is not eating tomatoes or citrus, alas, I am now eczema and psoriasis free for 2 years now too.

I never guessed it would have been that simple. My son still does have dry skin, but moisturizing keeps that under control. The moisturizer we like best for our now 3.5 year old is Mustela Dermo Pediatrics Stelatopia "For Dry and Eczema Prone Skin".
It is expensive, but it works.
June 17 2009

Mommy to 3 Under 4 from NYC

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Diprosone qv

I had suffered for about 8 years with psoriasis on my elbows, 1 knee & knuckles.They would be red and sore, split whenever I would use any kind of soap or detergent. Used the Diprosone QV cream for 2 weeks and found it worked! I have been free from psoriasis for 6 months so far.
June 14 2009

Sharon Henderson from Kalgoorlie, Australia

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Psoriasis Help

I had an outbreak of Guttate psoriasis when I was 20 years old. I had no idea then what it was, but from being outside all the time and fishing, it went away on its own.

Forward 20 years. Minor spots here and there over the years, but nothing major and then BAM! I had strep throat and broke out all over. Head to Foot with pink spots. Bad this time and much worse than before.

Tried all the home remedies and nothing worked. Until I tried this...Vanos cream. It made the spots less and got rid of some. When I stopped using it, it would come back with a vengance.

Repeated sunlight and warm weather has helped a lot on the extremeties. UVB treatments worked a little bit at the dermo. But it would still come back.
30 day colon cleanse, milk thistle and taking an intestinal bacteria supplement has all but eliminated the outbreak, save some minor spots that are light, within the first two weeks of the cleanse.
Lots of water! Drinking alcohol makes mine worse, so limit the intake of something that makes your system more toxic.

Good luck and it takes hard, consistent focus to find what works for you!

May 06 2009

Jake from Kentucky

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Dearest all,

I read your reviews with pleasure, because I have had psoriasis since I was 16, now I am 27, it never left me,, all doctors did not know what to prescribe me,, some said,, get away from stress, others gave me antibiotics which did nothing.. I am a hyber-sensitive person..skin wise and emotion wise.. I am so sad I waste time thinking about my scalp or scratching it alot,, I run to cold shower water to escape this, but then the crust builds more, the pain increases.. I used organic oils, vinger, non chemical shampoos, scalp creams, coal tar,, but when I am not stressed and happy, it gets so better and calm.
I do not have an actual remedy but really need your advice, anything that worked well with you.. I reached the stage where hair falls from the place of the spots,, blood sometimes, and less hair, but it is always painful..
Thanks for sharing and for this wonderful website,
April 21 2009

Manar from Columbia, South Carolina

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I have scalp Psoriasis for about 7 yrs. It goes and comes. I used lotrisone creme - did not work. Here are some simple things that will help: Avoid sweets, sugars, eat lots of fruits, keep away from stress, do not be lonely - associate a lot with friends and relatives - it strengthens your emotions and nerve system, drink lots of water and take in some sunlight daily, vicks vapor rub helps, keep scalp moisst all the time, keep away from dust, do gardening and outdoor relaxing work and get the scalp to sweat that is the MAIN SOLUTION -YOU MUST DO ENOUGH EXERTION TO GET THE SCALP TO SWEAT. AND KEEP THYSELF HAPPY ALL THE TIME - SLEEP WELL - GET YOUR SLEEP - AND REST
April 14 2009

David from FLORIDA, USA

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Shea butter

I have sufferd with psoriasis for 10 years. I have done it all from, enbrel, steroids, you name it.But I must say that shea butter is overall the best. Apply after you bathe or shower, but make sure you are completly towel dry first. You will begin to see results in about 7- 10 days
March 22 2009

D Adams from Northwest Indiana

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I applied Dovonex cream 0.005% twice a a day sparinlgy for two weeks and the Psoariasis on both my legs and arms cleared up mostly. You can continue longer if necessary. It has to be prescribed and monitored by your physician.
January 25 2009

Claude Lombart from United Kingdom

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Hello, I feel that after 40 years of living with psoriasis off and on I am a walking laboratory. From vitamins to chemicals to diets to emphasis on happy thoughts to skipping on the edge of new hair raising techniques I am so glad I said 'No" to 40 years ago.

There is one thing that works in 5 - 7 days and is made from 'coal tar'. The product is called "Oxipor' and is a thinned out-coal tar, but the price of it is like 100 dollars an ounce and medical insurance will not cover it! Whoever has priced this out of this world, can go you know where.

And I will say that after all these years of not 'messing' around in this world of real contagious diseases, maybe it is just a divine thing to separate us from the rest. If you check out www.imhotepinc.com you will find the triple strength grapefruit seed extract that kills any fungus. I take this, do not have candida, and still have psoriasis, off and on.

I believe that psoriasis is a condition caused by a deficiency. My own observation is that when I am very stressed emotionally and physically from being bogged down with no up-lifts for a period of time, (my body -human factory does not make everything in proper order, sloppy production), then I am susceptible to outbreaks.

From the age of 33 to 46 I ate brewer's yeast everyday. This increased my strength exponentially and I did not have to wear reading eye glasses until I was 46 as brewer's yeast is high in the high protein needed for building muscle tissue. It also is high in the B vitamins which are for the nervous system. I call them the 'Happy B's" for Be Happy. But, alas, with all this 'power' behind me it still is not enough to combat psoriasis. There are only 2 of us, myself and my father's sister who got the condition, and both of us almost died before the age of 5, her from the dred "Flu' of the twenty's and me from plain neglect. So you see, even if one's health is 'top notch' as mine was for so many years, it does not combat psoriasis.

My recommendation is to 'forget' about it. Live your life. One doctor told me that some people get heart conditions, others get diabetes etc. So instead, I have psoriasis. He said I should be thankful as it's better than a heart condition. I am grateful that I did not succumb to the new prescriptions, methods such as the ultra-violet light that is cancerous causing (now documented), and the new humera medicine that takes 4 weeks for effects to show (with all it's possible side effects like death) find it funny that the 4 weeks is exactly what it takes anyone's body to produce 'new' skin. My sincere belief is that if I won the lottery in a mere 2 days I would be 'whole', I really believe this.

Somehow, all the nerve endings, enzymes, happy thoughts etc would, in a blinding flash, combine in such a fashion everything would be perfect and take away all the nasties, similar to Prednisone (cortisone) except without taking away (permanently) any eyesight. You know that cortisone can take away any psoriasis plaques in a mere 3 days, more or less. I would be living with a heart condition, blinded or somethng else very tragic if I listened to any other voice except my Grandmother's from Heaven, saying to me "Don't! Don't do it!" You can't live a whole lifetime on the prescriptions recommended. Think about it. Psoriasis comes and goes. Life is precious, with or without psoriasis.

October 21 2008

Val from South Seattle, WA USA

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Neem oil for psoriasis of the scalp

I've tried everything... including tea tree, apple cider vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, jojoba, calendula, rx's and combinations of everything above.

What has helped me IMMENSELY is organic neem oil (purchased online) I rub it into my scalp & sleep w/it on, it smells earthy but not horrible & amazingly it WORKS. I wash it out in the morning and after about three treatments, my flare up is gone...

I've also used a salicylic acid serum (ecco bella) to keep the scales from returning (every other day after a flare up) my scalp is amazingly clear for the first time in AGES.

Also culturelle probiotic supplements I think help as well... hope this helps someone else.
May 15 2008

c from New York

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