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I had Psoriasis for 10 years, did many western treatments and ACUPUNCTURE was the only treatment tat worked after 4 months, that was 12 years ago!!!!
August 09 2013

Anne Marie from Scottsdale

7 7

Sugar and olive oil scalp scrub

After years of trying literally everything...This works! Mix regular olive oil and regular sugar to make an oily paste. After wetting hair in the shower, scrub into scalp, neck, and anywhere else affected by psoriasis. Let sit for a few minutes, then wash with Neutrogena anti-residue shampoo or T-Sal shampoo once or twice. Condition as usual.

This takes away most of the itching and does NOT leave your hair or scalp oily in any way. I use this once a week, and yes, it is REALLY messy, but my hair and scalp have never felt better. Try this - you won't be disappointed!
July 27 2013

Sally Hansen from Orlando

24 18

liquid nitrogen. computer dust spray

had psoriasis for several years. tried everything nothing worked. applied liquid nitrogen 2 infected areas. you can get a can at any computer store. hold upside down and spray affect areas. make sure you cover the entire infected area. in 1 or 2 days it will blister up. New skin will form without the psoriasis. never to come back at that infected area. I know a few people with this condition work for them and work for me.
December 24 2012

no more psoriasis from Lockport Illinois

74 150

Chinese Herbal Tea and ointment.

If you have a chinese herbal specialist in your area, I strongly recommend a visit. I was given a tea called Yin Xie Chon Ji and a cream called Te Xia Niu Pi Xuan Gao and it cleared my hands and elbows which had been terrible for the past 2 years in 2-3 days. Am still looking for something to work on the scalp though.
March 18 2010

Sarah from London UK

18 12

Evening Primrose Oil

I've had psoriasis on my scalp for as long as I can remember. Coal tar would work for a week or two, and the scales would come right back. I read on the 'net about taking Evening Primrose Oil capsules or rubbing the primrose oil on your scalp and decided to try it. There is a huge difference in the way my head feels after taking the capsules for a few days. If I have a flare up, I take two capsules night and morning.. and just two per day in between. I only get flare ups when I've not been taking the capsules! It's nice to have a natural remedy, as opposed to all the shampoos and acid lotions I've used from the drugstore in the past!
March 05 2010

Ogi from Canada

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Sugar free diet; raw Vegetables;Baths with baking soda

I am 43 yrs, this is the 5th time I had a break out of psoriasis. This time I kept away from all sugars, gluten products, fried foods, butter and drank saffron tea every morning. I have lots of raw vegetables, beetroot, carrots, cucumbers, granny smith apples, boiled pumpkin. I stayed away from all meats, fried foods and spices, I use lots fish.
Baths with baking soda soothe the itching, coconut oil made my scalp less painful and easy to wash. Frequent sea baths actually stopped the quick build up of scales on my scalp. I prayed a lot, and took time off from my job and got a lot of rest. I am presently taking neem capsules and a multivitamin with several antioxidants. I had this breakout from two months, after four days of this diet, I had no flare ups, my skin and scalp is almost clear. The itching, burning, headaches, tightness of the scalp is no longer
February 15 2010

Asha Bain from Trinidad And Tobago

54 2

The reason Vicks rub works is...

Many people report Vick's VapoRub works on psoriasis and other skin conditions. The reason is because it contains thymol, just like Listerine. It's a property found in certain plant sources, such as thyme. It's anti-bacterial/fungal, antiseptic, anaesthetic, cures ringworm, hookworm, infections, gingivitis, etc. It was used by ancient Egyptians to preserve mummies.
February 13 2010

None from Redmond, WA

116 30

Scalp psoriasis relief

I have been suffering from scaly, crusty, yellow scalp for a few months now. I have tried several remedies with no relief. After a great deal of research, I came up with the following regimine. The psoriasis covered about 1/3 of my scalp. After 72 hrs of following this, I am about 80% better.

- 15 minutes before washing hair, apply a generous amount of organic aloe vera to affected area

- Mix the following: fresh mashed avocado, mayo, lemon juice, organic apple cider vinegar, and organic honey

- Shampoo as usual, and then apply a generous amount of avocado mixture to affected area. Let sit for at least 5 minutes and rinse

After hair has dried, apply neem seed oil to affected area ( available at health food stores or online)

- Throughout the day, alternate applying neem seed oil with aloe vera whenever your condition is feeling itchy, dry, or tight

-Before bed, apply both aloe vera and neem seed oil

Hope this helps you! It definitely helped me!

January 10 2010

Hollie from CO

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Oregano oil and dmso

I had gotten a white thick and reddish spot on my scalp and it spread over 1/3 my head. Never had a doctor look at it, but I tried several natural things but only got medium relief. But when I mixed 12 drops of organic oregano oil with a 1/2 tsp of DMSO and rubbed on my head and the rest of it over my chest and leg's so as the oil would be drawn into my whole body. Within days it cleared up 85% and after a couple of weeks it is 99% gone. I will continue to keep using it. Also worked for the finger nail fungus I had.
September 10 2009

Steve from Santa, Cruz, CALF. USA

14 22

Extra Virgin Pure Coconut Oil

The Coconut Oil is supposed to work the best, but I couldn't get past the awful smell. Who wants to go around smelling like old lard?!
Anyway, I have suffered with it for YEARS and the ONLY thing that has worked is Coconut Oil Liquid Soap. It also comes in bars, but I don't use bar soap in my home anymore. (I don't like to clean soap scum, and liquid soap doesn't leave a residue). Anyway, I haven't had it return at all since I got rid of it. I had it on my hands mostly, so I keep some at all sinks and basins. The BEST I have found is from www.tropicaltraditions.com. It really works!!!
September 04 2009

Faye from Benicia, Ca

15 6

Baking Soda Bath

I've had psoriasis since I was 11 or 10 years old and I'm now 23. I may not have all the right answers but I can tell you what I've learned from my mistakes and what has worked for me. My parents tried just about everything for my case even ultra-violet lights which I found out could cause cancer so I refused to keep doing that and started doing things to help me more naturaly in ways to help my flare ups to not be so bad.

First off let me talk about diet. I had a sister-in-law who had some skin issues and encourged me to try it to see if it worked. Basically what this diet consists is hardly any sugar at all meaning per a serving you want anything less 20 grams of prossesed sugar. I tried this for a full month and let me tell you my psoriasis did start to go away within that 1 month peroid but I have a weakness I love sugar! And I almost forgot to say that this diet also had you avoid bread as well.

Now on to round 2 on my list. If I was having a inflamation I would take olive oil baths for 3 years at least and this actually helps on a few things. It helps with burning and helped with dryness.

thirdly now this is just something recently just started doing and I'm finding its actaully helping alot. My husband and I went and visited his uncle and aunt who are very much into natural things. I was talking to my husband's uncle of how I had psoriasis and he told me to try this. Is cover my body parts that has psoriasis with baking soda and do this twice a day after doing this take a back and scrub the areas that have psoriasis and after you get out of the shower rub on corn starch over you skin. He told me that the corn starch will take out the burn and soften the skin. I have found to be true after I take my baths and my skin is red and buring I place it on the area and it takes the burn right out. I also have added my own little step which is rub my body down with olive oil first then the corn starch and it makes my skin so smooth and soft.

Well I hope this helps!
August 25 2009

Jenaia Thurber from Salem, Oregon

20 13

100% Unrefined Shea Butter

In April of this year I started to notice flakes and overall dryness on my scalp. I am african american with relaxed hair so I started washing my hair twice a week instead of my normal 1 time per week hoping this would solve the issue; however, the condition got worse and worse. I went to the dermatologist in June who told me I had Psoriasis. He had me do a few routine blood tests but did not take a sample from my scalp. He prescribed Clobex Shampoo for the flakes and Diprolene for the itch. 2 months later I still have Psoriasis ( I think) but I now have a lot less hair than I did in June. I don't know if it was the shampoo, the diprolene or the overall dryness of my hair and scalp that caused me to lose so much hair. I now have to wear extension to cover up the thinned out patches but THANK GOD FOR EXTENSIONS.

Anyway, I decided to take my health in my own hands and searched for a natural cure for Psorias. I found many articles on the web and at the begining of August I purchased 100% Pure Unrefined Shea Butter and began to put this on my hair and scalp every night. I noticed an immediate difference in my hair and scalp. My scalp no longer itches and I do not see any hint of redness or irritation. The Shea Butter is all natural and has been know as a "natural healer" in Africa for 100's of years. I can also report that I now wash my hair once a week instead of twice a week. I still have a few flakes but I would say after 3 weeks of using Shea Butter I am feeling really great about this remedy.

Best of all - "My Hair is starting to Grow Back"

August 19 2009

D. from Kansas

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