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Quick releif

This may seem weird but when my grandmother was young she used to take a knife and prick a little hole in the mosquito and squeeze around it and have the blood come out and it reliefs it fast.
June 26 2009

Chinchilla 101 from Denver, CO USA

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Cortisone cream...

I get so eaten up that I carry Cortizone cream around with my in my purse. BUT I wouldn't recommend it, I am constantly returning to the spot I just applied the cream and hour earlier.
June 25 2009

Rachel from USA

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Salt Water

I was bitten by mosquitos all over my body from being outside for a while. I was itching all over. And when I got home me and my friend went swimming to cool off. When we got out of the pool we realized that our bug bites had decreased and stop itching. My pool is made of salt water instead of chlorine. So just bathe in cool salt water and it should heal for a while. If it comes back, just bathe in it some more.
June 24 2009

Jennifer from Dallas, TX

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Take Away the Itch

Aloe Vera Gel. My mom always taught me growing up to use toothpaste overnight, but it didn't always work. I just used some Aloe Vera Gel (100% pure), that I had lying around from when I get sunburned. It stopped the itching instantly. I'm sure an Aloe Plant would work just as well.
June 22 2009

Erin from Long Island

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Those darn mosquito bites!

My friends told me a remedy of putting clear nail-polish on the bite and when I tried it, it actually worked. It reduces itching and swelling. You won't even know its there anymore......
June 21 2009

carly enddddddddsley from cedar rapidds, IA USA

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When You Can't Avoid Being Bit

I'm outside a lot, so when I get mosquito bites, I rub some deoderant on the bites. It takes most of the itch out right away. Or you can apply some Neosporin, it works instantly and takes all of the itch out.
June 20 2009

Mele from Concord, NH USA

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I get misquito bites alot living right next to a lake, I just spray some windex on there and let it soak in! It works great for me!
June 17 2009

Ava from Saratoga Springs UT USA

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Mosquitos worst enemy

For 3 days I ate tuna subs from subway with jalapenos and red onions and then I discovered it was the red onions and jalapenos yippe free at last free at last!
June 17 2009

elaine from alford florida

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Pleasantly Polished

As soon as I am aware of any bites at all, I go straight for my clear nail polish, brush it on the bite and the area around the bite that itches...It stings for just a second then totally dries, literally by the next morning, gone...Completely gone, no bumps, no itch, not a thing! It works!

Actually, I looked this website up to see if maybe there was another method that would work better and as I was reading I put the polish on about 10 huge bites on my leg and my skin was crawling from itching so bad....7 1/2 hours later...NOTHING!!! Seriously, this is the deal!!!
June 13 2009

Kimbo from Indiana

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Defend transdermal patch- all natural- deet free

Defend patch will keep the mosquitoes (and other flying insects) from biting you. Apply the patch to an area of the body that is clean, dry and hairless. I use the upper portion of my arm. Allow 2-4 hours before you go out into infested areas so that the all natural vitamin B1 has time to circulate into the blood stream.

The wearer will then be protected everywhere you have blood flow. One patch can protect a person that weights 300 pounds and for up to 36 hours. (Two patches for a 3-day camping trip).
Please visit our web site @ www.Defendpatch.Com
for more information.
June 13 2009

Tom Wyllie from Phoenix, Arizona USA

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Baking soda paste or pennies

Usually when I have a horrible mosquito bite, I tape a copper pennie over it. The results are really suprising.... but they just practicly make them dissapear. When you feal like a dork with pennies taped all over you, just mix some baking soda with a couple of drops of water and apply to your bite. Let it harden, and it takes out the swelling, and the willingness to scratch also, for a few hours.  I prefer the pennie remedi, but the baking soda one when I am on the go!
June 05 2009

Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555

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It Really Works!!!!!

The deodorant one by 'Crystal' realy works, so try putting deodorant onto your bites!
June 02 2009

Pie Man from Orlando, Florida

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