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The cure

If you need fast relive just put a wet washcloth on it. It wont last long but long enough for you to find a real cure like windex.
July 09 2009

billy bob joe from at 555555555

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Sometimes when my mosquito bites get bad I try to cool them down with ice.
July 08 2009

Alllllison from Long Island , NY

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Good Bye Itch

Squirt a quarter size circle of lotion in your palm and rub it all over the bite. It makes it hard to itch. Then put hand sanitizer on a wash cloth and keep it on for 2 min.
July 06 2009

Shelby from Utah

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For total insane itching..

Okay.. So on the 4th of July we went to go watch the fireworks.. I wore sandals.. totally dumb move.. I had my feet totally bit.. For the past two days its been crazy I even got a plastic fork to scratch (threw it away after lol)** I tried aloe vera OH* EM* GEE* it worked like a charm.. Do what worx for u.. But this worked great for me! (But I tried it with the plant).. :)
July 06 2009

Nen from Imperial Valley, CA

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Geranium / Lavender /eau de cologne

A Greek friend gave me a bottle of over the counter Geranium oil he uses to deter mozzies, and it worked. Not being able to find it here in the UK I decided to make my own blend. I use pure essential oils (not fragrance). I blend 4 drops geranium oil per 2 teaspoons grapeseed oil, in a handy to carry spray bottle. This I apply to expose areas (arms and feet, avoid face). I dab a little on my neck and ear lobes.
As a 'body' spray I use lavender water (over the counter bought) and spray as required, under arms on clothes etc, they don't seem to like lavender.
And if one of the little blighters does get through. I just dab on eau de cologne and that seems to kill the itch.
To reduce inflammation keep the area as cold as possible for as often as possible, heat starts the irritation.
Aloe Vera 100% is a good application, and natural yoghut can be used as a calamine lotion substitute.
July 06 2009

Kim from Yorkshire, UK

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Aloe vera

Aloe works really good if you put it on before you go to bed you'll wake up the next morning and they will feel alot better,
July 04 2009

kalia from boulder city,NV USA

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Easy way out

If you have a mosquito bite put lots of lotion on it and rub. It makes it very hard to itch it but you can because of the lotion!
July 02 2009

Anita Dewwy from Washington

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I had a mosquito bite in my armpit and I put on the deodorant on it and it didn't sting.
July 02 2009

hailey from oshawa,on canada

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Really works!!! Stupid Mosquitos!

Take 1 Benadryl, and an ice pack.
Hold it on for like half-an-hour, to an hour.
Easy as pie.
July 02 2009

Cami from Bakersfield Ca.

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Ichthammol Ointment 20%

I get very itchy, red bumps and welts when bitten by mosquitoes. This is due to the injected mosquito saliva that has digestive enzymes and anticoagulants in it - and also to my increased sensitivity to these bites.

Ichthammol Ointment 20% (also known as Black Salve) has given me excellent results - it draws out this saliva. I bought a 1 oz tube Walgreen's for about $6. (It is not on the shelf; you have to ask the pharmacist for it since it is kept in the back.) You only need a dab on the bite and a tube lasts a really long time.

The ingredients in the brand I bought are: petrolatum, Ichthammol, light mineral oil, and lanolin. The salve is black and sticky; after dabbing a bit on, I cover the area with a band-aid (or two). The itching will gradually go away. I leave the medication & band-aid on for about 12 hours. The dried salve cleans up easily. I hope this works as well for you as it does me.
July 01 2009

CH from Beavercreek, Ohio

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The ex

If you make an X over the bite with your fingernail until it hurts, it will stop itching. I swear it works all the time... random but effective.
June 28 2009

al from missoula, MT

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Avon skin so soft oil or lotion

For years my grandmother would load her bathroom with Avon products, some were great, others sucked. Anyways, if you bathe in the oil or use the lotion on exposed skin areas before going outside, it's fool proof, and it works!! The bugs really do hate the smell, if you don't mind smelling like an old woman for a while, then you'll be bug bite free!
June 28 2009

Stacie B. from Mt. Vernon, WA

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