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I live on the beach and as soon as dusk sets in, the mosquitoes start swarming! My daughter is highly sensitive to the bites, so I decided to do my own research on the subject.


Avon Skin-so-soft body oil. My mom used to use this stuff when I was a kid and it worked very well at repelling them.

Rubbing a fabric softener sheet on your clothes and exposed skin. You will definitely smell but it's the scent, and the taste of the sheet that they hate.

Citrus perfume or body spray. Also rubbing the juice from citrus fruits on yourself can work as well.

Now for the treatment of bites:

Tomatoes. I know it sounds weird, but they contain lycopene, which naturally reduces swelling. Cut open a tomato and hold it to your skin for a few minutes.

Salt and water. Moisten the skin and rub a small amount of salt onto it.

Toothpaste. Has to be the minty kind. I have found that Arm and Hammer with baking soda works the best, as baking soda is another treatment option.

August 16 2009

Jessica from Sound Beach, Long Island, NY

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Home stuff for your ITCHY mosquito bite

Just put a little bit of water on it and rub salt for about 30 - 1 min and let dry.
Most people here the ocean is good for the skin and its true, its scratching of salt let you scratch it while making it feel better.
August 08 2009

kate from ny

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Hot Water Relief

Heat water in a cup to very hot but not so hot that it will burn your skin. Apply to mosquito bite with clean cloth for 10-15 seconds. It takes away the itch immediately!
August 03 2009

Murphy from Whitehall, MT

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How NOT to get bit by mosquitoes

Just pin a BOUNCE SHEET onto your shirt or pants and NO mosquitoes will come near you, I promise!
Mosquitoes have always loved to bite me, but NO MORE thanks to BOUNCE.
July 28 2009

sylvia from GA

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Ounce of PREVENTION- worth a ton of CURE

Pour Listerine in a small spray bottle and spray all around your doors, windows, and picnic areas.
It's amazing!
July 25 2009

Shell from Carlsbad, Ca

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Benedryl itch stick

I got a Benedryl itch relief stick from Wal Mart! it works wonders!
July 22 2009

hatebugbites from mississippi

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Liquid Soap

I am extremely allergic to mosquito bites and other than Benadryl and hydrocortisone, the only remedy that has worked for me is liquid soap.

Just apply a mild liquid soap -- scented or non-scented, doesn't matter -- to the bite/affected area and let it dry. Don't rub it in too much, it shouldn't lather up. It soothes the itch for up to 12 hours and after multiple applications (for 2-3 days) your bites will decrease in size and eventually disappear.

It works like a charm, although its a little bit annoying to wait for it to dry. Best of luck!
July 20 2009

Aja from Rockland County, NY, USA

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Aloe vera

Ever since I was little well I still am little Imm 10, but I use aloe vera it works so good every time I get a mosquito bite I use it, and I go camping every year and I get bit up the most but every year I pack aloe vera in my bag. I love it, this year I got bit on my right leg 22 times on my left 18 on my right arm, I got bit 12 times and on my left arm, I got bit 26 times and I even got some on my face. Well as you can see I got bit over 78 times and all the itch goes away when I use aloe vera, I don't know what works for you but when it comes to mosquito bites aloe vera is my lucky charm.
July 18 2009

carley from Brunswick, OH USA

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Smells Good Its Natural & Quick -N- Ez

Go to the local super-market and stock up on limes (the green ones) roll them between your hand and a flat surface such as a table to get the most juice from them before cutting them. Cut the lime in pieces and just rub the juice on your body. Not only do you smell nice n sweet it works as a deodorizer as well and I PROMISE the bugs wont bite you!
July 17 2009

Priscilla from Bronx, NY USA

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During the summer, I get an average of 30 bug bites a month. And on top of that, I scratch like crazy. So, needless to say, I tried everything out there. Most remedies weren't effective but then my uncle introduced me to this one.
Apply vinegar to a cotton ball or napkin and gently apply it to your itchy bug bite. It really works to relieve the itchiness on a fresh bug bite.
It may sound disgusting but it's probably the best remedy out there.
July 16 2009

Sophie from Maine

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Get some toothpaste and rub it on the mosquito bite. Mint works the best!!
July 16 2009

Amber from Michigan

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Darn Itch!

I got a bite on the bottom of my foot! it itched so bad I couldn't sleep! So after about a half hour of itching it(which you shouldn't do) I decided to get some aloe vera gel. it didn't work as good as I wanted it too. Do I wiped it off, put some deodorant on it then put aloe vera on and around the area, then I put salt all over. it worked very well!
July 10 2009

Alli from Channahon, IL USA

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