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Tiger balm cure for mosquito bites

Rub a little tiger balm over the area bitten as soon after bite as possible, within 10 minutes the itch is GONE. Reapply as necessary.
October 18 2009


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This is gross but make an X on the bite then take your spit and put it on the bite. They say spit is your natural medy!
September 26 2009

Pixie from SA

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I drank some bendadryl pills with water and it was cured in 2 or 3 days I think and then you will still have it but will not ich at all then I think you need to use cream and rub it then it might dissappear.
September 26 2009

Classified from Okalahoma, USA

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Good Bye Itch

If you put salt in a bowl and put water in it and mix and when you hear a fizz get a cotton swab and rub it on your bite. It really works!
September 20 2009

Anybody from Anytown any state USA

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Australian Bush Remedy - Bracken Fern

I don't know if you have Bracken Ferns in the US, but in Australia, when I was a little kid, I'd always manage to get bitten by Bull-ants or Jack Jumpers which are bloody painful and sting like hell. My parents would always use Bracken Ferns to instantly get rid or the pain and itch. Pull out a green Bracken Fern...which grow everywhere like weeds in the Australian bush, snap the root of the fern until the sticky white milky stuff comes out and rub it on the bite. It will stop the sting or itch instantly. This also works on Mozzie bites. No need to carry any potions or lotions with you, its provided free from natures larder.
September 20 2009

Bec from Tasmania, Australia

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Vicks or mentholatum

Apply vicks or mentholatum. Helps relieve itch for a few hours.
September 08 2009

Mosquito bites from TX

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I always put tape on my bug bites. It keeps the air out so it doesnt ich. Use clear tape so you dont look to funny.
September 07 2009

Rebecca from indianapolis, in usa

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Fresh garlic

Cut a piece of fresh garlic rub the cut end on the bite. It will provide almost instant relief from the itch and the swelling will diminish also. People who eat fresh garlic just about never get bit by mosquitos, your body becomes a natural repellant.
August 23 2009

Bud from Winchester, CA

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Dab a small amount of plain ammonia on bite with a cotton ball. Iching stops immediately.
August 23 2009

L Perez from St Petersburg, Florida

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cortorzone cream

I'm highly allergic 2 mosquitoes, on the 4th of July I went 2 my friends party and I got bit on the forehead and my friends kept telling me I looked like a unicorn, it was sad but I used some of her cortade and it worked like a charm. I now buy 3 tubes 4 when I go 2 Mississippi 4 spring break and let me tell u the bugs r bad down there, I got over 125 bites the first year I went.
August 21 2009

Dezidu from usa

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All you do is put scotch tape on the bite. Easy and simple. You can even take it off after a few min. Works wonders for me and hopefully for you and instant itch relieve. Its good, easy to put on, can be mixed with other remedies, helps prevent you from scratching, and almost everyone has tape.
August 19 2009

Darrin from Philly, PA, USA

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cider vinegar

cotton ball with cider vinegar
August 18 2009

Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555

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