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Sweet ! I't doesn't itch anymore

June 10, 2008
just plain warm honey on the bite should do the trick.
Dawn from Omaha, Ne USA


x marks the spot

June 09, 2008
If you are in bed a sleep and you have an urge to scratch your mosquito bite and have no energy to get up and make a remedy all you have to do is simply push your nail really hard into the mosquito bite and make an "x" shape this will stop the itch for awhile.
A.J. from USA



June 07, 2008
I have found a pretty good remedy it is mud!!
either facial mask mud or plain ole homemade mud works perfectly fine it semms to seep in and releive the pain or itchyness aply right onto bite
Mary sue from junction city kansas


Itch be gone

June 03, 2008
All you need to do for this remedy is mix cooling cream and lotion together. After, you apply it to the mosquito bite. After about a minute the itch should go away for about an hour.
Dolly Haninoklyn from Houston, Texas USA


Very Hot Compresses

May 28, 2008
This works for bites that have become red and swollen and very itchy (unlike many of the other remedies that only help if used immediately upon being bitten--I never know I've been bitten til it's too late, so those aren't helpful for me).

Apply a wadded cloth or paper towel that has been drenched in very hot water to the bite, remove, rewet and replace every ten seconds or so to keep it very hot, for a total of about 45 seconds. It must be truly painfully hot--I use the hottest water that comes from my tap. For the first 30 seconds or so, this will increase the itch to a maddening level, then suddenly, it will disappear, usually for several hours, certainly long enough to allow you to fall asleep, which is always my problem when I'm bitten up.

I'm told the heat breaks down the histamines that cause the itch, it takes a while for them to build up again. It's not a permanent remedy, but when you are mad with itching, you will thank me!
Jane from Stamford, CT


That dryer Sheet . .Use it !!

May 27, 2008
When you want a less expensive alternative . .
*** get a bounce dryer sheet *** rub it over your exposed skin areas well, you may see some light poweder dust in your cloths, specially in dark colors . . but it does not stain.
7thZin from Wisconsin


Use Anti-Perspirant to stop mosquito bite itching

May 27, 2008
I use any ole' anti-perspirant on a mosquito bite immediately after I get bit and it stops the itching quicker than over-the-counter hydrocortisone "anti-itch" creams. Also, as long as I use hydrocortisone cream and/or an anti-perspirant within 15 to 30 minutes after a bite, it will be completely gone in a few hours.
Cassie Yardley from Tulsa, OK, USA


Mosquito Bite Relief

May 14, 2008
Dab a little liquid soap on the bite and the itch will subside.
Susan from Woodstock, GA


Bye Bye Itch

May 03, 2008
As soon as you get bit by a mosquito, apply Benadryl cream (or store brand) to the spot, & within 10 minutes you'd never know you got bit! I've been doing this for years & it works great!!
Shelli from Syracuse, NY


Soothing Remedy

March 25, 2008
Put tea tree oil on your bite twice a day until it is gone. It may take a while to disapear, but it will stop itching immideitely.
Addison from Fort Smith, Arkansas


Keep the mosquito away

February 10, 2008
Use citronella oil and myrrh oil together a few drops in a hand cream and apply rubbing onto the skin before going out, works all the time.
serge gizzo from toronto, canada


The Amazing Potato Cure

December 17, 2007
Place a slice of raw potato on the bite. There is no stinging and the itch disappears!!
Gretchen & Adelaide from NY, NY


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