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158 Home Remedies for Mosquito, fly and gnat bites

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Calamine lotion

All you have to do is apply some calamine lotion on the bites. It helps with the itching :-)
November 19 2015

Najah from Bahrain

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Baking soda and water

Put baking soda in a bowl and put less water then baking soda and then mix till you get a paste and then step in the bath tub and rub it generously on the bites. Let it sit on the bites for 3-4 minutes after that turn on the shower and wash off the baking soda mixture.
Disclaimer:it might take a little bit for it to work but when it does it is awesome and works perfectly to relax the itching and opening of the bites.
June 17 2015

Gabby Sweet from USA

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Painful bug bites

Someone told me about this numbing cream for bug bites. Anyway I decided to give it a try after I was eaten alive by mosquitoes. After I applied it, the area got numb immediately and the itching stopped. I bought it from this website called thedivaway.com. It worked as soon as I applied it, all the pain and itching was gone, Now I can't live without it, great around the house for painful cuts etc. Just wanted to pass it on :)
March 31 2015

Sandyz from New York

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It's itchy

Get salt and water (preferably cold) and just place your bite in the bowl.(however this might only work if it's on you foot or hand).
June 13 2014

Julie from London

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Tiger Balm

Carry Tiger Balm with you apply to bites immediately if possible. This magic stuff just stops bite reaction straight away. Tiger Balm can be hard to come by. Always available on line for purchase.
September 07 2013

Alice O from Norfolk, UK

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I went out on the shore, was bitten by nats all over my legs. Tryed Benadryl anti Inch gel,anti ich spray nothing worked I wanted to rip my skin off . Sarna anti itch lotion it worked wonders
September 08 2012

Gabriella from Bronx ,NY

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Treatment of stings from bees and wasps

The company Bee-patch has invented a patch for treatment of stings from bees and wasps. It contains a sugarcube which by osmosis removes the poison after sting. Lowering both pain and swelling with up to 80 %. Find the patch through: www.bee-patch.com

April 14 2011

Martin Wenckens from Denmark

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lavender lotion or lavender sunscreen=no more bites

I buy lavender scented sunscreen from alii kula lavender farm in Maui, Hawaii. I order it online. 8 of us put this on for 4th of July and no one got bit. I usually get bit all the time. Have tried off, cutter, skinsosoft, etc, but the lavender lotions & sunscreens work great, & smell nice,too.

I also know a few people who have planted lavender in their yard. It is a natural repellent.

If you do get a bite, slice a cherry tomato and hold on the bite. Stops the itching. This works for heat rash, poison ivy, shingles, you name it.
July 18 2010

lisa from houston,tx

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Burn burn no more itch

Mosquitoes come from everywhere especially hot places this is how 2 stop any itch from mosquitoes. Apply some heating rub or some heating liquid rub [u get the liquid rub from hong kong or china] w8 4 a few minutes 4 it to start heating up the itchy bite it keeps u thinking and feeling the itchyness of the bite hope it works 4 u =]
January 29 2010

anthony from NZ

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If you put white vinegar on a mozzie bite it really helps to cure it, I use it frequently and it always works! Just put some vinegar on a tissue or cotton bud and apply it to the bite, try it!
January 11 2010

plasticapple from plastic apple land

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rub no scratch

Well I read everything and I tried them all and they didn't work so tried something else. I first put a cream on called Eurax cream for itches and I used snooze cream. I put it on all of my mosquito bite and then I waited for 3 minutes. Then I put some ice on and in 5 minutes hand sanitizer. Then I peeled a banana and used the skin. then I waited for half an hour and I was cured.
January 10 2010

nothing from VIC

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Bye, bye, bite!

Wash the bite with lots of clear, cold water. Peel a banana and use the inside of the peel to rub the affected area. Apply papaw cream and keep your hand in a plastic bag to stop getting dust and things on your mosquito bite, which would make the itch worse.
December 15 2009

Lily from Seattle

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