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No single cure

To remedy gout, you need to understand what it is, and what causes it. Certain foods contain purine, purines are then broken down into uric acid. People who suffer from gout are un able to process the uric acid from thier body, wich then crystalsizes in the joints.
The most effective way to remedy gout, is PREVENTION. stay away from nuts, alcohol, seafood, and organ meats. these foods can be eaten occasionally, but never with alcohol (alcohol inhibits the ability to process the uric acid drasticaly)
stress and injury also play a major role in gout attacks.

At the first sign of an attack. drink plenty of water. Pure black cherry juice is the quickest way to remove the uric acid crystals (has a coumpond that disolves the crystals) you can expect relief over nite. Stay off the effected area ! any movement of the joint will cause tissue damage. and will prolong the pain.
For pain, take ibuprofen, (NEVER ASPRIN !)
alternate hot and cold compresses and elevate.
Increase your potasium intake. ( bananas, Potatoes, spinach, ect)
above all, keep drinking black cherry juice, and lots of water.
September 30 2008

Tom from FL

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Bread tojam

Take a piece of Italian bread and jam it between your big toe, THEN SALT VIGIOURSLY.Then repeat steps 1 & 2 4 times. Bing your cured.
August 26 2008

Anonymous from bonehead , missippi

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ACV and Baking soda

I have suffered from gout for quite a few years. For the very longest time I thought it was an old sports injury recurring in my ankle. It would start in the ankle and by two days spread sometimes to the toe.

Unbearable seething pain that rakes over your entire body. Like someone taking pliers and trying to rip out your entire nerve endings through your toes. This barely describes the pain. Something like a toe should never hurt that bad, ever.

I have read many reports on Apple Cider Vinegar (it absolutely must have the "mother") helping with gout relief and also Baking Soda. Here's what I do and I have been gout free for a good couple of years now. Every night before bed I take a teaspoon (I eyeball it) of baking soda and a tablespoon of the ACV with about 6-8 ounces water and mix it up. It will fizz so be sure the glass is high enough. Drink it down and no more gout attacks.

Now I will admit sometimes I am really stupid and forget about the horrific pain that debilitates me for days and as such forget to take my cure. Then on top of it I will have some beer and bad foods over a long weekend and I will start to feel that ping of unbearable pain. If this happens try the mix about 3-10 times a day.

I know what everybody says about High Blood Pressure, but high blood pressure is better than having to saw your leg off with a rusty knife. I can fix the High Blood Pressure by cutting out the rest of the sodium for a few days, but gout is a killer.
July 27 2008

Stephen J from Memphis TN

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Black Cherry Juice Remedy

Pure Black Cherry Juice "ONLY"
No additives what so ever!

Blue Berry Juice works as good "PURE"

Some Super Markets sell them.
Health Food Stores.
June 29 2008

Jim Ryan from Pa. U.S.A.

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Sweet and Sour

Take a tablespoonful of organic cider vinegar and mix with a tablespoonful of Manuka honey stirred in a small glass of boiled water three times daily.

ASPEL is a particularly good brand of organic cider vinegar if obtainable.

The above treatment not only cures Gout but eases other forms of arthritis naturally as well.
June 14 2008

Peter Devlin from Scotland

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Massage for stopping GOUT (in fingers)

The first 7 or 8 times I had problems with gout it affected a joint of my little finger, left hand. I eventually noticed a "tingling" in the joint before the attacks, started massaging the joint vigorously, and found I could stop them completely. If you wait too long, of course, you can't even touch the joint! It is more difficult to work on larger joints, and not convenient at all, but I have stopped attacks in my toes with massage as well.
April 14 2008

Anonymous from Dadeville, Alabama USA

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Blender and Vegetables

I got a bad case of gout on the knee, did try the certo and grape juice, it helped. My freind told me to blend beets (from a can O.K. rinse and drain) use 1/2 cup or more, add 1/2 of a cucumber, and one carrot. I added 1/4 cup of apple concentrate (unfrozen) to make it paletable.
December 19 2007

Rose from Stockton, Utah USA

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I try to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to avoid gout attacks.
October 19 2007

marco from michigan, usa

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Baking soda

I have been on colchicine, indocin, allopurinol for 25 years. Strict diet.
Started the baking soda remedy after reading about it on a website.
I have stopped taking all medication and i have not had an attack since.
The remedy will not be made public because doctors and pharmaceutical companies stand to lose millions.
Try it
Half a level teaspoon of Bicarb and lots of water.
4 times daily and then minimize to thrice, then twice and then once - as soon as you feel the relief.
This is a magic potion for gout.
Tell your friends who have been suffering for years that it works.
True about blood pressure and renal problems. If you have any of these then consult with your doctor.
September 23 2007


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no more gout

I have tried everything from detoxing, practically becoming a vegetarian and eating tons of fresh, frozen, canned and juiced cherries and berries of all kinds. None of which worked for me.

I then discovered baking soda and have been gout free ever since (3 years). If you feel a gout attack coming on, before going to bed, mix a tsp of baking soda with a cup of water and drink it. Drink another glass of it in the morning when you wake up. If you have been suffering several days already, you might need to follow up with a 1/2 tsp size soda drink a couple of times throughout the day for a day or two.

You'll also want to take an anti-inflamitory like motrin (or Quercitin with Bromelain if you want to stay all natural) to keep the swelling down and speed up the healing process.

I've read that baking soda can raise your blood pressure, so be concious of that, in case you have high blood pressure. It's free, it works and no special diet required. As a bonus, baking soda stops heart burn as well.
June 06 2007

Vince from Ft Worth, Tx

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Historically, many berry juices have been used to cure Gout. My preference is the use of Bing cherries. After Horrific experiences with Gout, I located and used the Cure: I ate a cupful of Bing cherries, and found Quick Relief. I now maintain a supply of Cup sized Doses of Frozen and Jarred (done down, for you old-timers, preserved for you moderns) pitted Cherries, ready for the moment Gout strikes, secure in knowing I will never again suffer that awful Pain.
February 04 2007

Charles Mathison from cfmesq@hotmail.com

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Low fat dairy products fight gout

3 servings per day of low fat dairy products such as skimmed milk, yogurt, cheese. The serving must have less than 4 grams of fat. I was taking 300mg of allipurinol and .6 mg of colchicine daily. I am now off of the colchicine entirely and I can eat meat and fish everyday (5-6 oz serving), where as prior to the the dairy product serving I could have none.
January 05 2007

NF from Boston, Ma

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