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A thearpy pool (99*f)large enough to swim laps provides low impact exercise of the affected joint and the body sweats profusely flushing uric acid. I get some relief immediatly and complete relief by the next day.
February 23 2009

Steve from Colorado

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Sorry for shouting, but I find HFCS to be very gout unfriendly. I say avoid it completely if you suffer from gout. Search the web, there are some studies. I'm not exactly saying it causes gout, but it can bring on an attack.
January 25 2009

Paul from Near Seattle, WA USA

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I have been suffering from gout in my feet non-stop for 8 months. I tried all the drugs, the juices and anything anyone thought up. I suffered and I went to my doctor and she told to keep searching and something will work. I found it. I do 2 ozs. of apple cider vinegar twice a day. I was so bad that I couldn't walk. in three days of taking the vinegar I felt relief. A week later, I have no pain at all. I have intestinal problems that bring this on and this is the first time in years that I've been in total relief.
January 25 2009

John M. from Pittsburgh, Pa

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Lemon or Braggs Apple cider vinegar with the mother

Juice of 1/2 a fresh lemon or 2 tablespoons of Braggs Apple cider vinegar with the mother in 8 or 10 ounces of pureified water every morning before any food, then only water or herbal teas. Eliminate colas of any kind, and black teas ( even green tea causes pain to me, others don't seem to be bothered by the nightshades as I am I have been gout free for more than ten years. I have recently been making my own club soda type drink and no sugars at all, instead I use Stevia The Sweet Leaf Brand You can try just Club Soda with a twist or the whole juice of the 1/2 Lemon if you miss the fizzy stuff. I also take 7000mg of fish, flax seed, and borage oils per day, and 500mg of magnesium.
January 22 2009

Rebecca Moore from Lubbock,Tx. USA

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Yogurt Remedy for Gout

My sister in law, a medical professional, advised that I include yogurt in my diet whenever gout attacks. I noticed that the pain wears off or at least becomes tolerable after consuming a full tub of yogurt.
January 22 2009

Noni from California, USA

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Vegeterian food and cherry juice

My husband has gout and what helps him is being vegeterian avoiding spinach, cauliflowers, lentils. Take pure cherry juice for relief. Drink loads of water and avoid oily, protein rich food.
January 21 2009

Payal from California

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True Help for Gout

I understand and have started using Grape Seed Extract, it seems to have helped but its hard to tell because I am on a couple of different other meds that are designed to help. If anyone else has heard of this please let us know. Good luck. This is a horrible painful condition in my big toe joint.
January 14 2009

Steve G. from Charleston, SC

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I suffered really badly from gout. I had acute gout twice I've had it in my wrists at the same time as my foot. I spent several days, some times 2 weeks unable to walk and even after that had to walk on crutches. I tried allipurinoll to no affect, a few different pain killers still with no impact. Then last week I got the twinge in my foot, this time I started taking ibuprofen 400mg in the morning before work I also massaged deep heat and wild tiger balm into the affected are after that I put an elasticate stocking which went over my foot right up to my knee. 2 hour after starting work I take a co codomol, then in the afternoon put the deep heat and tiger balm back on.

At night time rest your foot by resting it up high on the top of the couch then about 7 pm take another ibuprofen. Before you go to sleep take a co codamol remove the elasticated bandage as keeping it on overnight can cause bood clots. Apply tiger balm and deep heat and sleep with your bad foot on top of the good one. Repeat these steps daily until it has gone. This is the only thing that has worked for me and I coudn't even walk to the toilet at times and had unbearable pain and this worked email me at westofscotland1@yahoo.co.uk and let me know how you get on or if you have any other cures.

January 11 2009


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Gout remedy that works very well

When I started taking flaxseed oil for my dry skin, I noticed it also help emmensely with my gout! I haven't had any severe pain and only occassionaly I may feel an aching in my foot but it doesn't last very long and is much more tolerable than what I experienced previously. I also began to wear more expensive shoes that have better support in them which I believe has helped too.
January 04 2009

Martha Krueger from Williston, North Dakota

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A bit of a mixture

I have been taking 300mg Zyloprim (allopurinol) for more than 20 years. If I don't forget to take it that is! As a result if I do get a rare attack, it is usually milder than the searing pain I used to get which has been so well described here. I suffered my first attack in a couple of years this week - in the right ankle - and what I have done to alleviate the pain (rather than go to the doctor to get "the cure" which is worse than the disease) is as follows.
I have increased my intake of bananas, and have started taking bicarb of soda a couple of times a day at the rate of a level teaspoon in water.
(I do have a mild blood pressure condition which is under control but I am cognisant of the risk of mixing the two). My theory is that the short amount of time I will have to take bicarb will not add too much to the problem.
I have also used hot and cold compresses and at night I gently massage in a non-prescription anti-inflammatory pain relieving gel and then bandage the area for support. For immediate pain relief I take paracetomol (never aspirin which is bad for gout). This is I suppose a mix of natural and prescription cures and it seems to be working although as I write this I am still in some pain but it is bearable. Eventually I hope to stop taking the allopurinol but I will be guided by my doctor on that.

December 05 2008

Mr Bear from Australia

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living with gout

I'm a reporter looking to talk to people who've found natural ways to live with gout. Is there any way I could speak to the posters?
November 18 2008

JoNel Aleccia, jonel.aleccia@msnbc.com from Seattle, WA, USA

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Boysenberry juice for gout

I had my first gout attack in the ball of my foot (toward the inside) in 2000 right after Thanksgiving. Nothing really helped except rest, dropping 30 pounds and shoe inserts. I tried gallons of cherry juice, tumeric, water, etc - none of that stuff worked. The odd thing is it went away and did not return until 2007 - with a VENGENCE. Doc did the colchicine thing on me. Nasty stuff. So I went seeking cures again....

Tried cherry juice. Nope. I did get some mild help from frozen black cherries, sodium bicarb, tons of water, and hot and cold foot soaks in Epsom salt (MgSO4).....On a whim I bought some canned boysenberries. (Not gloppy pie filling). Boysenberries in a very light sugar syrup. I strain the juice into a tall glass, dilute it 50% with water and drink. Very tasty and within hours pain is reduced. OK OK I eat the berries too, so I can say they help as well but I tested the juice alone and typically put the berries in the fridge for later consumption. I'd love to try black cap raspberries someday, but I don't want a flare up to run a test.

October 26 2008

Paul from Near Seattle, WA USA

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