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goutrin-apple cider vinegar

I had Been suffering from my first gout attack for about a week and a half . Doctor perscribed medication was not working. As you may know, suffering from the worst pain ever.went down to my local GNC store and picked up a bottle of goutrin, capsules contain,100mg of cherry fruit powder, 100mg of thyme leaf powder, 100mg of celery seed powder, 60mg of peppermint leaf, and 30mg of vitamin C. I also picked up a box of apple cider vinegar tablets. Along with 100% pure blubbery juice, 100% pineapple juice, and some bannanas. Started of with four of the goutrin pills, two of the apple cider vinegar, and ate a bannana. every two hours after that I toke two gourtin and one apple cider vinegar tablets, and ate a bannana. mean will only drinking the 100% pure blubbery and pineapple juice, or purified water. With 12 hours the swealling has decreased by 75% and the pian by about 50%. within 36 hours I was gout free.
On a daily bases I take two of the goutrin and one of the apple cider vinegar tablets. Six months later, no problems. Hope this can help someone else out.
P.S. sorry for the spelling
July 16 2009

Anonymous from Vancouver B.C.

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Natural Gout Pain Relief Please

First, I start out w/Black Cherry Juice, then I have a holistic remedy called Go out Plex. It contains black cherry extract, celery seed, bromein and turmeric. Then I did a poltice of wintergreen oil and cayenne pepper and put it on the swollen joint. I also added alfalfa sprouts and tablets to my regimen. So far, so good.
July 05 2009

Len Yanavich from Branford, CT

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Drink Kangen water daily, the required daily 8 8oz glasses per day. Its anti-oxidant, alkaline, and micro-cluster. Call Alvis for more info 818-400-48
May 06 2009

parchment_alvis@yahoo.com from Sanfernando Valley, California

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Pineapple juice, plus

After reading postings on this website, couldn't find cherry juice; purchased pineapple juice and dried cherries. Gout pain & inflammation GONE!
Coincidence, maybe!
Performed my own trial: shrimp, pinto beans, liver, corned beef, beer, and BBQ brisket. always 8 oz pinapple juice before bed. so far so good :)
May 02 2009

tessa from CA

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Mixture of natural remedies worked wonders

I had a major attack where I could barely walk. The pain was nearly unbearable. I decided to try a mixture of various remedies.

Here's what I did, starting at 10am on a Thursday morning.

I took two 500mg celery seed capsules and then I took four fluid oz. of black cherry concentrate (from GNC Health Stores). Drank it straight.

Drank 8 oz of water every half hour. Ate a banana every two hours

At noon I drank a 12 oz glass of water, juice of one lime and a tablespoon of baking soda.

At 2:00pm I took two more celery seed capsules and four more oz of cherry concentrate.

At 4:00pm I took a 12 oz glass of apple cider vinegar and baking soda.

At 5:00pm I took two Tylenol Extra Strength capsules (500mg each)

At 6:00pm i took 4 more oz of cherry concentrate.

At 7:00pm I ate a pint of blueberries.

At 10:00pm I took four more oz of black cherry concentrate along with two cloves of chopped garlic and went to bed.

I woke up Friday morning nearly pain free, with minimum swelling. I had two more celery seed capsules, 12 ounces of organic cherry juice (not the concentrate)a banana and took two more Tylenol. I continued to drink 8 oz of water hourly.

By the end of the day I was back to about 95% and by Saturday morning I was fine.
April 24 2009

Armondo from Dana Point, CA

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Celery Seed Relief

Someone told me to try celery seed for gout. We had none so I figured maybe celery would work, but I tried it and it did not so we bought some celery seed and I started using about a half teaspoon on my salad or in a glass of vegetable juice daily. That worked and I haven't had a gout attack since August of '08. I used to get an attack regularly and of course had the great pain and swelling that accompanys.
It would be nice to know if it works for someone else as well as it has for me.
April 24 2009

K. King from Seal Beach, CA

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I didn't believe it till I tried it either

I have had occasional gout for about 10 years. Most of the time I wake in the morning with a little twinge, I take my Colchicine, and by noon I’m ok. If it’s bad, I have Indomyacin and most of the time that’s all I’ve ever needed. However… This past week I got the worst case of gout you’d ever want. ( the right big toe knuckle) I tried all the doctor prescriptions but nothing worked. So my internet research found lots of people use Black Cherry Juice Concentrate, Acai berry juice, vitamin C, Flax Seed oil capsules, Apple cider vinegar (with the “mother”), and baking soda. Not all at once, I took them all. It hurt that bad.

Now I cant tell for sure which one or what combination it was, but it worked!! I took the Colchicine for 4 days and it did Nothing. With the above mentioned remedies, within 24 hours the Pain redness and swelling went down 90%. And I stopped the Colchicine before I started this. My intuition is that it was the Black Cherry Juice Concentrate and the Acia Juice. Luckily those are the two easiest to get down. Take 2 oz. of each twice daily.

April 19 2009

Jack Rmy from Garden Grove CA.

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Flush it out

Two weeks into a bad gout attack cortisone shots etc. I happened to buy some marked down chicken. It was bad, I got food poisoning I was on the toilet all night, in the morning I was completely flushed out including my gout symptons.
April 16 2009

matt from west coast canada

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My uncle swears by it

My uncle suffered from gout most of his life. He had it through his feet, knees and elbows. He took prescribed medication, an OTC gout med and had 2 cortisone shots in his knees one month apart from each. He also eats the leaf of a plant he grows (pennywort) each day and has been pain free for 8 years. He is 82 years old and eats whatever he likes, drinks alcohol and suffers no effects from the food he use to have to avoid.
April 07 2009

daniel from dallas, tx

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Black cherry concentrate

Yes a regime for me is 100% pure Black cherry
concentrate un-sweetened. It is hard to find. Only availible in health food stores. The concentrate I add to my diet via water and make a drink (8 oz water 1-2 tablespoons cherry) This twice daily will prevent gout in me and also keeps bowels Nice and stable (no diarrhea)Others I know have fouind relief from acute attacks within the hour.
April 02 2009

Matt Babb from Oregon

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Mona Vie

My Gout is everywhere, my feet especially, knee both elbows and in my left wrist. I take cholocine- it does not work. I have also taken the medrol dose pack 5 or six times with minimal relief. I used to drink Mona Vie because I had a fatyy liver, it cleansed it. So I figured I would try Mona Vie again to see if it helped with the Gout. Sure enough it did. It is not completely gone, it is stll in my elbow, but it only hurts if I touch it, all of the swelling and piercing pain is gone. My feet, wrist, knee and elbows were so swollen that I limped, and could have used a an arm sling and a cane.

I drank 2 ounces of Mona Vie in the am and pm and 6 - 8 bottles of water each day. This is over 5 days time. It worked/ I intend to keep drinking the Mona Vie as I think it is a body toxin cleanse since it is full of antioxidants. For people like me who take lots of medications, your liver gets clogged preventing your bodies ability to remove toxins from your body.. Mona vie uncloggs it, that a good thing, water flushes it. It is a natural product with more berries than I can write here. Do not confuse this with the acai pill. IT IS NOT THE SAME.

March 25 2009

Debbie Michaux from Grand Island New York

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Poultice for pain

Mix mustard powder with a bit of flour and a few drops of water to make a paste. Oil the injured area with butter or olive oil, smear the poultice on, cover w/ bandage and/or sock. Elevate the limb. Keep on for several hours or overnight---this worked wonders for my husband when he suddenly had a gout attack & we had no cherries on hand, which is our normal, sucessful, course of treatment.
March 15 2009

Trish from New Mexico

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