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ACV, BBC, CSE, H2O & Bromelain

After reading all the posts and researching online and doing trials, this has worked for me. I am 37 and has had gout for about a year on and off crutches, I was on colchicine, allup. and other drugs which only made me feel sick in the stomach and would give temp relief. On the beginning of Dec I said I would change my ways, well every morning I take 1500mg of celery root extract, 500mg of Bromelain, 24oz of cherry juice with every meal, and a lot of water during the day, and before I go to sleep. 2 teaspoons of ACV in 8oz of water. After about 20 days into this regiment, I can walk without the crutches and can even jog, wow. Even though I feel good, I dare not stop this pill bing lol. All these pills are natural and found in health stores. Hope you can benefit from this as I have.
December 28 2009

Crutchless from Miami, FL USA

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Baking soda, 200mg Ibrproen, choclate covered cherries

1 tsp BS, 2 @ 200mg Ibuprofen, and all I could find at the store Chocolate covered cherries (5). Within two hours pain free swelling gone, WOW
November 10 2009

R from Miami, FL

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Natural is best

I tried allopurinol for 6 weeks and I felt like my body and kidneys were being poisoned. My kidneys hurt so bad and I had extreme fatique during the day as well as depression.

I researched a lot and decided to quit taking allopurinol and am taking in capsules 3x/day cherry, tumeric (a fantastic herb used for inflamation and natural cancer curing), vitamin D3, B12, raw brocolli (it works together with the tumeric). melatonin at night to help with sleep, and COq10 for heart health and of course tons of purified water. It makes sense to me to neutralize the acid with baking soda but I have high blood pressure.

The next day I had immediate relief on my kidneys, had more energy, and continue to avoid the trigger foods because of the fear of pain. Eating organic is best. I find whey protein shakes with fresh berries and Kefir (a pro-biotic yogurt-like drink) is well tolerated. I make them with non-fat milk. A great dairy for lunch is cottage cheese with pineapple. So far so good! Your body doesn't lie! If you think it causes problems, don't do it! Good luck!

November 04 2009

Lorraine from Denver

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Lingering gout

My gout flares up everytime I over indulge at the buffets in Vegas. Remedy baking soda and water. Lots of water to flush out the uric acid. Cherry juice, cherry extract, celery seed extract, garlic, gensing, apple cider vinegar and digestive enzymes. Vegan diet - no meat! You may feel multiple " attacks" as when the uric build up dissolves this raises the acidity level in your body until you can flush it out through urination. Also try the chi machine or swing machine to help oxygenate your lower poorer circulation feet and legs. Also if you have a good diet and health but still get gout it may be due to sleep apnea.
October 24 2009

Raylk from Vancouver bc

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Black cherry juice concentrate

Just like Scott in Texas said. I bought it at the Vitamin Shoppe in dallas and it really works when all the prescribed stuff does not.
October 15 2009

Vince from Texas

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I've had gout for several years. I normally treat it with tart cherries. I just buy a couple of cans eat the whole thing and drink the juice.. done. All is well the next day.

My current attack (going on 2 weeks) I tried some other things. First I bought bottled Cherry juice, no help. I then tried Cranberry concentrated gel caps, a little relief. I then purchased Tart Cherry pills, no help at all. I went back to the tried and true can of cherries, nothing (I may have waited too long)! I soaked my foot in epson salt and hot water for hours, this did give me enough relief to walk fairly pain free. This morning I took the tart cherry pills the cranberry pills and came to work. Sadly I felt the oncoming of gout in my other big toe! I went on the internet and read that consuming nuts could help.. I bought almonds, cashews and macadamei nuts mixed them together and ate about 8 oz. The feeling ( you know what I mean) went away in my left toe and dissipated in my right. I read all the cures on this site , have them all written down and plan on stockpiling all of this stuff. Be prepared. I think timing may be the key. At first tingle start acting. Good luck!
October 05 2009

Scott from Texas

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Apple cider vinegar, baking soda, ibuprofen, and cherry juice. Take all three times a day and drink alot of water, hopeful it works for you.
September 26 2009

j w from springfield mo

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Bromelain ... the final frontier for gout

I heard of a cure on the internet that has worked great for me. It's an enzyme called Bromelain. Bromelain comes from the husks of pineapples. You can get it at most health food stores. Usually found in 500 mg. strength.

The reason it works is because it digests proteins in the stomach AND elsewhere in the body (even partially digested proteins like uric acid found throughout the body). I usually take it twice a day with my biggest meals. If I feel the slightest touch of gout (usually in the ankles for me) I will take more. Works like a charm for me.

I felt a severe attack coming on in my ankle and took it and in about 2 hours the pain had completely resided. It worked much faster than Colchicine for me. I take it daily with an additional multiple enzyme formula that helps digest all of the food in my stomach.

It's been working well for about 4 months now. Hopes this helps ... I know how painful it can be.

September 18 2009

Mark Levy from Cathedral City CA USA

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Now I Believe

This is an update of my previous post. I have found the exact cure that works for me! its Black Cherry Juice Concentrate. You can find it at your local Health/Natural food store. Just take a swig out of the bottle whenever you feel that tell-tale pain of a bout coming on. Two or three swigs a day should do the trick. I was always a doubter of "homeopathic" and "natural" cures until the failure of a medicinal cure for gout. Hurray for black cherry juice concentrate.
August 20 2009

Jack Rmy from Garden Grove CA.

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Gout Cure

Baking Soda, don't leave home without it. I only take it when I get that "gout feeling" starting up in my right big toe/ball of foot. One teaspoon in a glass of water; during a full fledged attack, 2-3 times a day and bang it's gone usually within the day and relief is almost immediate.
August 06 2009

MM from Montgomery,TX

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Gout flush

An experienced goutster knows the second an onset has arrived (usually in the middle of the night).
Before the cursing starts, and the despair of facing the horror sets in ,try this:
1) 2 aleve (no, this is not an ad) or any other anti-inflamatory.(aspirin or tylenol won't cut it).
2) Start drinking! (WRONG! not the stuff that
got you in this predicament). Water, sugarless ice-tea, something innocent. Drink a GALLON, and
then drink more.
Now, you're gonna lose a night's sleep, but the payoff is amazing! My symptoms are gone by mid-day. I've performed this ritual dozens of times, and it ALWAYS works!
Keep going; more aleve, more water, and hold off
on that Heineken keg in your fridge for a few days. And try not to drown yourself,(this can
actually happen).
July 31 2009

Gout Slayer from where beer abounds

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A fellow worker helped me

I have finally realized that what my big toe was telling me for the last 6 weeks is that I probably have gout! My grandfather suffered with it, and after reading online, I figured that a trip to the doctor to verify that it was gout probably needed to be made. Yesterday someone told me that a co-worker has had gout for years. I am a 60 year old female and she is about 48. She came to my office and she showed me her toe which wasn't swollen and red. She said the best help was eating dried cherries every week. So when I left work I went by the local grocery store and got some cherries, dried cherries and cherry juice and Ibeprophen. I ate a package of the cherries, drank the juice, took the pills and this morning I am 90% better! Amazing! Will go to the doctor down the road if it gets really bad, but for now, I don't mind eating cherries!
July 22 2009

Cheryle from Tulsa

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