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86 Home Remedies for Gout

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Vinegar Soak

A friend at work told me to get a plastic tub and fill it half full with water and ice and add 2 cups of vinegar to it. I was a little skeptical but tried it and got some relief in my right toe. The cold water is numbing and I only do it for 5 minute intervals while I watch television.
March 24 2010

Ronny from Texas

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Quick gout relief and lasting gout prevention

One ounce of 100% Pure Black Cherry Juice Concentrate in the morning (straight) - tastes like the old cherry Luden's cough drops in a liquid form. An additional one ounce in the evening.

Anything that is baked and salads, sprinkle celery seeds on them...gives just a hint of flavor, but great in gout value - just look it up.

At least one apple and one banana per day...also keeps the gout away!!!
March 22 2010

Ben L from Lake Mary, FL

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Gout Prevention

Bragg organic Apple Cider Vinegar(Mother)- Black Cherry Concentrate-One swig Morning & Night -Sun - Maid Tart Cherries on my Cheerios.
March 13 2010

Tom from Va USA

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Simplest is best:)

After suffering for several years, trying anti-inflammatories (never really worked), I tried fresh cherries.
As soon as I feel the 1st tingle of pain I will buy 1-2 pounds of cherries, I will eat them over the next day and the pain will never actually get bad.
It is simple and it works.
March 05 2010

Rob from Bromall, Pa

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R W Knudsen Just Black Cherry Juice

My first attack started a year ago. With my second, about a month ago. I was desperate not to go through the excrutiating pain I went through last year. I read about black cherry juice helping some and went on a search to find it. After my first attempt I found black cherry grape. Didn't work. On my second attempt I found R W Knudson "Just Black Cherry" in the organic section of the grocery store. I now keep stock on my shelves. It takes the pain away in hours. I am now going to drink a juice glass each morning as a maintenance.
February 26 2010

Jeff from Littleton, Colorado USA

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Montmorency cherry concentrate

Our BEDFORD AREA LIONS Club has sold this concentrate for several years and everyone that have taken it for gout has had fantastic results. It is available in liquid concentrate form and capsules. If interested please contact me.
February 15 2010

Ronald H. Keagle from Bedford, Michigan

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Paleo Diet

Your body will rarely respond to a low purine diet according to paleo diet experts. Several years ago there was a study done where gout sufferers were placed on vegetables, meat, nuts, water. Essentially the paleo diet. They improved. Read the correlation between fructose and gout. It would seem that the usual dietary restraints may be outdated. I eat this way along with cherry juice and cherries For me it works.
February 15 2010

Randy from Wiscosin

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Gout relief

Shell fish is my favorite protein, of course I also enjoy legumes, prime beef & most foods that lead to days (NIGHTS) in pain.
While it may not work for everyone, drinking pineapple juice - 6 oz every PM - works for me.

February 08 2010

River 956 from Northern CA

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Gout cure

Try going to Goutcure.com. They have some excellent
Diet info there. Mainly drink nothing but purified water and avoid foods with high purines. No alcohol for a week and drink 1 oz. of water for every lb. you weigh. If you weigh 200lbs you need 100oz. of water per day. Being a gout sufferer for 10 years I have done a lot of research and this info is the best. Their research makes sense and it works! I know how much pain I was in and if I can help anyone with info this is it. They will tell you exactly what is going on in your body and how to prevent Uric Acid build up so your body can get rid of it without prescription drugs. I highly recommend their product.
January 25 2010

Gregg from San Diego

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Baking Soda Water & Tart Cherries

I ended up getting my first case of gout just a short while ago, Figured it would happen sooner or later to me, everyone on my mothers side has had it before they were 25 even. Guess I got lucky by making it to 27. Ended up trying to drink a glass of water with 2 tsp of baking soda in it followed by 4 more glasses of regular water in a short time. Also ate a whole can of tart pitted cherries and drank the juice. Within 4 hours the pain was still there but it was bearable, was able to walk around and even able to go to work the next day.
January 25 2010

R D from Wyoming

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warning: don't mix your meds

I was never told this by my doctor, I had to find out the hard way. When I had a flair up I would start taking indometacin, then when the flair was gone I would immediately start taking my allopurinol. This proved to be a huge mistake. Starting allopurinal and other like drugs right after a flair up can actually make your gout worse. This happened to me.
What you should do is WAIT as much as 10 days after your flair up is gone and especially after using drugs like indometacin. Then start the allopurinol type drugs.
Some great otc help would be: black cherry concentrate, apple cider vinegar, baking soda, drinking tons of water. Things to void, especially during an attack: red meat, alcohol, sea food, mushrooms, spinach, asparagus, cauliflower, soda (diet seems to be OK), and yeast.
However, once you get gout and have had several flair ups they generally never go completely away. Sorry.
January 22 2010

Robbie from Aurora, CO

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Keep yourself hydrated

I have suffered with gout for 20 years. The first time I thought I broke my ankle while I was sleeping. I have tried all cures and remedies but the old saying a ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. One doctor told me Gout is Gods way of telling you to change your lifestyle.

Well I took it to heart, the most important thing is Water, keeping yourself Hydrated. If you drink alcohol you dehydrate if you are not hydrated your trigger foods will get you. Your body can't get rid of the excess urice acid and you will suffer. I have found that the best way to keep yourself hydrated is also eating fruit. Fruit also hydrates your system but it also cleanes your body. So the cure is Water and Fruit until pain is gone and never comes back, also put Apple cider vinegar in your water everyday just an ounce to a Liter of water. An Apple a day keeps gout away.

January 01 2010

John from orlando

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