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I have been battling gout for 20 years or more. I've tried everything, allopurinol, probenecid, nsaids, Cider vinegar, now that worked for a while, but still Id get the occasional attack. Then I started reading up on COLCHICINE, not only to treat an attack in progress, but a daily dose for prophylaxis. For 6 months now Ive been taking twice a day, morning and night, 0.5mg, so a daily dose of 1mg and for 6 months now I've been totally gout free!!

Even had a feed of lobster and Crab, that before would have guaranteed an attack within a day or 2, as well as a few beers..And still gout free!! But Wait! Theres more! If you search Colchicine you'll find there have been studies showing significant protection from cardiovascular events as well!! But wait! Theres more! COLCHICINE is cheap as chips, but you MUST see your doctor first.
June 11 2016

Colin Winstanley from New Zealand

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Lose weight

I used to get gout regularly. After losing weight I realized that my "threshold" was about 260 lbs. As long as I stay under 260 I don't get it.
August 29 2015

Jim from South Carolina

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Celery seed capsules

Had a few cases of gout over the last few years and the only thing I find that cures it is celery seed capsules. Almost instantly.
May 31 2015

Matt from UK

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Gout cocktale

I mix 1 or two tablespoons apple cider vinegar with 8 oz pineapple juice good shot of black cherry concentrate and little honey. Works quite well. Must use vinegar with mother in it brand I use is braggs. I have no affiliation with this co at all so use any that has mother in it. Also have seen on here that black cherry concentrate hard to find its low cost online along with ACV swansons.
May 12 2015

Larry from South Dakota

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Just tart cherry

Just bought two bottles of Just Tart Cherry, 32 Fl oz. Each, of R.W. Knudsen, at Walmart. Not very expensive and it worked. I drank the first bottle and then open the next bottle and almost completed with that one. I also drank a lot of water and symptoms are almost gone. This is the real stuff.
February 10 2015

Rich from Virginia

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The juicy juice cure

I have read many remedies here, and want to share mine. I am on a regular gout medication, but still occasionally have flareups. When my toe, knee or other joint starts to give me that tell-tale pain of gout (if you have it, you know exactly what I mean), I go to the grocery and buy a 2 quart jug of "Juicy Juice Cherry". I drink the entire 2 quarts within a half hour. I spend a bit of time in the bathroom, but by the next day - pain is gone.
If I wait longer, and the pain is more severe - I chase the first jug with a second a few hours later. Seems to clean out the "pipes" as well as the joints -- works for me!
October 17 2014

Mark from Central Louisiana

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Gout is bad !!

Have had it in my big toe, my knee and also in my wrist. When I had it in my wrist thought I had broke it went to the ER the Dr. Said have you ever had gout and told him I sure have. He gave me pain pills sent my home told me to go to my Dr. I didn't. I got on the internet and research it started using apple cider vinegar the natural one with the mother in it sure did work for me, take it every night before I go to bed. Just turn the bottle up get a big mouth full and drink some water after that he cherry pills or juice done nothing for me.
August 29 2014

Flora from N.c

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My triple whammy...

I have never in my life felt such terrible pain as with gout. When gout hit my big toe, I went to health food store and purchased a bottle of tart cherry concentrate. Take 2 tablespoons twice daily. Gently rub Aspercreme from drug store on painful area as directed on label. Take Ibuprofen as directed on label. It worked wonders for me!!!!
May 20 2014

A A Joanie from Royal Oak, Michigan

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Cherry concentrate

All I can say is wow. I have had my first gout attack in the Knee. I have had them in my Big Toe ranging from Severity and just toughed it out. I don't like taking Pills. However This knee thing has put me down. It has been 7 days with little alleviation. I started taking ibuprofen to manage the pain. I still could not lift my leg without sever pain. Getting in and out of the truck to go to work is a nightmare. Sitting at my desk with my leg stuck straight out is no fun either.

Today I had finally had enough. I was thinking about making a Doctors appointment to get some Pills. I decided to give Cherry Concentrate a try before I go spend my life savings on a doctor. Went down to the local health food store and picked me up a bottle. $29.00. I rolled my eyes and said well its worth a shot. After I managed to get in to my truck I read the directions. 2 TBSP for a regular dose. I popped the top and looked at the cap. It was a big cap and looked to be about 2 TBSP. I filled it and slammed the juice. YUCK! Thank goodness I had a Tea sitting there, because that was awful. I swear to you when I got out of my truck ( about 10 mins later ) the pain was already subsiding. I thought this cant be maybe its just in my head. Well let me tell you its been about 30 mins and I can lift my leg. That's CRAZY!
I don't know if this will affect you in the same way as it did me, but let me tell you I am taking a shot if this stuff tonight and every morning from now on! I don't care what it tastes like. Its way better than having THE GOUT as I like to call it.
May 13 2014

Mike King from Conroe,TX

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Gout and cherry concentrate

For years it's been chronic gout, finally diagnosed....High uric acid levels. Looked for natural remedy....Chemist tried to tell me celery tablets, which are a diuretic which causes high uric acid levels...So I searched some more and a health food man said try cherry concentrate....Within two weeks of 60ml a day I've gone from 6 daily voltaren to 2 in the morning....Cherry concentrate is wonderful....Blood tests back and uric aside levels are way down.......Mind you it all stems from my iron deficiency anaemia which is leading me to a hospital visit soon.

Cherry concentrate - Lessons uric acid levels with its anti oxidant properties and helps elevate the gout with its anti inflammatory properties.
Give it a shot.
April 26 2014

Ashlee from Canberra Australia

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Black cherry extract

Either in pill or liquid form. I started getting gout attacks at age 36. The attacks were very severe, practically crippling, and were occurring at regular intervals of every 4-6 weeks. Always in my big toe I would be unable to walk or even put a shoe on for days after the initial onset. The total course would take about 7-10 days to resolve. I honestly didn't know how I was going to be able to live/work with the frequency of these attacks. I read about cherry extract and tried it. I take 2 capsules which is 500mg of cherry extract daily with a meal.

I have not had a full blown attack since. It has been 2 years now since I've been taking cherry. I have not changed my diet in any way and I still drink alcohol socially just as I had before. When I do have days where I feel a little pain coming on I take an extra dose of cherry extract and the pain quickly backs off.
Cherry extract is a miracle cure as far as I'm concerned!!
February 21 2014

Andrew from Dallas, Tx

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January 21, 2014

Up until about two years ago, I would occasionally have the gout. I might have it in a foot, elbow, hand or knee. I started drinking Black Cherry Juice concentrate, (mix 2 oz. Of Black Cherry Juice concentrate with 4-5 oz. Of water. I drink this every night before I go to bed. It has worked for me. Also I keep the prescription drug COLCRYS 0.6 mg tab handy. If the gout is severe, take two of these tablets. This really works.
January 21 2014

Jharris, North Carolina from Stoneville, Nc

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