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33 Home Remedies for Eczema

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Dead sea Salt

Dead sea salt, add to boiling water and let cool. put in a spray bottle and spray on effected area as needed. A friend had it her whole life and this cured her in a week.
May 09 2008

b- from usa

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Burdock , red clover & goldenseal tea

Drink plenty of these teas and eliminate all processed foods and sugar. Eat plenty of raw, fresh foods and within several days eczema will disappear. Eat nutritious, balanced diet with essential fatty acids and you will be eczema-free for a lifetime.

April 14 2008

eb from chicago, illinois

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Bathe in Baking Soda

I got this remedy from a friend that has suffered for years with eczema. My son has it, and it seems to work. Simply add about 1/4 cup of baking soda to your bathwater. I noticed improvement within a few days of trying this. Good Luck!
April 06 2008

Wendy from AZ

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Lots of water

I have eczema, ever sine I was a baby, the only cure that I found is water, drinks lots more then what you're suppose to drink. I came across an eczema article where it was stating that people with eczema are lacking water, so I began to drink lots, my eczema started to clear, and now I only have eczema on my hands left, but it isn't much, it is still going away, I drink 4 gallons of water each day, I have to urinate a lot but it is much better then feeling itchy and having dry skin that hurts.
October 18 2007

Evelyn from Alaska

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Glycerin soap

Glycerin soap is natural vegetable soap. Doesn't dry up skin because it rinses off completely. 2 of my 4 granddaughters have eczema, and once my daughter-in-law saw the difference in their skin, that's all they use now. Less than a week you'll see the difference, also keeps flare ups at bay. (Available in any dollar store)
May 25 2007

terri g from warren ri

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A & D Salve

Dot A & D Salve on the eczema spots, then slather the rest of your body with Aveeno (we use the Equate version). My son battled eczema for 2 years before we discovered this.
January 29 2007

K Petree from Fayetteville, AR USA

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fish oil/ flax seed oil

My daughter had eczema on her face when she was an infant- we started giving her a teaspoon of Fish oil every day. (check your brands to make sure they are free from mercury- I use Nordic Naturals.) This helped maintain her skin- especially during the winter when it was so horrible. I have also heard thet Flax seed oil has the same effect, however I have not tried it. It does not always work right away -it can take a few weeks to help your body- everyone is different!
January 20 2007

Tricia from WI

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Eczema, Psoriasis "Cure"

Psoriasis/Eczema is, like most diseases, an inflammatory disease. Its main trigger is Candida fungus in your digestive system.

Sugar feeds fungus and eating fungus (dairy, breads) adds to your internal flora (fungus). The result is your body over-reacting by (becoming inflamed) attacking fungus all over the body, including skin.

My "cure" is extremely effective: eat Turmeric (500mg pills) 3-6x a day. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory and balances your intestinal flora (fungus).

I have suffered for 33 years with this disease and tried it all. Turmeric is almost a "cure" and is probably more effective than corticosteriods.

Reduce sugars, dairy, gluten, fungus intake and take Turmeric. Keep areas mostened, try not to itch or break skin. Eczema is triggered by several elements, injury to skin is one of them.

Green tea and Salmon oil (omega 3's) should be taken also (Green tea increases the effectiveness of Turmeric many times and vice versa).

Salmon oil, green tea (especially around the eyes with warm moist bags) and turmeric can be applied directly for more relief. Avoid dangerous prescription drugs.

Good luck.
January 06 2007

Hans from Los Angeles, CA

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Eczema - an old remedy.

Eczema - an old remedy.

Milk may be applied as a wet compress for the temporary relief of acute sores, eczema, etc.
October 11 2005

MC from right here in town

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