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33 Home Remedies for Eczema

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Olive Oil added to diet worked for me.

Rx Cortisone didn't help. I'm a 71 year old male who got hit with ecxema about 10 months ago. Earl Mindells vitamin book said more fat is needed in the diet and to try olive oil or other vegitable oil. I started taking 4 table spoons of (regular) olive daily and the itching eased up and then stopped and now after 4 weeks the scaly red spots are fading away. Also, rubbing it on the skin relieves the itching.
January 01 2010

Dave Jablonski from Central NJ

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www.naet.com -it's an acupuncture treatment along with diet restrictions. It worked on my allergies and resulting eczema.
November 27 2009

Sonja from Canada

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FINALLY-Something that actually works...

This is VERY Simple. Make a Paste of Olive Oil, and Corn Starch. Mix until thick enough to apply. This is perfect for getting rid of the rash that goes along with Excema, softens the skin, and ends the constant scratching. Simply apply as you would any other cream. No cortisone, No bull...
November 18 2009

Cathy from Connecticut

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I found over the summer sitting in the sun helps clear my eczema. It's not the best treatment out there because you can get skin cancer from too much sun exposure. I would tan for 1 - 2 hours a week or so and within that week my eczema would disappear. It's not so easy in the winter in the Midwest but the eczema doesn't seem to bother me in the winter. But in general UV rays are good for getting rid of eczema. I heard dermatologists use UV ray guns sometimes on patients who have eczema.
September 26 2009

Anonymous from Chicago

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Bee Rescued Balm

We've tried all kinds of stuff on my son's eczema and the doctors have also done their best. It was really bad. He had it on his face, neck and arms. Finally he tried some of my Bee Rescued Balm that I buy for my cold sores and after a few days, he noticed that his skin was healing. Now, three weeks into treatment with the stuff he is really looking great and feeling great!
August 25 2009

Marco from Suprise, AZ

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I put regular uncooked oatmeal in my bath water. It helps with the pain, itching, redness, and inflamation. Also, it makes your skin AND hair super soft and silky. I love this method because it is so cheap- many grocery stores sell it in bulk for a fraction of the price of canisters, even the off brand.
May 03 2009

Michelle from Lincoln, NE

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Going at it from all angles

I have had eczema all my life, severe, to gone and back again. Whenever it comes up sticking to the below always removes or improves my condition depending on how bad it is at the time.....

1) Green Tea is my life savor, it cools my skin and body from the inside. I drink it constantly all day with water. 5-10 cups a day. As mostly the skin bubbles with heat anything cooling the agrivation helps.

2) Pear juice in particular cools the skin.

3) A flannel rubbed with moisturizer (Vaseline / you usual eczema cream, not steriods!), put in the frezzer put on a very Red & itcy area will immediately help.

4) I strictly avoid citrus friuts (take vitamin C to replace), Red friuts, all wheat & dairy products, spicy food, chilli, anything too sugary, food with colouring, ketchup, sweets, coke, alcohol etc.

5) I bathe in dead sea salt, with a non scented bath oil frequently to avoid infection.

6) Avoid dust mites: Clean! Everything, use mattress covers, bed sheet covers, you can kill dust mites by frezzing. (A teddy bear/pillow/blanket).

7) Moisturize!! From the inside and out. So take oil suppliments, EPO is my fave, but also use flaxseed / starflower / GLA etc mix it up so you get a good cover.

8) Most of the time for me, it's because I'm stressed/tired/burning the candle/been ill with colds and flu, so just take care of yourself.

9) Use only unscented skin friendly products for everything. Non bio washing powder.

10) Eat lots of oily foods, fish, nuts, and avocados, as well as superfoods for immune boosting.

I really hope this helps someone, Eczema at any stage is hideous! If anything can ease it, it's worth trying.

Good luck
January 11 2009

Lucie from London, UK

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Raw Honey

I have had outbreaks of eczema on my hands for the last 5 years. After finding that the tacrolimus ointment prescribed by my dermatologist was losing effectiveness (and concerned about adverse effects from its long-term use), I decided to experiment with alternative remedies. One of the best ones I have tried is raw honey. I simply apply it sparingly and as needed to the affected skin; it often clears up the outbreak in short order. Honey has antibacterial properties which can help prevent infection. It is helpful also in speeding the healing of minor cuts and wounds.
October 19 2008

Paul Q. from Macon, MO, USA

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I have used Noxema for exzema and it works better than the cream the doctor prescribed
August 17 2008

Jan from Illinois

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Eat more Raw Fruits and Vegetables

I've had Eczema for more than 30yrs and tried almost everything. The thing that has been helpful to me is, I recently changed my diet, my improvement has only been seen over the last week. I started juicing raw fruits and vegetables and eliminated red meat, pork, and processed foods from my diet over the last week. Right now my skin is INCREDIBLY smooth and the color is coming back on my hands and arms already. I plan on incorporating FlaxSeed oil in my diet as well to aide in improvement. Everyone reacts differently but if you can't change your diet that drastically PLEASE try to juice Raw Fruits and vegetables the nutrients it gives your body and skin is unsurpassed. I will give a follow up update after I've been juicing for one month. I hope this is benefical to all.
June 17 2008

Michael C. from Jacksonville, Fl

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this is simple

I had eczema in my ear canals and all over my ears. rub some zinc cream on the effected area and do thi three times a day for a week. then switch to olive oil. dap the effected areas or get a cotton bud.

June 09 2008

Coop from QLD, AUS

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Shower purifier

I purchased a shower purifier from "LOWES". It instantly went away and made my hair feel like silk.Also purchased "kiss my face" soap from the health food store and the omega 3 oil tabs. It also cleansed out my intestines and made my stomach flat.
May 14 2008


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