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33 Home Remedies for Eczema

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Honey, cinnamon and nutmeg powder

Mix equal quantity of cinnamon powder and nutmeg powder along with equal amount of honey. Gradually it will work. Anonymous from Chicago Don't Suggest anyone to take sunbath. It may not work for all. My father has been advised to avoid sun rays, he too is suffering from eczema.
January 16 2017

Ruchi from India

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Dr saba

Try Honey with lemon best for eczema.
October 25 2014

Saba from New Zealand

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Eczema ....o..m...g!!!!!

I have had this all my life, the only things that have worked for me are tanning beds, chlorine pools, no stress, NO SCRATCHING!!!! Sparring use of hydrocortisones and most of all staying moisturizer without suffocating my skin, I've found that aveeno makes a lotion for eczema sufferers that is mild for daily use.... Lotion or whatever within 3mins of your shower or bath, that is when your pores are open and the eczema skin will absorb.
December 02 2013

Jersey from California

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Archipelago botanicals milk bubbath

Very calming to skin. Very faint pleasant scent. Taken in a warm bath soaking 15 minutes or longer per day. Apply honey to soaked affected areas. Leave on 5-10 minutes. Honey is antibacterial humectant that cleans open sores and calms itching. The hot bath itself has a stress relieving effect and the milk bubble bath makes the water feel soft as silk.
June 22 2013

Susan from Houston

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Moisture Therapy

Antiseptic bag balm or udder balm in the square green can with the cow on it. Relieves the itch and the rash gets better. After trying all the creams i found this works the very best.
June 13 2011

Gail from Ontario

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All Skin Condition Remedy

Apply 'coconut oil'~found in tubs in the cooking oil section of the supermarket and looks like lard AND in Health Food Stores~to clean skin...
Works on Eczema~Ring Worm(yeast overgrowth)and similar conditions/harmless for skin softening as well and to add to your diet for internal aid.
February 12 2011

SueW. from St. George, UT

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Dish pan hands/exima cure

Cetaphil products work tremendously well for me, I've had exima for over 2 years and am able to continue working in my job as a dishwasher for a restaurant and have had no break outs but a little itching but I apply the cetiphil cream not the lotion the cream stays on longer and I can sleep through the night and not scratch during the day, for more information go to cetiphil.com
June 14 2010

Tiffany from lodi ca usa

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It smells bad but really works well

I have had eczema issues on and off for years and I found this remedy on line about a year ago it really works.
Take none instant oatmeal and turn it into a fine powder, add olive oil and glycerin until you have a thick paste, then add a little water. This will allow your body to absorb the moisture more quickly, apply to your skin and rub in the oatmeal calms the itch and the rest gets rid of the eczema.
March 17 2010

melanie Holder from austin tx

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I have struggled with eczema for the last 20 yrs or so. My mom had it all over her body when she was a child. She is now rid of it completely now that she is in her 60's, but she developed asthma instead.
Anyway, she gave me all her "tricks" she used. Most of them would be a temporary fix, but I would still end up with break outs. Finally after talking with my doctor about it for the hundredth time, she suggested trying Loratidine as eczema is actually an allergy of sorts. I take one tab every day and I have not had a major outbreak in over a year. I still have itching spells once in awhile, but they last only a day or so. I also use lots of lotion that contains no scents/parfums.
I have heard that this may also help cirrhosis.
March 03 2010

Sherrie G from Ramsey, MN USA

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Emu oil

I have eczema and I tried some things that didn't work but I tried emu oil it works really good it comes from a bird called emu from the egg you can find it at an herbal store my exzema would get bad bad in the winter but now I don't get eczema as often.
February 24 2010

kelly from ohio

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Shea Butter

Purchase pure shea butter. Your skin will look beautifully and heal quickly.
January 22 2010

Gena from Chicago

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Could be an allergy to milk proteins

Eczema may be a result of an intolerance/allergy to milk proteins. My 10 year old son just had a routine allergy screening. We found that he is allergic to milk proteins. Consequently, he has been drinking milk his whole life! He always drinks skim, in which there are less of these eczema worsening proteins.

So, for those of you who have eczema, try eliminating dairy from your diet. I am not allergic to milk. But I do prefer rice milk because cow's milk contains casein protein which can be a rapid cataylist for cancer production. You can read "The China Study" for extensive information on casein protein among many other commin foods in the American diet. You will be surprised!

January 05 2010

Leslie from Springfield, PA

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