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14 Home Remedies for Diabetes

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Eliminate carbs

Stop eating grains and beans. Grain and beans are about 70-80 percent sugar. No beans, no wheat, no rice. No potatoes, no starches. Eat meat and vegetables... Lots of vegetables.
April 07 2011

Aaron from Idaho

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Tips for BS issues

Licorice is supposed to be good for maintaining blood sugar levels, chickweed is an old herb used and so is Queen Anns lace, these are really weeds you see groiwng around the fields. Milk Thistle that prickly flower you see everywhere, main indgredient used in Meds used to detox ones liver.High protein diet with no red meat or pastas is good preventive, lets face it if you have diabetes you don't need the added fat in your diet clogging your arteries on top of trying to survive diabetes.

Pasta, rice raises BS levels too and alcohol, you can survive quite nicely on chicken, tuna, turkey, and stir fry veggies ok, not to mention that are many , no meat products out there made of pure protein that taste like the real deal, real red meat in your vegan section at your grocery store. Try the vegan garden burgers, imitation hamburger meat by Korn, trust me you cannot tell the difference, looks and taste like hamburger meat but made of pure soy protetin can be used in chilis, meatloaf and so on.

February 11 2010

Anonymous from Watkins in TN

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Chia Seeds for type 2 diabetes

Just google 'Chia Seeds, Health Benefits' to get the whole info on these seeds. They are said to decrease the time that carbohydrate enters the bloodstream due to lining the stomach walls...
Also these seeds are full of Omega oils and anti-oxidants, plus many vitamins.
July 14 2009

Mari from Austin, TX USA

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DiaMetrix Blood Sugar Supplement

Small Company has Big Answer for Blood Sugar.

"These are the most positive results we've ever recorded," said Melonie Montgomery of Fenestra Research. "This product could have an enormous impact all over the world."

A company in southern New Hampshire is changing the lives of diabetics with a clinically proven blood sugar lowering supplement.

After 6 years of continuous testing on a blood sugar formulation, it was time for the most rigorous test of all, the human clinical trial. This is no small venture for any company to undertake and waiting for the first phase results can be stressful. When the results were returned they couldn’t have been more pleased. These initial results prompted the completion of the full gold standard, double blind, randomized test.

So how did a small company from Portsmouth New Hampshire become involved with a supplement with this type of industry leading results? It all started 6 years ago with chief formulator Ken Hampshire.
Ken is from Colorado but perhaps his last name was a sign of things to come.

In 1999 Mr. Hampshire began working with Dr. Vern Cherewatenko, author of The Diabetes Cure. Their goal was to create a “total body” health product. Not just another "miracle" vitamin or drink supplement but a product that would really work. Ken created the formulation that would later be used in DiaMetrix.

Ken and Dr. Vern knew other diabetes products often contain ingredients like ginko biloba, Co-Q10, bilberry, proanthocyanidans or other antioxidants. Now there's nothing wrong with these ingredients. In fact, most of them will offer some real relief for the neuropathy associated with diabetes. But none of these ingredients have been shown to increase the body's sensitivity to insulin. Ken wanted his formulation to lower your blood sugar levels, designing DiaMetrix as the only diabetes product specifically formulated to increase the body's sensitivity to insulin.

Ken stated, “We didn’t just want to treat symptoms, we wanted to attack the root of the problem. We wanted the ingredients in DiaMetrix to be scientifically shown to increase the body's sensitivity to insulin.” That is exactly what he did.

Even the lab was impressed.
A1c readings for the active group dropped from 7.70 to 4.66 in 90 days.
The FBS results of the study showed that participants receiving active product dropped over 100 points
Other metabolic markers showed similar 90-day results with major changes in triglycerides (-20.3 %), cholesterol
(-29.1%), blood pressure (-14.6%/-6.7%), and body weight (-9.3 lbs).

The full clinical study and peer review can be read at www.diabeticsupplementstudy.com

When Steelbreeze Marketing, LLC of Portsmouth New Hampshire, who was actively looking for a blood sugar control product discovered Ken’s formula they started negotiating a marketing agreement with his company. Steelbreeze Marketing had been in the diabetic supplement business for over twenty years. They had a deep understanding of what products were available and their shortcomings. “When they read the clinical study they were absolutely astounded and grateful that they left no stone unturned” said James Parker of Steelbreeze. Mr. Parker said “We were very aware of the costs associated with a gold standard, randomized, double blind study. The insights brought to us by these studies have been invaluable. It's a wonderful form of unbiased valuation.”

“We are please to be working with Ken and his team. We are looking to extend the reach of this dynamic blood sugar reducing product to the over 200 million diabetics worldwide in the next five years.”

Perhaps the closing of the independent peer review by Lisa Tully, Ph.D shows why this is an important story where Mrs. Tully wrote “In conclusion, the clinical trial performed by Fenestra Research meet the criteria for the Gold Standard trial, which is the most rigorous standard to meet. Furthermore, DiaMetrix™ produced astounding results and outperformed the
leading selling pharmaceuticals.

Sissil Monson is a freelance nutritional writer currently residing in Oslo Norway. For more information on DiaMetrix
visit: www.diametrixhealth.com Practitioner programs available, call 1-(800) 892-9794

May 09 2009

Jim Parker from New Hampshire

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Extra virgin coconut oil

I have been cooking with extra virgin coconut oil and it has lower my blood sugar a lot, I also bought the book Coconut Cures, and it tell you a lot of different cures that coconut oil prevent and treat common health problems.
January 20 2009

Brenda from Stone Mountain, Georgia

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Flaxseed Oil

Take a high quality Flaxseed oil. Take 2 tablespoons daily. You will notice within a few weeks that your blood sugar levels will drop. I highly suggest you read Thomas Smith's book, "Insulin our Silent Killer". This book gives very detailed instructions for curing diabetes; as he himself was diagnoised with the disease and cured himself. Read up on the "bad" oils and stop using them as they cause high blood sugar.
January 04 2009

Martha Krueger from Williston, North Dakota

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Chromium GTF For insulin resistance

When I first became an insulin resistant diabetic I started reading up on diabetes as much as I could. I read in places how an insulin resistant diabetic is supposably lacking in the mineral called chromium which contributes to the person being an insulin resistant diabetic.

I started low carbing which helped. I then began lifting weights which also helped. Then I started taking chromium GTF along with the weight lifting and low carbing and it really done the trick. I presume the reason why it helped my blood sugars is because it is said to decrease ones insulin resistance. I read and found that there are several forms of chromium but the chromium GFT is the best for diabetics. GTF means glucose tolerance factor. It also seems to help my carb cravings decrease.

From the way I understand it this wont work as well for a type 1 diabetic but can work real well for type 2 diabetics who have not lost their ability to still make some insulin in their pancreas.
April 12 2008

BJ_BOBBI_JO from Indiana USA

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Diabetes help

Exercise and eat a low carb diet. Exchange zeal for eating to a zeal for exercise and your apathy toward exercise for an apathy toward eating high carb foods.
March 05 2008

MJ from Central California

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Sage Tea for Diabetes

While on a vacation in Vermont, we bought a book titled Naural Remedies That Work. One writer recommended drinking sage tea every day to lower blood sugar. My husband has been doing this for 4 years now and has been able to maintain his sugar between 90-100 with less than half the original oral medication. Either steeping the leaf or tea bags work equally as well
March 23 2007

Annette Irizarry from Pembroke Pines, Florida

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Eat cinnamon spice in healthy quantities. Helps prevent Type 2 diabetes. Good stuff.
December 26 2006

Hans from Los Angeles, CA

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Cinnamon/ chromium

Take chromium supplements and sprinkle some cinnamon on your toast or in your juice. Both of these help your body use sugar more efficiently. If you are taking insulin, check with your Doctor first before taking any additional supplements.
June 09 2006

Michael H. from Nashville, TN

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Diabetes/blood sugar control

I read an article on R-Lipoic Acid. And how it helps to reduce the blood sugars. It allows the cells to utilize the energy. I tried it and it lowered my blood sugars by atleast 30. There are even some days that I eat sweets and my blood sugar remains within normal limits.
June 06 2006

veronica from michigan

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