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42 Home Remedies for Ear infection

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Plugged ear remedies

If your ears are plugged hold your nose, take a deep breath close your mouth and try and blow through your nose but don't let air out through it. ( NOT USEFUL FOR INFECTED EAR)

Best of luck!
April 21 2008

Ange from Canada

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At the first sign of an ear infection get a medicine syringe dropper place a few drops of fresh Hydrogen peroxide in the dropper and release the peroxide in the infected ear it may sting a little and feel uncomfortable because of the sensitivity from the infection leave your head tilted with peroxide in the ear for about 10 min. Then get a suction bulb and suction out the peroxide until you feel it is gone do this a couple of time a day if you like. I use this on my children and it ALWAYS helps recently I had a really bad ear infection and used this remedy on my self to my surprise I felt amazingly better the next day!! also effective in cleaning ear wax build up! I hope this remedy helps you out!
December 01 2007

Jessica J. from Houston, Tx.

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Colloidal silver

Follow instructions on bottle, usually 2 drops twice a day, in infected ear. takes about 2 days, but it will keep it away for years.
May 15 2007

Terri g. from warren RI

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Natural Antibiotics

Both onion and garlic are natural antibiotics and are very effective in killing bacteria and viruses. Warm garlic oil applied in the ear will cure infections, as well as ease pain. You can also place a small garlic clove inside the ear and leave it for an hour or so for earaches and infections. I've tried both methods with our daughters (ages 3 years and 9 months) and found them to be very effective cures!!
April 15 2007

Kristy from Cisco, TX

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For ear infections - Apply a half cooked onion to ear

Try taking a cooked (very warm) 1/2 spanish onion, and hoding it to the ear for 20 -30 minutes, and for some reason this draws out pain / infection and gives relief in short period of time.
June 21 2006

Brad in canada from ontario

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Garlic Oil

From a mother whose 3 year old kept getting ear infections almost every month, I was told to try Garlic Oil liquid capsules. Sold in ALL vitamin isles in your local pharmacy. Put a pinhole in the liquid capsule after warming it up in a warm cup of water for a minute, Gently squeeze out 3-4 drops of the oil into ear, hold head down for 5 minutes. This naturally helps with pain and infection. The only problem is you smell like garlic so allpy at night. My son has not gotten an infection in over 9months. Good luck
February 17 2006

Momma Toppi from New York, USA

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