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It Really Works.

May 30, 2013
My remedy for INFECTED EARS is putting garlic in your ear.
Let it set for 5 minutes, then place a blowdryer, about and arms length aways and turn it on, still having the garlic in your ear.
Try It.
Amiree from Port Huron


Iron Blast

February 25, 2013
This method is the most effective, but probably the most dangerous if not executed correctly. Basically you lay your child (or yourself) and apply a clothing iron as close as possible to the infected ear without touching. The hotter the better, but not too hot that you can't withstand the heat from a few inches away. The procedure literally only takes 10-15 minutes and you will be cured from there on.

I remember being about 3-5 years old and my mother used to perform this remedy to all of us kids. The heat of the iron penetrates the ear and after a little while the infection explodes and you will feel a release (sort of like equalizing) with puss that will quickly drip out soon there after. Use peroxide or rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip to sterilize and you can immediately get back to business (or play) depending on your age.

The toughest part about using this remedy is trusting that your children will follow your close instructions to STAY STILL while immense heat is being applied to their face, just a few inches away.
BK from CA


Half of an Onion

December 31, 2012
Simply slice an onion (yellow or red) in half, lay on you side and let the freshly cut onion rest on your ear for a good amount of time 30-45 minutes and BAM it will be gone in no time.
Preston from Caifornia


garlic oil much more frequently

March 14, 2010
You must use garlic oil (from a capsule or other) frequently. At least three times a day with 3 large drops. Much as you would antibiotic ear drops.
Continue the garlic oil for 3-4 days to see improvement. Try as much as possible to sleep with the affected ear to the ceiling. Use saltwater nasal sprays and herbal/over the counter decongestants to ensure drainage from your nose and throat.
Mrs D from Aust.


Ear Infection Remedy With Red Wine

March 02, 2010
Get some red wine (the older the better). Put 1 cap full in ear. Let it sit for 2 to 3 min and drain. You will feel it take effect after the first try. Do this twice a day for 3 days and you should not have another ear infection for at lease 1 year.

Drinking the wine does not help the infection.
Selina W from OK Ctiy, OK


Alternate Oil & Peroxide

November 12, 2009
You can use both these remedies together as an effective duo!
Mince up one clove of garlic, and heat in a tablespoon of olive oil over low heat for 5 minutes or so. You do not want to cook the garlic, the goal is to relax the garlic oil into the olive oil. Pour or strain oil (no garlic chunks, people!) into a small clean container (a shot glass works well). Using a drinking straw, with your finger over the top, place a few drops into the sore or infected ear, and let it work it's way down for several minutes. Place cotton in ear.
The next morning, treat the ear with a peroxide cleanse by dropping several drops into ear canal and letting bubble for 3-5 minutes, then drain out.
Keep cotton in ear during the day, and repeat with oil at night, etc.
This will immediately comfort (usually) and quickly cure (1-2days) most ear infections. I have used this on my own children with consistent results.
It is good practice to treat BOTH ears, even though only one may seem to be infected.
Crea from Oregon


Garlic Oil and H202

November 11, 2009
A combination of using 1.5% h2O2 food grade solution and using garlic oil. Warm up the dropper under hot water tap and then place 1 drop in ear, it will fizzle due to the bacteria. Allow water to drain out the ear. Then dip a little piece of cotton ball into some garlic oil and place in the ear after the H2O2 treatment. Both are very good remedies on their own but work well alternating or putting the garlic ear buffs in the ear. Really helps with very itchy ears.
Sue from UK


Really gross but really effective

November 05, 2009
Pee in a styrofome cup (must be your own pee) and put in ear, leave sit for about 2 min and drain out. Rinse ear with warm water. Works well. Your body has natural anti bodies that fight off infection.
Stephanie from NC


Warm towel or cloth for your ear or toothache

November 04, 2009
My son had a terrible earache. It was so intense that he couldn't sleep. I had no any medicine at the time. Then,I remembered how my mom relieved us from ear or tooth pain. Here is the fast resulting "presctiption":
You will need:
A piece of cloth or a hand towel that is large enough to cover the area, and an iron.
Procedure:Heat the cloth or the towel with the iron (make sure that the heat of the iron is at the MINIMUM LEVEL. Otherwise,overheated cloth/towel may burn the area).
Then, put this heated cloth/towel on the ear or tooth. Repeat the process as needed.
REMEMBER:This is a TEMPORARY remedy. If the pain is persistant and/or lasts hours non-stop, you may need to see a physician or a dentist,because in some severe infectious cases, heat may work adversly.
I hope this one works for those who need a practical home-remedy.
Anonymous from Hickory HIlls, IL USA


Steam for the ear

October 14, 2009
I had a horrible ear infection for one whole day. I couldn't sleep at night or anything. So I decided that enough was enough and I had to get rid of this pain. I jumped into the bath tub and just sat there for a few and I took a washcloth wet it with warm water and held it outside of my ear. I was suprised at how fast it was working. My ear just kept on making a bubbling noise and opening up every few mins. Now I can hear in my left ear and nomore pain!

- hope this helps :)
Demi Rivera from New York, USA


Hot salt

September 22, 2009
Place alot of salt into a sock and microwave till hot (not to hot so it burns but pretty hot). Place over your ear and lay on your side. It helps a lot, I don't know why but it does.
p.s. Make sure sock is new... if not new VERRY CLEAN!!!!!
j man from new jersey


Lemon Juice & Peroxide

September 22, 2009
Mix equal parts Lemon juice and Hydrogen peroxide, heat slightly (I used the microwave for 10 seconds) make sure to check the temp first. Then put a few drops into the ear. Let it sit in the ear for a minute or so then allow it to drain out. I also applied some heat (a sock filled with rice and put in the microwave to make warm) while letting it drain. This helps it to drain out quicker.
Cheryl from Indiana USA


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