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42 Home Remedies for Ear infection

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Hot water in plastic bag

My ears have been hurting me for 3 days I went to the doctor and he give me some tablets but I am still in pain, a friend tell me to put some hot water in a bag an put it on my ears for 15 minutes an it work. I could not hear any thing an now it is clear an the pain is gone. Do that for 15 minutes 3 time for the day. I could not believe but yes it work.
January 02 2014

Fanny from Kingston jamaica

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Hot water bottle

Get a hot water bottle and place it on The infected ear whilst you go to sleep at night and take 1-2 paracemol depending on the age, for children calpol could help soothe the pain you could also use ibuprofen for adults or teenagers, the infection should clear ul in 1-2 days could be 3-4 depending on how serious the infection is.

Thank you for reading and I hope I have helped.
November 10 2013

Sarah from London

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Peroxide and tea tree oil

I squeezed a few drops into my ear, a few times, yesterday. Last night, I swabbed just the inside the outer ear canal with tea tree oil. I thoroughly brushed and flossed my teeth and swished for a minute with a peroxide mouthwash.
Then I swallowed a dose of the herbal pain remedy Noxicare. (you could use any or all of its ingredients: ginger, boswellia, turmeric, white willow bark, cayenne, and holy basil.

My formerly sore and swollen lymph gland in my neck is smooth and painless this morning. The ear is mildly itchy and still a little tender to the touch, but I plan to repeat the whole process, as there was such remarkable improvement.
October 19 2013

Sue.molenda(at)gmail.com from Los Angeles

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Sweet oil

Olive oil nf. Heat the sweet oil hold head to the side opposite of the ear that's infected. Pour a capful in infected ear keep head tilted until you feel the oil go down the ear canal, stuff ear with cotton. It only takes 1 application..
September 18 2013

Jennifer from Atlanta Georgia

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Quick relief

Lay on your side, opposite from infected ear. Put your ear drops in, then place a heating pad over your ear. Once you feel a relief or a pop feeling quickly turn over to drain. Hope it helps, I do that when I get a ear ache or infection.
July 26 2013

Robin from Canada

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A concerned citizen

Let a dog lick your ear! I know it sound crazy but it really works! It's best if you apply some meat juice or gravy first. Careful though, if you have any open wounds on your ear don't use this remedy, don't want the dog to think he found a tasty snack :( I found this out the hard way.
July 25 2013

Paul from Pittsburgh

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It Really Works.

My remedy for INFECTED EARS is putting garlic in your ear.
Let it set for 5 minutes, then place a blowdryer, about and arms length aways and turn it on, still having the garlic in your ear.
Try It.
May 30 2013

Amiree from Port Huron

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Iron Blast

This method is the most effective, but probably the most dangerous if not executed correctly. Basically you lay your child (or yourself) and apply a clothing iron as close as possible to the infected ear without touching. The hotter the better, but not too hot that you can't withstand the heat from a few inches away. The procedure literally only takes 10-15 minutes and you will be cured from there on.

I remember being about 3-5 years old and my mother used to perform this remedy to all of us kids. The heat of the iron penetrates the ear and after a little while the infection explodes and you will feel a release (sort of like equalizing) with puss that will quickly drip out soon there after. Use peroxide or rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip to sterilize and you can immediately get back to business (or play) depending on your age.

The toughest part about using this remedy is trusting that your children will follow your close instructions to STAY STILL while immense heat is being applied to their face, just a few inches away.
February 25 2013

BK from CA

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Half of an Onion

Simply slice an onion (yellow or red) in half, lay on you side and let the freshly cut onion rest on your ear for a good amount of time 30-45 minutes and BAM it will be gone in no time.
December 31 2012

Preston from Caifornia

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garlic oil much more frequently

You must use garlic oil (from a capsule or other) frequently. At least three times a day with 3 large drops. Much as you would antibiotic ear drops.
Continue the garlic oil for 3-4 days to see improvement. Try as much as possible to sleep with the affected ear to the ceiling. Use saltwater nasal sprays and herbal/over the counter decongestants to ensure drainage from your nose and throat.
March 14 2010

Mrs D from Aust.

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Ear Infection Remedy With Red Wine

Get some red wine (the older the better). Put 1 cap full in ear. Let it sit for 2 to 3 min and drain. You will feel it take effect after the first try. Do this twice a day for 3 days and you should not have another ear infection for at lease 1 year.

Drinking the wine does not help the infection.
March 02 2010

Selina W from OK Ctiy, OK

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Alternate Oil & Peroxide

You can use both these remedies together as an effective duo!
Mince up one clove of garlic, and heat in a tablespoon of olive oil over low heat for 5 minutes or so. You do not want to cook the garlic, the goal is to relax the garlic oil into the olive oil. Pour or strain oil (no garlic chunks, people!) into a small clean container (a shot glass works well). Using a drinking straw, with your finger over the top, place a few drops into the sore or infected ear, and let it work it's way down for several minutes. Place cotton in ear.
The next morning, treat the ear with a peroxide cleanse by dropping several drops into ear canal and letting bubble for 3-5 minutes, then drain out.
Keep cotton in ear during the day, and repeat with oil at night, etc.
This will immediately comfort (usually) and quickly cure (1-2days) most ear infections. I have used this on my own children with consistent results.
It is good practice to treat BOTH ears, even though only one may seem to be infected.
November 12 2009

Crea from Oregon

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