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42 Home Remedies for Ear infection

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Elevate your head on pillows, infected ear up. Use a dropper, a straw, or just the cap, and pour Hydrogen Peroxide into your ear. After it stops bubbling, turn over onto a towel or washcloth. When you sleep sleep with the infected ear up. You can also take a pain reliever such as Ibuprofen to help with the pain.
July 19 2016

Skyler from Tn

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Tea or warm water

Use a cup of tea it will help if you are allergic to tea then use something hot like a warm water bottle over the ear this should work.
May 29 2016

Alexis from Tulsa OK

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Cup of tea

Just woke up after a long night of my ear hurting and had a cup of tea. I found that it took some of the pain away before I could attend the doctors. Just incase anyone needs a quick solution.
March 05 2016

Eugene from England

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I have the worst ear infection I have ever had. My ear is all swelling and the Tylenol only works for like 2 hours. So my parents told me to try putting urine in my ear. That night I put 2 drops of my own urine in my ear and I went to bed as soon as I laid down. You might think it is super gross but it works. It soothes my ear when it hurts so I put more urine in my ear every time it starts to hurt.

(2) drops of urine
Then after you are down tilt your head over to get most of it out
it takes about 10 minutes
Then take warm water and rinse it out
I hope this works for you.
July 27 2015

Bree from Nashville Tennessee

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Weird but please try it

Put a little of un dry cement this helps your ear rise and the cement does not dry. Make sure you get the un dry cement.
July 15 2015

Lola from 6190 trey Abe

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Pain relief

Heat help but not to much buy Aleve I can't stress this enough buy Aleve and sleep. I took one pill slept for four hours and the pain was almost gone its going to hurt do something to distract you from thinking about your ear this will help a lot to takes 3-5 days to heal to no pain.
July 09 2015

Dakot from Texas

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Clogged ear from shower

My doc says take Clariton D twice a day for two weeks.
February 12 2015

Liz from Florida

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Apply heat

My mother always used peroxide for ear infection when I was a child and it always worked. It was always an instant relief. As an adult I still use it today for my kids ear infections and also for my own ear problems. Here is a HELPFUL HINT for everyone that I did not see in any of the other postings.

For a heat source I use the disposable Hand/Foot Warmers that my husband (who works outdoors) uses during the winter to keep his hands/feet warm. They stay warm for 8+ hours and are the perfect size to place over your ear. They are available at Wal-Mart etc. Usually located in the outdoors/hunting area. Hope this hint helps.
December 10 2014

Monica Fulton from Central Illinois

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Breast milk

If you can get your hands on some breast milk just put a couple of drops in the ear and in no time the pain is gone.
August 21 2014

Isabelle from United States

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Sleep with your infected ear facing up and your un infected ear pointed down. When you wake up, you should feel like its forcing it's way out. Try and sleep as much as you can and do that. It should work.
August 16 2014

Makaio from Saginaw, MI

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Try this

OK try putting a very warm towel on your ear take swimmers ear ear - infection ear drops and when you go to bed try sleeping with your head up so maybe 2-3 pillows.
July 07 2014

Baylee from England

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Put water to get warm, put about two drops and the opposite ear, tilt and It should work.
June 21 2014

Miley from Washington

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