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Athletes foot

TILEX for mold and mildew - spray on twice a day for two days. Let dry for 5 minutes then rinse.

June 10 2007

Etta from Ontario, Canada

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Nail fungus

Over the counter, any pharmacy, antimicrobial nail solution, medical strength, called "Reclear AF". Within a week you'll see results. Great for advanced nail fungus, in a couple of months nails will be straight again.
May 18 2007

terri g from warren ri

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Your own urine! Especially first thing in the morning has anticeptic qualities. ( THIS MUST BE YOUR OWN) do not leave it standing! The shower is the best place to applicate! As disgusting as this sounds it really works! Millitary remedy! You will be cured in about 24hrs or less in mild cases reaply fresh next day in severe cases! Rinse a few secs after application.
December 04 2005

Mark from Sheffield. UK

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