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Healing Tree Athlete's Foot Solution

This stuff is incredible - the whole line is based on Tea Tree oil and other natural ingredients, but this topical solution combines the natural with a tiny amount of anti-fungal agent benzethonium chloride, which actually kills the fungus so it won't return - the entire Texas Rangers team apparently uses the stuff! website has more details:
December 02 2009

Holly McFatter from Brooklyn, NYC

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Vagistat Cure

They used to package Vagistat as Nystatin, which was for athlete's foot and other irritations. But seriously, Vagistat works in a matter of hours at clearing up your athlete's foot.
October 31 2009

Melanie from Los Angeles, CA

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Tea tree oil cure

Rub tea tree oil into your feet morning and night and in a few days to a week it is gone. It soaks in well and almost dries but socks will protect.

I had AF for years and tried creams etc. but tea tree oil did it straight away. Its good for a lot of things too if you look it up, and a cheap cure.

September 13 2009


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Athletes foot

-Soak or rub your feet with it for 3 to 4 minutes.
-Dry your feet with towel or air dry.
-Do this twice a day

April 27 2009


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Vinegar cures athlete's foot and dhobi's itch

Buy the cheapest vinegar you can get (cider vinegar is reputedly the best) and simply apply it generously by hand - but thoroughly. The itch will vanish immediately.
You can wash it off a minute or so later to avoid smelling of the vinegar.
Make sure your socks are also thoroughly soaked in the vinegar. Then wash them in very hot water before you use them again. This is most important, so it would be wise to wash (and dry) some socks in advance. Change socks at least daily, of course.
Clean the inside of your shoes as well. Use alcohol, or those alcohol-soaked handkerchiefs that come in little sachets and are used to wipe your fingers.
April 22 2009

John from Brighton, England

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Cures athelets foot and fungal nail

First of all, I worked as an assistant for a podiatrist for over 6yrs and have pretty much seen and heard everything when it comes to foot ailments.
This is very simple...just urinate on your feet when you are in the shower. Do this one to two times a day for a week. Obviously a doctor is not going to tell you to urinate on yourself but it does work.

April 17 2009

Loren from St. Louis

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Cure for foot rot-a.k.a. athletes foot

Get some twenty mule team borax (an old laundry additive). Put a couple heaping tablespoons in each sock each morning before putting them on. Never wear the same socks two days in a row. Rot will be gone in a week to ten days. I learned of this 20 years ago, and have not had a recurrance of foot rot in that time.
September 06 2008

Roy McCoy from Kansas

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Athlete's Foot Remedey

Mix in a clean glass jar, 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract oil to 1 cup of water. With a cotton ball, apply to affected area. To supplement this treatment, add 10 drops to the washing machine when cleaning socks or other clothing. This is very effective. Treat for about 7 days or as needed.
June 26 2008

M. Anna from Townsend, DE

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Pineapple Juice

Seriously, no one believes me, but every time summer comes around, i always end up getting athelets feet the 1st wk or so. So what you do, is buy 2 cans of crushed pineapple from the store, put it in dishes big enough to fit your feet, and let them soak for 30 min every night for one week. You can use the same pineapple,but DO NOT HEAT THE PINEAPPLE UP AFTER BEING IN THE FRIDGE!! it makes the fungus SPREAD!.. and make sure you label DO NOT EAT!! on the pineapple.. It works!.. Really!
April 23 2008

Crystal from Idaho Falls, ID

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Apply Tea Tree Oil both between and under your toes

A cotton wool bud can be used to gently wipe Tea Tree Oil to both the affected and unaffected areas between the toes. This will cure Athletes Foot within about a week. In fact, you'll notice amazing results within a couple of days or so. AF is a painful and often quite smelly fungal infection and one can also easily become re-infected. After the first week or so, when you've cleared it up to start with, then if you are particularly susceptible, I would recommend first a twice-weekly, then dropping down to once-weekly application of the Tea Tree Oil. This will be all that's required to keep the toes and feet completely clear. I give this one a 5-Star rating.
January 06 2008

Bob P from Northampton, England

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Athletes foot

Use a wash cloth, damp with clorox, wipe your feet and your athletes foot is gone! Wipe your shower and bath tub and use a shot of clorox in mop water and to keep it from coming back.
November 14 2007

npaul from sc

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A "PATTY" a day keeps the foot doctor away!

My brother contracted athlete's foot in the Army. He went to visit our grandparents in Clinton, Missouri. Noticing his itching at night when he removed his socks, grandpa took him outside and told him to stand in a fresh big patty for 15 minutes, in the A.M. & P.M.!
There are tiny micro-organisms living in the patty and they eat the fungus caused by athlete's feet. I asked our Dr. about this and he admitted he had heard about the remedy and learned about it in med school, but because of it's unorthadox ingredient, they were advised to never suggest it to a patient. That is a shame, and makes you wonder what else they were told not to tell us!
Trust me, it works. By the way, our grandpa is a cherokee indian!
July 26 2007

Donna Franklin-McChesney from Kansas City, MO

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