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Kill the demon fungus!!!

I had it for 1 year solid. Every day new blisters forming. I bought everything you could over the counter. Things from other countries. Tried over 50 home remedies. The thing that finally worked was straight white vinegar foot soaks. 2 times a day for 30 minutes for one month.

I almost gave up the second week cause new blisters were still forming, but I kept on with it...I had it for a year so it was going to take more time to totally kill it... I really did not think it would work cause it always came back with the other remedies, but I wish I would have tried this first. And it may burn the first 2 times you do it but after that it is really soothing. Melts off all the dead nasty skin, which I believe the spores kill so they can have "food"
June 09 2014

Tina from Cherokee NC

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T adkisson

Mix approximately 1/4 cup of Coconut Oil with a few drops of Tea Tree Oil. Apply each night and morning to clean, dry feet. Itching will be gone within a day or two. Continue to do this for a week after all signs of AF are gone. Also work on Tinea Versicolor!!!
March 27 2014

T from Social Circle, Ga

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Baby oil

I've tryed everything. It always comes back with in days. One day my husband said put baby oil. I laughted and said after all these exspensive treatments we have done n the home remedies that have added up to be a lot of money! So I tryed it. I have been using it for 2 weeks now and the thick dry scaley skin has not grown back. I am no longer embarrassed to wear sandles.
December 06 2013

Maggie from Fullerton Ca

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Vagisil to the rescue

When my itch starts I just take out a tube of Vagisil, yes Vagisil and put some cream on the area and within seconds the itching disappears for days! That's the only thing I found works for me. Sometimes I forgot I have AF until I feel a little itch coming back. Vagisil did the trick for me!!
October 15 2013

Milly from The Bahamas

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Baby burt's diaper ointment

This is not a planted commercial suggestion, we just stumbled upon it because it was there. After years of recurring Athlete's Foot problems we tried using the baby's diaper cream. It works better than everything else in the entire world! Seriously, just smear some on the affected area. I think we repeated it for a couple or three days, and the Athlete's Foot was gone. Now any time my foot feels the slightest bit tingly I grab the Burt's, and the problem is over before it barely gets started.
September 25 2013

D.P. from Colorado

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Garlic works within a week when itchy.
September 19 2013

Mary Delaney from Ireland

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Athletes foot I got rid of mine!

I found this almost by accident so want to spread the word. It cured my athletes foot after years and years of trying everything else imaginable from prescriptions to bleach... LUGOLS IODINE SOLUTION. Google it, buy it and apply it to your skin. It is fab! It has other benefits too but you can find out about these yourself if you want.
It is good stuff!
August 24 2013

Fran Jones from Scotland

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Ms sarah doonan

I've had bad athletes foot for 5 years now, have tried everything from anti fungals to steroids. Have been taking anti fungals orally or 6 months now and still no change. Somebody recommended vinegar and I tried it yesterday. Soak feet in warm/hot water with 1:3 vinegar to water ratio for half an hour twice a day and leave to dry naturally. It hurts like hell at the time but by the time it's dried, wow, what a difference!

Last night was the first time in 3 years I haven't woken up with the maniacal itch in the middle of the night. It isn't easy to designate time aside what with two kids but I'm determined. Feeling wonderful.
August 21 2013

Sarah Doonan from Scotland

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This worked for me

I had a terrible athlete's foot infection in my right foot for over five years. I had tried every over-the-counter remedy ranging from Tinactin/Lamisil cream to vinegar and peroxide. I got so desperate I got a prescription for anti-fungals even with the risk of liver damage.

I was suffering and embarrassed of my cracked skin and thick yellow toenails. I didn't dare get a pedicure and dating was stressful because of it. I finally got a hold of some tea tree oil at Trader Joe's. I mixed a capful of it in a small tub with the hottest water I could stand. I soaked my foot in that once a week and within a month the itching and flaking was gone! I was amazed. You can't even tell I ever had athelete's foot. My tonails are grown in all clear and the skin on my foot is soft and healthy. Yippee!

If I work out a lot or am on my feet for awhile, I will do the treatment as maintenance but I have not seen any recurrence of the AF and it has been six months. I am amazed and very happy! Give it a shot. It only costs 5-10 bucks for a bottle and trust me it is cheaper than a prescription. My bottle lasted three months!

You can find tea tree oil anywhere they sell natural products. Just make sure it is pure tea tree. Also another thing I did the first month was to apply coconut oil (pure extra virgin only) to my feet once a week. It smells great and also has anti fungal properties. :) Happy feet!
August 12 2013

Sara from Seattle

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Cure for athletes foot

I had bad athletes foot for about a year and hid my feet from all my friends. When I admitted I had athletes food my friend suggested mud. It sounds crazy but after putting my food in mud a couple of times it works. Just make sure you disinfect your shoes or it WILL come back. Good luck.
June 14 2013

Tessa from USA

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White vinegar, salt

Take a wash cloth, or a cotton ball and dip it into a bowl of White vinegar and salt. Do this for about THREE to FOUR minutes. Keep doing this for about ONE WEEK. After that, your AF should be GONE!!!!!
June 03 2013

Devi Cassie from Woodbridge

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Pee Piss Urinate on them in the shower

This says it all, thaught it 48 years ago, never has a problem anywhere in the world. I have been in the grottiest places you can imagine, never caught it. Pee and be free from it. Only once got a varouca from an hotel (forgot to pee).
August 22 2012


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