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Blue Listerine with vinegar. Soak. Don't rinse off, pay dry. Feet will be bluish but it works. As does teatreeoil and Apple cider vinegar. We just always have Listerine and white vinegar handy. And Vicks Vaporub DOES work wonders.
October 22 2016

Mo from Florida

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Treatment for athletes feet.

A great page for the best remedys,I had a severe case of it, the fungus. Most treatments did not work as cream and sprays.. I use gallons of white vinegar for laundry, and general cleaning. One reader suggested bleach. This was the best treatment for this severe case. I took a 5-gallon bucket { clean } fill 1/2 with hot to tepid water and add 2 cup clorox triple strength have towels available and submerge both feet in bucket. Soaked for 15 minutes. Remove and allowed to air dry. Felt 95 percent better! Have been doing epsom salt/seasalt brine solution and healing every day. This fungus can start on the calves and ankles travel down to feet, its able to spread. Do a follow up with shoes, socks, pants, tubs, etc. If you have extreme sensitive skin dilute the bleach (chlorine)solution. The soap DR.BRONNER'S all in 1 hemp tea tree bar soap is a great wash after the initial treatments. Thank's to all who wrote your remedies.
August 26 2016

Tommy from New york

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This one worked for me

Hello people. I had a problem with a similar condition called Jock Itch, caused by the same fungus as athlete's foot most times, that instead of being in the feet is on the groin. This remedy worked for me on that matter, and I suppose it works for athlete's foot as well.

Quoted from John: "I have had jock itch on and off for several years. I've wasted a lot of money on pharmaceuticals, antifungal creams and what not. I followed the labels religiously and they still didn't work. I came close with Canestan once but the infection came back while I was using it. Don't waste your money on them. Iv'e also tried a lot of the remedies on this site, most of them helped but didn't cure it. The one that did was a mixture of tea tree oil and coconut oil. I cant recommend it more highly. It was amazing. Second day of use itching was gone and the rash subsiding. Third day rash almost gone, and on the fourth GONE!
The mixture I use is: 3 Tablespoons of Virgin Coconut oil 20 drops of Thursday Plantation 100 percent pure Tea Tree oil Mix it in a container, if the coconut oil is to hard, just put it in the microwave for a few seconds to get a nice thick paste consistency. Apply 1-3 times a day, I recommend 3 times a day however it is a little bit messy and if you cant then as often as you can. Trust me when I say Ive tried everything. This one was my savior. Just to add to this dont stop using it after four days. Keep using it until you’re completely sure the infection is gone. Once the rash goes away I recommend to keep applying it once a day after a shower for at least a couple of weeks, but my god coconut oil make your skin feel so good I might keep it up forever (it smells amazing too)."
June 08 2016

Jacinto Flores from Vale Of Arryn

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My hot cure

I had unbearable itching between the last two toes of my left foot. The skin was peeling. There was what looked like a small cut which went through the skin layers. It was painful when I pulled the toes apart. I put my foot under the running water. I turned the water to the hottest I could get. I kept my foot under the water for as long as I could stand it. It's been three days and no itching or pain! I feel great!
December 26 2015

Susan Malool from New York

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Forget doctors

I have had athletes foot for five years.. And it wakes me up at night. I have been so annoyed I rammed my foot against walls. Tried almost every damn near product there is and I end up in the same place. I needed something tonight. It woke me up. I have had a spray from Avon that works fairly well. But not tonight. And after 5 years this was it. I googled countless home remedies. And I saw Variants on the same things. So I ran a shallow bath. Hottest water my faucet could produce. Put more than a CUP full of vinegar. And soaked. Not long. Two minutes maybe. At 1 am I'm tired and cranky. I then washed my feet with dawn soap. And instantly began to notice a difference.

I got out and put gold bond medicated powder and some thieves essential oils on. WORKS LIKE A CHARM INSTANTLY! My feet are soft. No itch or at least barley and smell great due to the essential oils. Now I'm headed to bed. But for those of you who wake up ready to cut your toes off. Try this before you do. All things can be cured at home. Think twice before spending so much money. And those doctors! No more itchy feet!!
June 09 2015

Kandysse Vail-russell from Washington

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I was suffering from itching, burning, and stinging so bad that I couldn't sleep. Then my pharmacist gave me some pills called Histasin (Cetirizine dihydrochloride) and the itch the burn and the sting was gone. Just take one pill as soon as the itch starts and within 20 minutes the itch and the burn is gone. I'm not saying that this pills will cure your athlete's foot but will provide you some relief, it's a must try, thnx to my pharmacist.
April 04 2015

G.Jazxhi from Albania,pogradec

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Itchy feet

Run some hot hot water. Either in a bath tub or if your shower has a extension. You don't need to soak your feet. Just run them through the hot water a few times. It will sting from the hot water. Then that's it. By the time you get them dry. The itching is gone.
December 25 2014

Joe from United States

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Tilex kills fungus

Tilex is basically just bleach and water. It is a skin irritant, but it doesn't have any systemic effects. It is basically the only thing that works. Of the fungal creams, LAMISIL is the only one that might help. Do NOT get any of the clotrimazole or other anti fungals, they will not be strong enough. IF the skin cracks, apply BACTROBAN (prescription antibiotic cream) or you can try neosporin. The skin crack won't heal without the antibiotic. Put paper or dry toe separators in to stop moisture between the toes. GENETICS is why you keep getting the fungus.

Some folks are susceptible, others are not. All the bs about not going barefoot is just BS because spores are literally everywhere. Me = raging fungus, but the spouse who shares my tub = NEVER any fungus. We are both exposed. HE rewears his socks and HE wears the same shoes all day every day, and everything you are not supposed to do, still no fungus.

So it isn't really about what you do. It is about your genetic makeup. My dad also suffers from raging fungus, but my mom never did. Same story. People will say "don't use tilex" and "you are crazy to use tilex." but why not? It hasn't hurt me yet. BTW I am a physician. LOL. The truth is that the skin does NOT absorb chlorine very well, and hell, you drink it every day in your water. YES it is a skin irritant, but not as irritating as fungus.
December 20 2014

Smaedame from USA

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Read this

Ahhhhhh is the only thing I can say.. I had athlete foot off and on for ever in my life. This recent one was bad, to the point sleeping was almost impossible. I read so many remedies, most I had in house. None worked. Most remedies involved harsh scrubbing bleach, vinegar, baking soda, and took weeks to go through the process. I discovered this on my own having all I could take. My last resort was probably the last thing in house I would have thought of... BEER.. I promise you. Poured a cap full on areas no rubbing, soaking, scrubbing, 3 days 2x a day and I can barely tell it was even there... It's a must try!
September 02 2014

Ormond from Virginia

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Lysol foot soak

Soak your foot in a solution of hot water and a 1/4 cap of lysol morning and night for 3 to 5 days. The solution Drys out your foot and prevents the fungus from growing. Once the fungus is dead and gone, scrub dead skin off with a pumice stone and you'll be left with soft feet.
August 17 2014

Carolyn from Utah

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It works

Go to the ocean, sea salt water it get rid of athletes foot. Or use sea salt with water.
August 06 2014

Missy from Wv

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Vicks vapor rub

I had AF for over a year. Tried vinegar, no help. Infection spread to every toenail and the entire sole of both my feet. My family doc wouldn't do anything and referred me to a pediotrist. It was 6 week wait for first appointment! I started looking online and read about Vicks vapor rub.

I saw HUGE improvement the first 24 hours! Applied morning and night for 1 week and except for 1 toenail infection completely gone. I have been treating the toenail the last 2 weeks by applying tea tree oil morning and evening and vapor rub at bedtime. I doubt I will need that appointment in three more weeks.

Working wonders for me and I just can't believe after all the money I spent on OTC stuff, I cleared it up for $12! If you are like me you just want to clear it up fast and cheap, no long soaking cures for a working mother of 3.
June 11 2014

Tlgal from Michigan

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