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Bladder infection

Over 4 years I've had this It wrecks your life my home source to get rid of it is just to drink heaps of water and hot baths are the best for it. And baking soda does not work for me
July 01 2013

Jaz from Invercargill

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Water and wheat bag

I have been having frequent bladder infections for a straight six months even with me going to the doctor twice to have antibiotics.

Even though the antibiotics did work, the UTI returned after a month or two. My home remedy is simple and it is effective which starts to relieve my pain within an hour. I take ONE ibuprofen tablet, drink a 18 oz water bottle, once with 1/2 tbs with baking soda, the rest straight water. Drink at least three bottles of water a day. If the pain does not subside or you are in extreme pain, I warm up my wheat bag or any kind of heating pad and put it between my legs until the pain goes away. I know it sounds crazy, but it works for me!

I also drink a small cranberry cocktail every night to prevent further infections. At night time when the symptoms show up, I usually took a hot bath with no soap, just water, and simply allowed myself to let my bowels go. Meaning yes, I did pee in the water, but as I was drinking my water with baking soda, I was getting rid of the bacteria through not holding it in. Hope this helps a bit!
June 25 2013

Shaye from Canada

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Baking soda, cranberry juice and honey

I'm coming off the worst bladder infection I've had. When it came on the other night I read on-line about 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water, which I drank every half hour, along with cranberry juice cocktail and ibuprofen since it was the middle of the night and that's all I had on hand.

The next morning I started with cranberry and golden seal pills and straight unsweetened cranberry juice my husband brought back from the health food section of our grocery with lots of water. I'm guessing all the cranberry juice upset my stomach so after a couple days I was back to the baking soda in water, stopping the cranberry juice and pills.

I just had a big tablespoon of local honey a couple hours ago and I feel 100 percent, my urine is completely clear and my tummmy feels great. For years, I drank a little cup of cranberry cocktail in the evening as a preventative and hadn't had a UTI for over 3 years but I had recently stopped.
June 18 2013

Kathy from Brookings Oregon

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Cranberry for prevention

For prevention, cranberry is documented to work, see the literature. It's not to cure an infection, it does something in the bladder wall to build up resistance. Take it faithfully on a routine basis. I recommend the pills rather than juice, both to avoid the sugar and to get a sufficient dose.

There are many formulations and brands, just go by the directions on the label. Availability: Azo-Cranberry at local pharmacy, others from online stores like Swanson Vitamins or Puritans Pride.
Stay hydrated, maintain adequate fluid intake.
May 10 2013

Paul from Miami, FL

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Baking soda in a bath

Drink two bottles of water, then draw a lukewarm bath. Mix about a cup of baking soda in the bath, and sit for about a half an hour. When you get out, distract yourself for around an hour and then go pee. Repeat the next day if needed.
April 27 2013

Joc from U.S.

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Homoeopathy for urinary infection

The classic Homeopathic remedy of Cantharis 30c taken every 2hrs ( max 8 doses ) is the best cure I find. Prompt relief is experienced - with no need to strain the system which I see as a disadvantage with so many other cures.
March 29 2013

Michael Black from London

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Energiser tablets

Energiser tablets vitamin c orange flavour. My symptoms eased in 3 hours. Make up with 200ml water. I was nearly in tears it was so uncomfortable. Thoughts with you all xx
October 16 2012

Lisa from UK

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Combo from this site

Thanks so much for this site!
I woke up this am with worst bladder spasms, which escalated to intolerable, with small clots of blood. Could barely move from bathroom. Took 4 Azo and 1 Bactrim with no relief. So after reading extensively:

1. Drank several glasses of water
2. To tall glass of water added: 1 packet of Emergen-C 1000 mg Vit C supplement, 1 tsp baking soda, 2 tsp Braggs apple cider vinegar (careful it will fizz), drink fast and try not to pee! I made it about 10 min if that. Also took 3 ibuprofen with the drink.

Within 20 min I was out if bathroom and could sit down. Pain became bearable instead of like labor pains. Not a cure, but momentary relief!!! Thanks again
September 20 2012

D from NY

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Baking soda, vinegar baths, d-mannose

I have interstitial cystitis. I was having 1-2 utis every month with blood and excruciating pain. At the onset of symptoms I would drink a glass of water with 1-2 ts of baking soda for the pain. I've started taking baths with 1-2 cups of white vinegar added because baths would always give me a UTI so I had to switch to showers. The vinegar really cuts down on bad bacteria. D-mannose powder is also really great. Doing all of these together I have not had a UTI in 1 year . :)

Ps. When I was in France I was given an orange flavored powder by a pharmacist for UTI. It cured it in under 12 hours. 1 dose. Absolutely amazing. Lost the wrapper so I've never found out what it was. Any ideas?
June 24 2012

FrequentUTI from Nashville tn

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D-Mannose/Uva Ursi cocktail

In a glass with 6oz of water mix:
1-1/2 tsp. D-Mannose powder
1 Dropper full of Uva Ursi extract
and 2 Tbsp. of Cranberry concentrate (Non sweetened.)
do this 3x's a day for 1 week then 2 x's for another week. Try to avoid foods with WHITE flour, artificial sweetners (Stevia is ok)and diet drinks. This cleared up the worst kidney infection I ever had. I was doubled over with back pain and it hurt to breathe in. After the 2nd day of this regimen I had no more pain. Drink a lot of water!!
January 08 2012

Theresa from CA

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AZO and Vitamin C, easy and effective!

I have very bad and uncomfortable UTIs/bladder infections. Thank goodness for this website for pointing me in the right direction or I would probably be staying home from work tomorrow to avoid having to be around people and spend more time in the bathroom :( enough blabbing, this is what I used:

Took 1000 mg Vitamin C
Followed by two tablets of AZO
Followed by two tall glasses of water

Those who drink a lot of water may want to drink double this amount. Within approximately 40 minutes the discomfort was gone. I'm going to keep drinking water and taking the AZO, but we all know that making a doctor appointment can take days, and we want to treat the immediate symptoms so we can live our daily lives until then.
December 04 2011

Nicole W. from San Diego, CA

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Antibacterial hand soap in bathwater

My little girls had many bladder infections until I threw away their regular bubble bath. Their bubble bath was too harsh for them to bathe in. So one day, when they were out of the bubble bath, I substituted antibacterial hand soap into their water. They never had trouble with infections again!
October 11 2010

Teresa from Iowa

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