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Hi there! Except of the baking soda, salt, tees, vinegar and garlic, I can recommend you the vaccine Urovaxom. It contains the E.Coli dead extract which makes your bladder to produce antibodys to the bacteria. It seems to be working...
October 29 2015

Lena from Vienna

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Burning from uti and bladder infection

Apply a little plain yogurt to area around urethra and burning will go away in about 5 minutes...Then see doctor for an antibiotic and drink lots of water to flush out bacteria.
October 19 2015

Nancy from Canada

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Sometimes you need antibiotics

I tried cranberry juice, garlic, vitamin c and probotic. But eventually I ended up getting fever. When you get fever make sure you go see the doc and get antibiotics!! Antibiotics is the only thing that works with fever.
July 30 2015

Daisy from Clevland

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Midnight attack!

Hi...I had been having UTI quite frequently nowadays. Usually in the past, a packet of ural or a dose of antibiotic will kick it out but this time, I've been having re-currant attack. It started 2 weeks ago when I was having UTI with glucose and also bacteria in my urine test and so the doctor prescribed me 3 days of antibiotic and after 3 days I was good.

Then I went on a holiday and did not consume enough water plus took a lot of coffee and sweet stuff so it was back. So another trip to the doctor and another round of antibiotic. Again I was good again after 3 days and happen to take the day off for a cinema trip and as you can't keep running to the loo in the cinema...The pain was back again..I was so fed up with trip to the doctor that I got some UTI home test kit from the pharmacy. The test result show no infection but for some reason I still have the lower stomach pain symptom.

Had not been able to sleep well for the past 2 nites. Last night I woke up at around 4 am to take a packet of ural and put a hot water bottle on the stomach. Did another home kit test again just now and the result was again negative (with positive for blood as having my P).
Had not try cranberry juice before as I am prone to reflux but am thinking of giving it a try today. Am thinking of giving D-Mannose a try too if I can find it over here..Am trying barley water too (home boiled).
July 22 2015

Yvonne from Malaysia

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Desperate - baking soda worked

I WAS DESPERATE AND IT WAS THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. I had a bladder infection that became worse as the night progressed. I tried everything, I was taking massive amounts of cranberry, Uva Ursi, D-Mannanose and friendly bacteria capsule along with lots and lots of water. As the night went I was in incredible pain, fever and no pharmacies were open.

I found this site and noticed that almost 50 percent of the posts indicated that baking soda worked. Here is what I did:

Large glass of warm water with 1/2 Tbs of baking soda and 1/2 lemon.
1/2 hour later thought I was feeling some relief.
1/2 hour after first dosage repeated the above.
15 min. later started to feel more relief, another 15 min later reduced significantly and fell asleep.

1 hour later went to bathroom and no more intense pain in bladder and 75 percent of the burning sensation when I urinated went away. Slept for 4 more hours, and repeated the warm water, baking soda and lemon juice. 30 min. later I am almost normal - I AM AMAZED!
I did it and never needed to take any antibiotics....And I would have if it was not the middle of the night. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR POSTS! I AM SO GRATEFUL!!
June 24 2015

Anne from Hong Kong

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Holy grail of cures!

I'm 19 years old and I frequently get UTI pains. It's frustrating because I've to constantly be near a bathroom and it disturbs my entire routine.

Since the past two days I was suffering from it, I tried the textbook method and kept myself hydrated throughout the entire day, the pain went away but at night it started again. The best part was that I was also on my period so basically it was hell.

At around 3am it got worse and I couldn't sleep so I started to search and I came across this site. I love you guys for posting this stuff. I tried a tsp of baking soda and one tsp of lemon juice and within 15mins the pain went away and I was able to pee like a normal person. Though it kind of upset my stomach a little bit but IT IS WORTH THE RELIEF!
May 14 2015

Tabassum from Karachi

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Thank you

I came across this site last night because I just knew I was starting with bladder infection and I was in pain. And so happy I did. Baking soda and lemon and water totally worked for me....Thanks to you all...
April 23 2015

Jessica from Windsor, Ontario

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A good remedie for uti

I've recently been experiencing mild stinging and constant feeling of needing to pee, and I've tried tons of remedies, none really curing, (lots of cranberry juice can make me very sick to my stomach), and recently I've read that consuming at least a daily intake of 3 glasses of lemon water will work. I've tried the lemon water, which works for about a half hour, then the symptoms re-appear.

I took it upon myself to visit my grocery store, and I purchased a large bottle of HUBERT'S ORIGINAL LEMONADE. I drank a small glass as soon as I got home, and within 10-15 minutes, my feeling to pee and stinging was gone. I'm honest when I say it really works. It's made with only lemons and sugar. All organic. PLEASE TRY FOR YOURSELF! Hope it works. :)
March 07 2015

Eden from From California

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Be sure to drink overnight.

These are all great suggestions, but I have a particularly tenacious UTI right now, and I couldn't figure out why it just won't go away.

I've been taking 1 tsp of baking soda in the morning and at night, drinking water all day long with unsweetened cranberry juice and Emergen-C in it, drinking veggie juice with parsley, cabbage, beets, cucumber, etc. When I realized it was always worse in the morning, it dawned on me that since I don't drink anything overnight, the bacteria are getting a chance to take hold again. So if you're really having trouble with one, try getting up in the middle of the night and drinking a big cup of water with baking soda, to keep the flushing-out going.

I'm going to start doing this, to see if it knocks it out. I'll probably also drink some asparagus water and possibly get some D-mannose today. Good luck, guys!
February 26 2015

Emily from Indiana

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Kicking that infection!

Woke up at 2 am and just KNEW I had a bladder infection. This one went from 0-60 in NO TIME. Pelvic pressure, abdominal pain, even a little blood in my urine. Awful. Miserable.

Determined to kick it, I did a little of EVERYTHING. Tons of water, backing soda in water every two hours, lemon juice in water. 1 ibuprofen tablet, 1000 mg vitamin C, and hot shower. After that, I finally felt the pressure/pain go away, so I took a long nap. After my nap, I had to pee again and was able to pee completely pain free. No blood either!
Had the hubby bring me 100 percent Cranberry Concentrate from The Vitamin Shoppe. Spendy--I think he spent $17--but it's cheaper than going and getting the appointment and lab work. I took a tablespoon, and another dose of baking soda water. We shall see...Maybe I've actually kicked it!!?
February 08 2015

Laura Page from United States

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Uti's frequently. you say it, i get it!

Took 2 urinary pain tablets, 2 tbls of coconut oil, and drank a glass of water with 1 tablespoon of baking soda and I can now sleep with no burning pain!
January 26 2015

Samantha from Vancouver

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I also get UTI's, Bladder Infections, and Bladder Irritation very frequently. I actually got a VCUG done today to make sure my urine was not refracting back into my kidneys. Uncomfortable procedure by the way.
What I do to prevent infections and irritation is pretty simple. I take cranberry pills every other day along with my vitamins especially if I feel any irritation at all. I also drink cranberry tea which I find at my local grocery store. I love this tea! You are getting a full glass of water while drinking it and it has a high content of cranberries in it.

So if your sick and tired of drinking plain water try this tea. It helps me out with or without irritation. I thought I was alone and the only one who got UTI's this frequently. Glad to see I'm not.
January 21 2015

Jessie from California

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