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December 30, 2013
I have an interstim implanted in my back that is supposed to stop UTIs because of how severe mine were. And I still got 2 UTIs in a month and I tried EVERYTHING but the only thing that seemed to work is pickle juice!! Works so perfect!!
Jessica from Ohio


Lemon, honey, garlic...

December 27, 2013
I just got out of the worst uti of my life the pain I would experience was so bad that I wished to die... Personally I hate antibiotics and I don't believe they work... If you are experiencing excruciating pain fill up a bath with the hottest water you can bear then chop lemons into it. Sit in the bath and experience immediate relief. As you sit in the bath squeeze lemon and bath your parts with it. Drink lemon water every 30mins.
Don't stop make it a lifestyle. Two teaspoons of honey each morning and two cloves of garlic 3 times a day will also help. If your pain is unbearable steaming suspending your girly parts over steam will help.
Amabel from Hillside


Quick pain relief

December 22, 2013
I'm 18 and I get about 2 urine infections a month, and it ruins my daily routine and means I have to cancel plans etc. There's a lot of things that stops the pain over days but if you want it to stop straight away then the best thing is to use a hot water bottle, it takes the pain away instantly. Also I use canesten cream I know thrush is different but the cream really soothes the pain. Carry on with the simple stuff as well though like drinking tons of water, and then pee, to flush it out.
Leah Morgan from Reading


Baking soda

December 18, 2013
Hi everyone... I woke up today went to the bathroom and instantly knew I had an urine infection. I Was going to bathroom literally every 15- 20 secs. This is what I did and it helped tremendously, glass of warm water with 3 tsp of apple cider vinegar(from health store not grocery store) drink 2 green teas with pure honey (from health store) 2 Tbsp of baking soda with warm water and down it. I felt like I was normal again and trust me I was suffering bad. But I feel much better now.
Angie from Parry sound ontario


Mrs. M

December 16, 2013
I had a terrible attack in France and in Hungary of cystitis. Both countries had a pharmacist who gave me an entirely HERBAL product. Capsules in France and a dark liquid in Hungary, called Urogen or similar. I was able to translate the ingredients and it was all herbs. BOTH worked in less than 24 hours offering immediate relief.

In the UK I was offered a horrible 5 day course of some filthy antibiotic which made me feel like the walking corpse. And took a week to work. WHY OH WHY cant our medics have a little more training in alternatives. I would go to potassium citrate from over the counter, with horsetail (EQUISETUM) as first choice over here, but I am constantly trying to get that stuff from Hungary. A total miracle and all natural. I say blah to antibiotics. We'll all be immune to it soon anyway the way the Drs over prescribe it.

H202 hydrogen peroxide is another cure all. I take food grade with me everywhere, especially on a plane in a fine spray when people are sneezing all over you. Bicarb too. Good toothpaste when traveling. I think I'll call the Hungarian embassy to find out the name of that dark liquid and store it, IF IT Hasn't been banned by those d...Heads in Strasbourg paid backhanders by big pharma who can't make money out of herbs and h202.... See a vet next time!! (tongue in cheek note)
Janina from Oxfod


Cranberry pills!

December 12, 2013
I'm only 18 and I've had countless bladder infections for a long time. The only thing I've found that works are those cranberry pills for bladder health. They're cheap and easy to find at any drug store. It's a great preventative.
Sidney from South Carolina


Cream of tartar

November 16, 2013
Creates a natural bicarbonate reaction in the body. A few shakes in water starts to reduce symptoms. Baking soda would make me nauseated and give me acne.
Chad from France


In response to frequentuti

November 05, 2013
Hi everyone, I am suffering from frequent bladder infections too and what I found to prevent them (not actually cure them) is eat cranberries in all forms (dried, juice, fresh). IN response to Frequent UTI, the name of the medicine the pharmacist gave to you when in France is called "Monuril". It is very strong and very effective but as it happened to me, after several times I had to take it, it was no longer efficient (It is an antibiotic). Take care !
Alex from Lille France



October 20, 2013
As I was reading through I noticed some good ideas on how to try stop/prevent a UTI before you need to see a doctor. However, to the poster that woke up with chills and blood in her urine....I hope your remedy worked well for you. But, if you wake up with night sweats and hematuria you need to go to the doctor. Scratch that, go to the ER. Those are more concerning signs and you could possibly have phylonephritis and by ignoring it you are risking permanent damage.
Neb8fan from KC


Here to help

October 06, 2013
I get them quite frequently as a result of my enough water and too much 'fun'. I find trying to clear your mind helps, just focusing on something else and breathing slowly and deeply can help calm yourself down which helps calm down the pain. Also my boyfriends grand dad bought some medicine over the counter that I can barely drink because it makes me gag but does the trick, it's something like cystitis relief and its got potassium and stuff in it Hope this helps, got it right now and am feeling your pain!
Abi from Somerset


Drink and un inflame!

September 18, 2013
My classic remedy- 1L of water and cranberry juice during attack with 500-1000 mg Ibuprofen. I swear by this even when double in pain, I took this in one go and within a few minutes was pain free, within 30 was able to pass water properly and no swelling! Take cranberry capsules/ tablets daily to stop e coli build up and keep hydrated, now ciggies/caffine cut down sugar, salt, yeast and dairy : )
Katy from Southampton


Baking soda. holy cow it works.

September 09, 2013
I was miserable in the middle of the night in extreme pain from a UTI. A cup of baking soda mixed in water, followed by plain water took the pain away and I got some sleep. Two hours later I see my urine is clearer and i'm doing another glass. I am also taking a vitamin C supplement with each glass because I hear his helps. Im just going to do this for the day and see if it works.
Ami from NY


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