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This stir is azaming....

July 31, 2014
So it's 6 in the morning and IV been up all night with server burning when I pee couldn't get off toilet. I found this site and tried a few thing.
Here's what worked:
1000 mg Motrin
1/2 tbs baking side in warm water( worst taste ever) drank it.
Drank Huge glass of cranberry juice
Took 2 AZO standard
And took a hot bath.

I'm back in bed burning when I pee is gone. Feeling way better now time for some sleep. Thank everyone for the help!
Sarah from Texas



July 17, 2014
Yes D-Mannose is very effective in treating uti's BUT only for e-coli bacteria. Since the majority of uti's are caused by e-coli I can see why it gets so much praise on this site. Sometimes D-Mannose works for me and sometimes it doesn't, now I know why. Prevention for me has been 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water once a day and after sex. This has worked really well for me.

Unfortunately 2 days ago I had to pee really bad and couldn't find a bathroom and held it in, the next day I had a uti. I broke the 'bathroom breaks' rule, go even if you don't feel like you have to. I'm trying the baking soda remedy with the uti I have right now and it seems to be helping. I just had a uti 2 months ago, this has been going on for 20 years now.
Kelly from Maryland


Canesten cream

July 09, 2014
I don't know why, but Canesten cream works really well for my UTIs. I hope that there are no detrimental effects, but honestly, it takes the pain and irritability away so I keep going back to it...
Michelle from Canada


Sweet relief!

July 04, 2014
I had recently got a uti and went to a doctor for it, was prescribed 5 days of antibiotics (normally its 7) and was fine-for a few days. A few days after being sexually active again the uti was back, after I took ALL recommended precautionary measures. I didn't not understand why it was happening, and still don't, but with no medical insurance I didn't have time to figure it out.

My mom (thank god for her!) Suggested I get some baking soda and mix it with water. I did this while taking azo's pain relievers, so I couldn't feel the difference, but I could see my urine clearing up! It does upset your stomach, at least the first time you drink it, but the relief is soo much worth it.
I cant explain how thankful I am, its a day after I started and all my symptoms are gone!

I truly hope this works for someone else, I know how helpless you can feel, especially when you don't have health care. I still understand why I keep getting these, even though I did everything I could to prevent it. But at least I have a solution until I can figure that out. Again, I hope this help as many people as possible.
Baking soda is a whole lot cheaper than a doctors visit and antibiotics!
Young uti sufferer from Vegas


Frequent bladder infections

July 01, 2014
I woke up with terrible pain in my bladder and abdomen. I had the urge to urinate as soon as I woke up and even after I went to the bathroom I still felt pain. I read a few other posts about how women used garlic to cure their infection. I was a little skeptical and didn't know if I could handle eating a raw garlic clove. I got over my anxieties because I would try anything that would get rid of my pain.

So I chopped up a clove of garlic, took a swig of water popped the chopped up clove into my mouth and swallowed. To my surprise I didn't even taste the garlic at all. On top of that, I started to feel better almost instantly! The pain in my abdomen was slowly decreasing starting from the top down. Then I went to the local health food store and purchased a bunch of Kombucha, which is a organic raw drink made from fermented tea. It has tons of probiotics and antioxidants. I noticed that my symptoms were completely gone after eating the garlic and drinking the kombucha.

What a relief that I didn't have to go to the doctors just to be put on more antibiotics that work for only a week and then the infection comes right back. Also, not being able to afford health insurance, buying a bulb of garlic and some kombucha is way cheaper than paying for a doctors visit with prescription medicine. I hope this helps some other people out there.
Leah from Atlanta


5 hrs of neutral

June 03, 2014
5 hrs of neutral I had blood in my urine and it was painful going to the bathroom. (Shocking pain, really. But not long lasting.) I thought SURELY I will be going to the doctor to get an antibiotic that will get rid of my bladder infection, but leave me with a YEAST infection!
But by BEING PATIENT, like Stephanie from Florida suggested in her Jan. 5, 2014 entry, I believe I've won out. 7 hours into it, my symptoms vanished by 98 percent! Here's what worked for me, after reading many entries here.
Every half hour or so, for 5 hours, I ingested something Neutralizing. (5 hrs b/c then I had to go to bed) ... It went like this...
I ate half cup of organic Blueberries.
I drank PURE CRANBERRY JUICE, One Huge Glass. No Sugar. Just down it.
Half hour later, I took 2 - 500mg tablets of CRANBERRY.
A half hour later, I squeezed a lemon and drank it with a bit of almost boiled water and honey.
Next, I ate a Major GREEN SALAD, with lots of Natural Apple Cider Vinegar and Olive Oil. (organic Spinach, Arugula, Romaine, Onion, Garlic, Celery, Carrots) ... No Feta, No Nuts : (
Next half hour, I drank a cup of water mixed with 1 TBL Baking Soda. (this may have caused a bit of a headache, and a bit of a gurgling stomach ... on top of the salad -- just fyi, maybe wait for salad to digest more) (but I was anxious "Get it in there, Get it all in there.")
Next half hour, I a major glass of water.
An hour later, I took 2 more 500mg tablets of Cranberry.

Somewhere in there I did Yoga Postures which strengthen the 2nd Chakra, where your bladder lies -- 21 Cat/Cows, 21 Pelvic Lifts, 3 min. of Butterfly, 21 Kundalini Frog Poses, 3 min of Kundalini Sat Kriya.
I've been wiping with Hydrogen Peroxide after I go to the bathroom.

I went to bed at 9 pm, and when I woke to pee at midnight, I could ACTUALLY Pee with NO PAIN. At 5 am, same thing -- No Pain. It is 7 am now, and I can feel remnants of this UTI, BUT, I'm sticking with Neutralizing my Urinary pH, by ingesting NOTHING acidic today ... no coffee, no caff tea ... Starting off with Lemon water. And probably for a few days.

Thank you all for your advice. Even though the Pure Cran Juice cost $10, and the supplements were $17, I'd far rather buy these things than pay for a doctor and pay for a prescription (that will leave me with a yeast infection. Should I repeat that again ... Yeast Infection -- YUK).
Robin T. from Annapolis, MD


Frequent uti's.

May 23, 2014
I'm only 17 years old, and for the past 6 years I've had problems with my bladder. I was tested for IC (intersitial cystitis) and I have frequent UTI's. Depicting whether I have a uti or IC inflamation is my most difficult task. But today I've noticed it's more than just acidic foods bothering my bladder tonight.

I've left work crying, running straight to the little clinic so many times the medicine doesn't work anymore. Over time my home remedy has become a big coffee cup with warm water, lemon juice, and a heaping teaspoon of baking soda. I run a bath as hot as I can stand to sit in it, no soaps, just hot water. Turn some soothing music on, and sip my coffe mug.

In about 20-30 my urge to pee every 5 seconds is over, the pain is gone, and I can return to my bed again.
Learics from KY


Bladder expansion and contraction

May 20, 2014
Cranberry pills used to work easily for me when I had e-coli UTI's. But I got a different partner and started getting aggressive Staph Saprophyticus UTI's. The same tricks stopped working. I'm working on different solutions

1. Intensely Expanding and Contracting the Bladder - My theory is that Staph Saprophyticus produces a hard-core biofilm that can protect colonies from being washed out easily with fluids. Cranberry pills and baking soda block staph from attaching to bladder walls and creating new biofilms, but do not disrupt established biofilms on their own according to studies. My strategy is to drink a huge volume of water and try to hold it to expand the bladder - i.e., 2 cups of baking soda water at the top of the hour and one cup of plain water every 15 minutes thereafter. Then literally push this water out forcibly and continue to contract the bladder on-and-off for a few seconds. Since the entire bladder is like a bag of muscle, it seems like you could physically disrupt these slimy biofilms by intense expansion and contraction.

2. Probiotics - this time around I've been drinking keefir. Apparently 3 strains of probiotics can cling to the urethra like e-coli and staph saprophyticus: L. crispatus, L. rhamnosus, and L. fermentum. Since my keefir has L. Rhamonus, I've been drinking it and applying it topically. While having the UTI, I have taken showers instead of baths, only washed with water, and let things breathe down there.

3. no caffeine and no sugar while having a UTI - these literally feed the beast.

4. garlic - cranberries and water seem to be bacteriostatic. I need something bacteriocidal. So I've been eating raw garlic 3X a day. Curcumin is also effective against staph sapro, but I do not know if it makes it to the bladder in an effective way like garlic.
Cday from Atlanta, Georgia


The best remedy for bladder infection!

April 27, 2014
The best remedy for Urinary Tract Infection is Uvamin Capsules 100mg. It's a lemon-colored capsule that comes in a packet of 20 and it was manufactured in Switzerland. Check online to see where you can get it, if your country doesn't have it. I bought my packet in Trinidad West Indies. I used to have this problem regularly, especially when I shall eat hot chili peppers and didn't drink enough water. I'm a person that has to force myself to drink water. Very rarely I'd get it if I happen to get a bruise during sex or if I didn't empty my bladder soon after sex. Also if I wore a tight fitting Jeans for many hours, all these things can be the cause.

For 5 years I didn't get it and yesterday I made the mistake of eating hot chili peppers and again I didn't drink enough water. But from the time I felt the burning was coming on I immediately took one Uvamin Capsule. I drank lots of water and within 25-30 minutes I was well.

With this capsule you wouldn't have to take any pain tablets or use any hot water bottles. There won't be any pain because you'll feel better very quickly. I don't leave home without this capsule being in my hand bag. You never know when you'd need it, it's better to be prepared.
Hope this helps everyone as it helps me. God bless you all.
Sandra from Toronto


This helps the burning and stinging

April 12, 2014
After Frequent Trips To The Bathrooms And LOTS Of Burning And Stinging I Realized Pouring A Cup Of Hot/Cold Water (Your Choice) Over Your Lady Parts While Urinating Stops Or Numbs The Burning And Stinging!
Raven from Jacksonville


To help cure

April 01, 2014
There's no one cure - but together a bunch of things can USUALLY stop it - in it's tracks.

To cure it:

1) Baking soda with lemon juice in one glass of water. Consume every three hours.
2) Cinnamon and honey in one glass of water. Consume as often as you would like.
3) Asparagus and the asparagus juice/water - consume both. At least one can or one full serving in the day.
4) Lots of pure 100 percent cranberry juice with lots of water when the cranberry starts making you sickly. Consume all day.
5) At least two glasses of orange juice throughout the day along with the cranberry and water.

For the pain:

1) hot bath - no bubbles or scents
2) heating pad
3) shower with the shower head pressed on your lower abdomen or your lady parts
4) Tylenol or some pain killer every 4 hours
Jasmine from Canada


Alka seltzer!

March 26, 2014
I am not kidding. We all know that feeling of waking up in the middle of the night having to pee badly and then immediately realizing it's a uti.. Practically the worst thing ever. When this happens to me I just drop one package which is two tablets of Alka seltzer in a large cup of water and CHUG! No joke within a matter of 20 minutes you will notice a relieving difference.

Many people advise baking soda and this works also because Alka seltzer is made up of the same thing as baking soda along with some other stuff. I don't know what it's all called because I'm no doctor. But trust me Alka seltzer works!
Alex from Oregon


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