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Bladder expansion and contraction

May 20, 2014
Cranberry pills used to work easily for me when I had e-coli UTI's. But I got a different partner and started getting aggressive Staph Saprophyticus UTI's. The same tricks stopped working. I'm working on different solutions

1. Intensely Expanding and Contracting the Bladder - My theory is that Staph Saprophyticus produces a hard-core biofilm that can protect colonies from being washed out easily with fluids. Cranberry pills and baking soda block staph from attaching to bladder walls and creating new biofilms, but do not disrupt established biofilms on their own according to studies. My strategy is to drink a huge volume of water and try to hold it to expand the bladder - i.e., 2 cups of baking soda water at the top of the hour and one cup of plain water every 15 minutes thereafter. Then literally push this water out forcibly and continue to contract the bladder on-and-off for a few seconds. Since the entire bladder is like a bag of muscle, it seems like you could physically disrupt these slimy biofilms by intense expansion and contraction.

2. Probiotics - this time around I've been drinking keefir. Apparently 3 strains of probiotics can cling to the urethra like e-coli and staph saprophyticus: L. crispatus, L. rhamnosus, and L. fermentum. Since my keefir has L. Rhamonus, I've been drinking it and applying it topically. While having the UTI, I have taken showers instead of baths, only washed with water, and let things breathe down there.

3. no caffeine and no sugar while having a UTI - these literally feed the beast.

4. garlic - cranberries and water seem to be bacteriostatic. I need something bacteriocidal. So I've been eating raw garlic 3X a day. Curcumin is also effective against staph sapro, but I do not know if it makes it to the bladder in an effective way like garlic.
Cday from Atlanta, Georgia


The best remedy for bladder infection!

April 27, 2014
The best remedy for Urinary Tract Infection is Uvamin Capsules 100mg. It's a lemon-colored capsule that comes in a packet of 20 and it was manufactured in Switzerland. Check online to see where you can get it, if your country doesn't have it. I bought my packet in Trinidad West Indies. I used to have this problem regularly, especially when I shall eat hot chili peppers and didn't drink enough water. I'm a person that has to force myself to drink water. Very rarely I'd get it if I happen to get a bruise during sex or if I didn't empty my bladder soon after sex. Also if I wore a tight fitting Jeans for many hours, all these things can be the cause.

For 5 years I didn't get it and yesterday I made the mistake of eating hot chili peppers and again I didn't drink enough water. But from the time I felt the burning was coming on I immediately took one Uvamin Capsule. I drank lots of water and within 25-30 minutes I was well.

With this capsule you wouldn't have to take any pain tablets or use any hot water bottles. There won't be any pain because you'll feel better very quickly. I don't leave home without this capsule being in my hand bag. You never know when you'd need it, it's better to be prepared.
Hope this helps everyone as it helps me. God bless you all.
Sandra from Toronto


This helps the burning and stinging

April 12, 2014
After Frequent Trips To The Bathrooms And LOTS Of Burning And Stinging I Realized Pouring A Cup Of Hot/Cold Water (Your Choice) Over Your Lady Parts While Urinating Stops Or Numbs The Burning And Stinging!
Raven from Jacksonville


To help cure

April 01, 2014
There's no one cure - but together a bunch of things can USUALLY stop it - in it's tracks.

To cure it:

1) Baking soda with lemon juice in one glass of water. Consume every three hours.
2) Cinnamon and honey in one glass of water. Consume as often as you would like.
3) Asparagus and the asparagus juice/water - consume both. At least one can or one full serving in the day.
4) Lots of pure 100 percent cranberry juice with lots of water when the cranberry starts making you sickly. Consume all day.
5) At least two glasses of orange juice throughout the day along with the cranberry and water.

For the pain:

1) hot bath - no bubbles or scents
2) heating pad
3) shower with the shower head pressed on your lower abdomen or your lady parts
4) Tylenol or some pain killer every 4 hours
Jasmine from Canada


Alka seltzer!

March 26, 2014
I am not kidding. We all know that feeling of waking up in the middle of the night having to pee badly and then immediately realizing it's a uti.. Practically the worst thing ever. When this happens to me I just drop one package which is two tablets of Alka seltzer in a large cup of water and CHUG! No joke within a matter of 20 minutes you will notice a relieving difference.

Many people advise baking soda and this works also because Alka seltzer is made up of the same thing as baking soda along with some other stuff. I don't know what it's all called because I'm no doctor. But trust me Alka seltzer works!
Alex from Oregon


Alka seltzer

March 25, 2014
We all know to drink lots of water, but add alka-seltzer to every few glasses clears it up!
Jessica from Saskatoon


Uti's in the middle of the nihgt

March 18, 2014
After reading many of the suggestions on this site and always wondering if I'd make it to the restroom on time. I decided to head to my neighborhood Rite Aide after my last restroom trip which were coming every 10-15min. It was almost 2:00 in the morning and Thank God Rite Aid is open 24hrs. I probably spent over 15min reading all the items. Finally coming out with some Organic Cranberry Juice cocktail, Nature Made super strength Cranberry 450mg extract tablets with vitamin C (herbal supplement) which states on the bottle 'Promotes Urinary Track and Immune Health'. I almost couldn't make it back home because there were several men in line before me trying to purchase their alcohol before the 2am deadline.

First thing I did returning home was head for the restroom which was now feeling like my second home. Then I poured some crushed ice for my warm Cranberry. Put my pj's back on and headed to bed to make myself comfortable with another suggestion I'd read on the internet. Sit with the bottom of my feet touching and my knees spread apart.
Then I took my Cranberry extra 2-450mg, the recommended amount of Tabler's. I sat on my bed with word-finds book to keep company and until I felt sleepy. Surprisingly the pain went away almost instantly but I think it was because of the leg spread. And the trips to restroom decreased. But be certain that your walkway to restroom is clear because of the XTRA liquid you'll be racing to the restroom to empty your bladder.

I woke up (at) 5:30am and didn't quite make it to restroom in time and had to change from pj's to a nightgown to avoid another incident. I slept on two folded towels comfortably. And for 9hrs :)
Mary from Los Angeles, Ca


Natural uti remedy

March 13, 2014
Natural uti remedy I used to get UTIs all the time. I tried D-mannose and cranberry juice and neither of them seemed to help. I found a natural product online called Comfort teas. It is a little pricey but it works well. I make two cups of the tea when I feel an infection coming on. I drink one after it has steeped for about 20 minutes and let the other cup steep overnight in the refrigerator. After I drink the second cup the next day my UTI is gone.
Ashley from Boston, MA


Cinnamon is helping me today

February 09, 2014
For the - I don't even know how many times anymore (I suffer from UTI it's been 10 years already), I woke up at 5 this morning in pain. It was not the worst one I've ever had but still very annoying, enough to keep me in the washroom instead of my bed. First thing I've done was to drink about 0.5L water and take some tylenol (extra strenght) while I was prepping my cinnamon tea.
I've used 2 cinnamon sticks for a liter of boiling water. I've had 2 liters of this tea already and right now is 1pm and I don't feel the pain anymore. I didn't need any honey, btw, cinnamon is so sweet, much more than I ever thought.

I am trying to avoid going to get antibiotics. I've been taking them for so long already, and after a week without the pills I get UTI again, and again, and again. I'm so sick of taking them. I understand they are important, I just don't think they are working for me anymore though. So today I took the risk of not going to see a doctor. I hope I feel good till one hour before the walk in clinic in my neighborhood closes this evening.
Paula from Vancouver - BC


If you cant get some of that stuff atm

February 02, 2014
Ever since I was like 13(I'm 19,20 in April) I've gotten real bad and very frequent utis to the point where I can't do anything. I used to go home from school they were that bad. First if you've got em cranberry pills. If you don't or like what happened to me tonight they don't work, a nice hot bath lay back relax, and again like my experience tonight, if that doesn't work(I just spent an hour in the tub, layed in bed for about 10 minutes, and bam right back in the bathroom spending another hour sitting on the toilet.. Sorry if that's tmi.) I just found this out. Take your bottoms off, either lay down or get comfortable in whatever position and put your heels together with your knees pointing outward and that'll instantly give you some relief. You just gotta "let it breath" I know I'm finally getting to lay down and hopefully soon I'll get some sleep, so I hope this helps you!
Tina from New York


.....no caffeine

February 01, 2014
I keep reading to cut caffeine but I did that and I felt worse with almost constant bladder spasms until I took an excedrine. I think in reading these suggestions you need to know your own body and do what is best for it.
Kari from TN


Ecoli in your meat

January 16, 2014
Ecoli in your meat Meat, especially poultry that isn't "antibiotic free" or "organic was just recently found to have a strain of ecoli that is antibiotic resistant and causing bladder infections in women. I saw it on the news. I had a uti for two years off and on and three different antibiotics didn't kill it! I now only eat organic meat and have been uti free for over a year! I also take a pro biotic everyday and cook with organic virgin coconut oil which is anti bacterial and anti fungal.

This might sound gross but coconut oil is a great edible lubricant for sex and since its antibacterial, will help ward off getting a uti from sex. Always pee after sex and stay hydrated. I like the honey cinnamon idea too, but u must prevent because it is dangerous to have a uti and let it go. I have never gotten rid of one without the help of antibiotics which I hate because the destroy good bacteria in the digestive system causing IBS symptoms. So the best thing to do are the preventative measures I described above to not get one!
Carolyn Fry from Pa


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