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25 Home Remedies for Asthma

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Drink so much water everyday. I've had asthma for all my life and I tried water and my asthmas gone.
October 16 2008

steven chodes from Monnetry ,South england

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Roex supplements

I was on asthma meds for 25 yrs.
For the last 2 yrs my asthma is 99% gone when I am around cats my lungs get tight.That's it no drugs I used my inhaler 5 times in 2 yrs when before it was at least 2-3 times a day.
I take pc-95[grape seed extract]
Vitimin C

February 03 2008

Eddie Percudani from New York

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If your qualified for an inhaler, you should invest in a nebulizer machine, they are inexpensive and very much effective. You can get saline (distilled salt water) packets. Its a forced mist in your lungs, which forces expansion, and when your asthma is at it's worst your doctor can perscribe you a bronchial inhibitor along with an albuterol steriod, to expand them further and relase the adheased conjestion.
It seems to last much longer than any inhaler, and that can mean weeks... atleast for my son anyways!
Some states may very, however, you may not even need a rx to obtain one, check your local pharmacy.

December 01 2007

Aleshia from Idaho, ID USA

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Drink Lots of Water

A friend of mine who had suffered with asthma and had been on steroids multiple times a year for years finally went to a naturopath who studied her diet and found she wasn't drinking enough water! Once she started drinking 8 cups a day as recommended, she was able to stop her meds entirely and now 2 years later...still has not had an episode that requires steroids to stop her coughing.
November 17 2007

Anonymous from Seattle, WA USA

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Asthma quick relief

If you don't have an inhaler or you just want something not drug related try taking 3 Altoids for quick relief from an attack. The Altoids are so strong until they immediately open up your airway.
September 14 2007

Jocelyn from Cincinnati,OH

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Fish oil or flax seed oil

Follow instructions on the bottle. Takes about 2 weeks for results.
May 15 2007

terri g from warren RI

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apple cider vinegar

okay so I have only been doing this for about 2 weeks but I'm totally amazed with the results. I take a tblsp of Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar(with the "mother" in it) it immediately acts like my inhaler & I can take in a deep breath. It has been helping with other things as well but I have had very bad asthma since 18 months & have used my inhaler at a minimum of 4 times a day for the last 28 years never has anything brought me back down from an attack like the vinegar. I have only used my inhaler like 4 times total in the last 2 weeks. It's amazing so far & I will keep you updated!!!
April 07 2007

Sister Kaytee from Springfield,Mo

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Oil Pulling

in addition the ACV I have also discovered oil-pulling. A tblsp of Sesame Oil breaks down the mucous that is bulit up in your lungs and allows you to release it painlessly. It works almost instantly and you don't cough and hack the stuff up it just comes out very smoothly. I did this for a few days until I stopped getting stuff up. My chest feels alot lighter. It is wonderful for asthmatics but great for anyone who is congested.
April 07 2007

Sister Kaytee from Springfield,Mo

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Easy Breathing!

I was born with asthma and was always told by the doctors that the best 2 places to live are Florida and Arizona. I grew up in Florida, but always had attacks that landed me in the hospital 4 times a year for 2 weeks each time. I then moved to Tennessee when I married and was scared that the cold weather would kill me. Oddly enough, the cold air makes breathing easier for me, so now I set my a.c. to 68 degrees year round. 1 year our power went out and I awoke to a pitch black house and no air circulation. I could not find my inhaler, so I went straight for the freezer and breathed in the cold air. It works every time for me! Try it.
October 19 2006

Julie Wilder from Tennesse

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With Out Inhaler

If you get an attack and dont have your inhaler in hand. Simply get a container with water and warm it in a microwave or stove,after removing the container out of the heat get a towel and cover your head over the container and breath all the vapor that comes out. Make sure to be as close as you can stand the heat. This will help your lungs open up to allow air in. Its works like the inhaler but in less time and without drugs.

Hope this will help you as it does to me.

April 17 2006

I.A from Laredo,TX USA

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Vitamin B6 for Asthma

Studies were proven years ago that children taking 200 milligrams of Vitamin B6 daily, experienced fewer asthma attacks, less wheezing, less coughing, tightness, and breathing difficulty. As a result less medication was needed.

Keep in mind, it takes about a month to see improvements, but it's still better than the dangerous side effects of the drugs and bronchial inhalers they are using today.
March 08 2006

C. Calhon from Iowa

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oatmeal and asthma

When I start to feel my airways tightening up I make me a hot bowl of oatmeal or cream of wheat. It helps me to do two things:

1. the heat opens the bronchial tubes

2. it helps me to relax, which in turn, helps me automatically to lower my heart rate and breath easier.

My grandmother use to do this for us. It helped both of us to arrest the attack BEFORE it got bad.
December 01 2005

Barbie from Oklahoma, USA

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