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25 Home Remedies for Asthma

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Asthma symptom of heavy breathing

I had asthma for about 2 years. After I was diagnosed I got all sorts of allergies: home dust, grass, ragweed, all chemicals. I was always exhausted and stuffed up. I stopped enjoying my life. What I learnt later changed my life.

Asthma is nothing but symptom of heavy breathing (hyperventilation). In fact, asthma is all about how you breath! If I breath through my mouth, very frequently, or using chest - I get asthma. If I calm my breathing, do breathing exercises, relax, breath through my nose only, and using stomach ( diaphragm) - my asthma disappears. Of course it sounds too easy to be truth, specially if you are asthmatic for your entire life. The trick is to transition from heavy breathing to light breathing. There is no magical pill for this and it takes a big effort and power of will! You basically have to retrain you brain for a new pattern of breathing. It was worth it for me! To transition I used is Buteyko method. It is bunch of breathing exercises. After couple of weeks I felt much better and after a month - no inhaler and allergy drugs! I am 2 and a half years free of all this! One person I know achieved same result by practising hatha yoga (Ha?Havidy?). Right breathing improves your entire health! Be healthy and breath light!
November 21 2015

Alex from ON, Canada

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Quick fix

In the event you find yourself having difficulty breathing and have no inhaler grab the jar of pickles from the fridge! Yup. Cold pickle juice will open airways.
October 21 2015

Ashley from Oklahoma

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Panchendiya wardhan oil

This oil used in India form ancient age two drops at morning and at bed time in nose keeps you from breath related problem.
December 14 2014

Kailash Patil from India

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Naturally prevent an asthma attack

1. Optimize digestion

Poor digestion can create toxins in the body that can lead to inflammation.

Add herbs and spices to your diet that promote having more frequent bowel movements. Garlic, ginger, aloe, senna, cascara sagrada, barberry, clove, and turmeric are all helpful in promoting good digestion.

Eliminate foods that cause digestive problems. A good starting place is to remove refined sugar, refined white flour, and dairy as they all have negative effects on the digestive system.

Add digestive-friendly foods to your day with green smoothies. One of green smoothie a day can give your body a much needed boost of vitamins and minerals. Here is an example of my typical daily green smoothie, water, coconut water, ginger root, celery, kiwi, parsley, and romaine lettuce.

Chew your food thoroughly. This one may seem simple, but it was actually hard for me. I’ve been scarfing my food down since I was a kid. But the benefits are too good not to keep practicing. It allows more nutrients to be absorbed and it allows your stomach not to work so hard since the pieces of food are much smaller.

Try intermittent fasting. Just don’t eat sometimes. I’ll have to admit this one sounded crazy to me, I love to eat, and I was sure I would starve! But one Sunday I went for it. I didn’t eat for 24 hour and I lived to tell the tale, in fact I felt really good during the fasting! The major benefit to this approach is it gives the digestive system much needed rest.

2. Stay hydrated.

Drink plenty of water. This will help the mucus in the lungs from becoming sticky. It’s easy to lose track of this step during the busy day and with so many other drink options available water can be overlooked.

3. Retrain your breathing.

Breathing should be done effortlessly through the nose. If you are a mouth breather or a heavy breather it would benefit you greatly to start practicing gentle nose breathing. This was easier said than done for me as I was a heavy mouth breather. But with practice and the help of a couple of breathing training devices I was able to get it under control and I am so much better for it!

4. Walk or participate in low impact exercise

Having asthma is a great excuse for not working out, after all you don’t want to get yourself all worked up and induce and asthma attack. But you’ll find that walking or other low impact activities like qigong can improve asthma control because they can be done while maintaining gentle nose breathing.
September 19 2014

Jesse Martinez from Iowa

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Play at he beach really help my son's Asthma.
April 19 2014

Jj from Hawaii

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Sea water in an asthma nebuliser

(Obviously) I have asthma. I have become sensitive to all the chemical products, even Salbutamol. I get a sore throat or thrush with every one and the inhaled cortico steroids gave me such bad thrush that it damaged my vocal chords. THAT'S not in the listed side effects. I find 10 percent isotonic nasal sprays useful in keeping my upper respiratory tract clear and I have a 'Himalayan Salt Inhaler' but it doesn't work fast enough if I feel my chest tightening. I watched a documentary about particle pollution and the person they were measuring was given salt water mist to inhale to loosen his lung secretions so he could cough up samples for examination.

Asthma for me is more about sticky secretions than narrowing of the airways. My asthma is more alveolar and less bronchial. So I wondered if sea water would 'nebulise.' I got a bottle from the coast away from 'civilisation' and filtered it through a coffee filter then added 15 mls to the nebuliser that I normally use for the ventolin and hey presto - nice vapour coming off. Before treatment, peak flow was 540. An hour after treatment, 600. For me 600 is unusually high. It's worth trying for you.

Obviously keep ventolin ready, but the more natural action of saline mist may cause less harm and it's virtually free. I think you can buy 10 percent isotonic saline if you don't fancy sea water. Or you can make a saturated solution of salt in distilled water by dissolving table salt until no more will dissolve, then mixing 10 units of that 'brine' with 100 units of pure distilled water. If in doubt don't - consult your doctor. Don't cease conventional treatment for no reason. Test any treatment with before and after peak flow readings but wait an hour for the lungs to clear.
April 05 2014

Paul Worden from Portland Australia

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I had horrible asthma throughout my childhood and into my 20s. I quit eating all dairy products including yogurt, cheese and anything that contained whey or other small amounts of dairy products when I was 28 yrs old.
Within 3 weeks I was able to discontinue taking all the medications the doctors had put me on including inhaled steroids, salmeterol and albuterol. A year later I took up cross country skiing without meds. It is difficult in American society to avoid ALL dairy products but it has been well worth it for me.

When I cheat and have something containing dairy it doesn't always cause immediate asthma but it does make me more susceptible to other allergens and if I cheat more than a little, I return to having difficulty breathing within a few days.
I have found that my allergy is to the protein in milk and NOT the lactose. Soy cheeses often contain milk protein called "casein" or "caseinate." There are lots of great substitutes for ice cream, yogurt (Silk and SoDelicious are the best), sour cream and cream cheese(Tofutti), and cheese (Vegan Gourmet). Breath easy........

November 22 2009

Victoria from Salt Lake City, UT USA

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What are you eating?

Serious, on-going asthma symptoms have affected me for over ten years. After trying lots of natural remedies I started looking at my diet. Through a process of elimination I have determined that wheat and gluten are the cause. Not sure which yet. But I find if I stay away from both...although it's not easy, my asthma symptoms are almost non-existent.
November 14 2009

Patricia Morgan from Concord, NC

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Halls cough drops and Hot herbal tea

Brew some caffeine free herbal tea, but be sure and squeeze some fresh lemon juice in your tea...then be sure and suck on some Halls..(I prefer the sugar free type)...this will help.
November 11 2009

Lori A. from Wellborn,TX USA

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One pot of coffee a day, I got asthma when I was 15 and I'm 45, my asthma is very bad.
October 20 2009

lee from Ontario CA USA

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Get hard or go home

I've had asthma since I was a child and lately I've been getting it really bad, I've been making love non stop with my beautiful wife and its been helping my fitness and my asthma is cured.
October 02 2009

laurie from Mackay, qld australia

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cayenne pepper 60 heat / fenugreek seed ground up 1tsp x 2 d

I take cayenne pepper 60 heat "o" CAP'S 3X day and fenugreek seed that I grind up and use 1 tsp X 2-3 day .
Cayenne pepper also stops pain of my Arthritis .
Fenugreek stops all inflammation in the lungs .
When I forget to take them I get filled up so bad that I can't eat because of the inflammation .
To find out more about both do a yahoo search on them with medical info after them .
I also drink lots of water or herb tea and Kombucha tea
December 16 2008

Susan Cole from Beverly , Mass . USA

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