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67 Home Remedies for Acid Reflux

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Organic or raw milk

Try drinking organic or raw organic milk during an episode. It sooths the burn and pain. It doesn't take much but sip at least half a cup or more.
Repeat throughtout the day and before and after meals too.
October 13 2008

wishuponamural.com from Michigan

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Really works

Before you eat an acidic meal like pasta and meatballs for example drink 2 to as many glasses of milk before or during your meal the milk acts as a base cancelling out the acids and neutralizing your stomach in a way.
July 21 2008

Troy from somewhere, USA

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Acid reflux

My family uses dill pickle juice and It works great.
If anyone has this condition, use either dill pickle juice or sweet pickle juice.
July 16 2008

theresa from indiana

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Deep breathing and heating pad

Close your eyes, inhale, count to 3 slow, exhale, count to 6 slowly. Do this for two minutes. Also works with a heating pad on a chest.
May 14 2008


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Eat a spoonful of mustard

Any kind of mustard will neutralize the acid in your stomach. Take a spoonful of mustard and let it slide slowly down your throat, coating it (don't swallow it quickly). You'll feel immediate relief.
April 29 2008

Cherry from New York, NY

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Coconut Oil and Raw CIder Vinegar

I had been on prescription acid-reflux medication for 11 years, and using this remedy have not needed a pill for about a year now. Take one tablespoon of Raw extra virgin organic coconut oil once in the morning, followed by a teaspoon or two of Raw apple cider vinegar mixed in a small glass of water. Repeat this process in the late afternoon or evening, prior to dinner. Take an extra dose of the vinegar beverage at any point throughout the day as needed or desired. The remedy can also be reduced to a teaspoon of coconut oil before each meal along with the vinegar beverage if desired or easier with your daily schedule.
August 21 2007

Erica from PA

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Add Acid .....don't Antiacid

I have found that adding pickles or pickle juice removes the acid reflux. The suggested remedy is apple cider vinegar and stomach enzymes.
I just have some tuna salad with pickles, or up my pickel intake some other way.
I was on the little purple pill for 2 years before I found this remedy. Hope it helps!

July 16 2007

Tammy from South Carolina, USA

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Cure for acid reflux

Eat slow and don't eat for three hours before bedtime. Watch the food you are eating, stay clear of all acidly food after lunch and sleep with your upper body tilted six inches.
June 16 2007


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Elevate the head of the bed to prevent acid reflux

Try this...One brick placed under each bedpost at the head of the bed... Elevates your head and torso enough to prevent the reflux and you get a good nights sleep. This was recommended by my doctor... And If you like to sleep on your side...Sleep on your left side. This works for me as well.

Another thing I try to do is not to eat after
6:oo PM and certainly not within 4 hours of going to bed.

I have also had luck in the past using slippery elm...Singers and speakers often use this for sore throat as well.

June 10 2007

Bobbi henderson, health coach from New Port Richey, FL

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Chamomile tea

I find that chamomile tea, sipped throughout the day, greatly helps to keep my acid reflux at bay. This article Acid Reflux Remedies gave me the idea and also suggests peppermint and ginger as possible cures for heartburn.
May 22 2007

Gilly from Bloomington, IN, USA

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Apple cider vinegar

When you're really in agony, just swallow 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. It will burn for a second or two, but after a few minutes you'll feel much better.

Also, you can prevent acid reflux symptoms by dissolving 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water and sipping it slowly once a day.

This cure has changed my life.
May 16 2007

Anonymous from Los Angeles, CA

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Himalayan Goji Juice

This exclusive product has helped my body become normal. Goji has a unique ability to help restore the cell to cell communication and bring the body from an acidic state to an alkaline state. I sleep soundly now and I have noticed improvement and continue to notice improvement for acid reflex, to menopause symptoms, to energy improving. This has also helped my husband for pain in his knees to weight loss, it is simply an amazing product.
Only one Goji is the true Goji, and that is from Dr. Earl Mendel. FreeLife International.
For more information, go to www.jcgoji.com

April 05 2007

Marilyn from Lancaster, PA

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