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Grape Juice

Old Orchards Grape Juice (made with 4 cans of water).
January 14 2013

Joeyslaptop from Vancouver, WA

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Two things that work

Firstly, there are lots of things on this page that will work, thank you enormously for posting. WE are better than those nasty tests that are costly and wind up with a purple pill prescription. Secondly, the reflux is there for a reason, it is telling you something.
We, as a nation, are overeating, we are not eating the right things, and we can't expect to go to bed four hours after a heavy meal and not have something happen.

For acid reflux introduce celery into your diet--big time. It works when having a gall bladder attack. If I know I have eaten too heavily, too late, I will eat celery before I go to bed, it works every time.

Again, this is the symptom, it needs to be listened to--change the diet, change the habits. Also, eat a handful of raw almonds---not the kind in the can, not salted and roasted, raw whole almonds like at the health food store. We have to think---we were not put on earth to take pills for ailments. We must look at the ailment and wonder what we can do to untie the knot we put there.

Too much food that is sloshing around is going to cause reflux after lying for a few hours. Change it.
June 18 2011

Jampact5@yahoo.com from Silver Spring, MD USA

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My whole family and everyone I know uses Apple Cider Vinegar "with mother". Bottle must say "with mother"! Its pure and unfiltered. 1 teaspoon in 6 oz. of water twice a day. Its awesome how fast it works. Works for many, many other things too. My 5 sons and whole family knows!
August 15 2010

TKO from WinterHaven, FL

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Treatment for acid reflux

I eat anything I desire but sometimes I have an extremely difficult time swallowing. I have a chronic and severe acid reflux.
My internal mouth and throat are thick blister cluster covered. Sometimes large blisters form over existing blisters.
I heat hot spicy foods (very carefully) and other foods.
I take Zantac. It completely relieves my symptoms.
If I drink Lipton tea or Jasmine tea, the blisters subside a little.
The best remedy for the blisters is Potassium Gluconate. It will almost eliminate the blisters completely (temporarily). The reddish flesh under the blisters in my throat become visible after 2-3 tablets.
June 10 2010

Robert Hocker from Texas

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dgl tablets

Take 1 dgl tablet (deglycyrrhizinated licorice) 20 minutes before each meal and 2 at bedtime. They can be bought in a health food store or on line. I tried everything and nothing helped until I tried this. Keep taking them for a few weeks and you will see a difference. I now can eat mostly anything and when I do eat something that bothers me I take a dgl and it goes away almost immediately. I don't know if all brands are the same but I buy Enzymatic.
March 23 2010

dk from Pennsylvania

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Acid reflux different 4 everybody

Not all cures will help with the discomfort of acid reflux. So what ever remede you find that works, STICK WITH IT.
March 20 2010

Stephanie from Silverhill, AL

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Baking soda

Take a cup and put about 1 to 2 teaspoons of baking soda in it put some water in there and drink it then fill the cup up w/water and drink. You will burp with in like 10 15 secs and your heart burn is gone.
March 10 2010

nate from nc

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Acid Reflux cure that works

I knew the Key out of Acid Reflux is: you need to keep the body alkaline, the bad bacteria don't like an alkaline environment.
Stop take the omeprazole (Prilosex) and starting taking a of Jarro Dophilus EPS (can find it in health store). In +/- 3 days you should started to feel the difference. You should be able to eat more verity of food.
Aloe vera juice before every meal
Eating every 3 hrs small meal. No row vegetable - fresh steam vegetable only and protein. No oily or greasy food at all, not black chocolate , not alcohol, no caffeine, no soda and not spices in your food. Avoid hot water, somehow my system did quite down with colder drink and food.
Eat protein and green veg. 3 time a day and a lot of low fat low sugar organic yogurt as snack and all day.
I take 4 pills a day of Jarro Dophilus EPS . One pill 45 min before every meal to help my stomach and intestines get their natural bacteria back while controlling the excess of acid the stomach is creating. Drink the pills with hot water It makes swallowing the pills easier.
I drink Apple Cider Vinegar (2 table spoons in 0.5l drink of water) throughout the day with a lot of water.
I don't mix the protein & green vegetable with fruits.
Sugar create more acid so I am very careful with the fruits you eat (low sugar index fruits only) and you don't eat any carbohydrate for the same reason.
I recommend: Cranberry juice-Prune juice (the sugar free type mix with H2O)
2 tea spoons of honey mix with water before eating.
Avocado-apples-banana-melon-walnuts-almonds-tofu-sweet potato-fish-Grilled chicken (legs grilled) easier on your stomach. Not red meat at the beginning it is too hard on the stomach. Camomile tea help digestion process.
Stop eating 3hrs before bedtime. Sleep with your upper body higher - almost in a semi sitting position.
Don't lift weight or jog because it does create too much acid and it may give some palpitations. (Yes, the doctor said that the palpitation have nothing to do with acid reflux-there not connected-well doctor have news for you everything is connected and how can a super athlete with no hard problem get some palpitation every time his stomach create too much acid).
To avoid the palpitation, ride your bike slowly without too much effort, and also walk. Space out our workout throughout the day.
it take time and patience.
Start fighting back by drinking Apple Cider Vinegar to clean your system and work on increasing the growth of the good bacteria your body need. Mediation is a must in the healing process.
Good luck to you all.

January 27 2010

MrSerge from California

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Stop worring

I say my cure acid reflux was stress, when I stop worrying about everything I stop having problems with acid reflux. Its alright to worry but stop making mountain out of a mole hill. Besides a lot of worrying doesn't change anything if you can not change the problem. I used to think I had stock in whatever heartburn relief there was. When I stop worrying and stop making a mountain out of mole hill I stop having heart burn. I've hadn't a heart burn since I was 18 teen now I'm fifty. And I can eat all spicy foods. And as hot as Mexican can with no heart burn. As the famous words of the beetles once said, Let it be.
January 06 2010

jim from Steele Missouri

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Grated ginger

My husband was recently laid off. We were waiting for Cobra to kick in to cover his prescriptions which included aciphex. While waiting, he had run out of the aciphex and began to complain of pain. So we tried looking for natural cures for his acid reflux. We came upon one that called for 1 tsp of grated ginger. I mixed it with a little water and he drank it down. He says that he felt relief within 15 to 20 minutes.
November 24 2009


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Watermelon & Acid Reflux It Works

I eat a bowl of watermelon after each meal. It thankfully works every time!!!!!!!! Finally something that tastes great!
November 16 2009

Cristie from Olive Branch, MS

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Five Steps

Things that helped me the most:

1) Raise the head of your bed (bed risers at Bed Bath & Beyond)
2) Don't eat anything for at least 3 hours before you go to bed.
3) Avoid pizza, coffee, fatty foods (at least for a few months)
4) Avoid carbonated beverages (even club soda & sparkling water
5) Stop taking all meds - they make things worse.
November 14 2009

Brian from Stamford, CT

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