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My tooth hurts so bad!!!!!! (cencored)

Try eating a banana and drinking some cold milk. Works like a charm for me and I hope it can work for you too. Thank you monkeys for giving us bananas (we are part ape).
February 18 2015

Michael Neff from West Valley City Utah

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Well the best home remedy for me is the panadol.. You just break it into pieces, and put small amount to the hole of your teeth ???? 5 mins the pain's gone.. It will last 24 hours for me!! This is the best solution I know..Try it!
January 30 2015

Liz from Hk

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I'm 19 years old with extreme teeth problems. My dentist decided to leave the glue from my braces on my teeth and I have had bad teeth ever since. I've seen plenty of remedies to try and cure the tooth pain but only a few seem to actually help. The biggest one I use is icy hot on my jaw/cheek where the pain is.
This doesn't solve everything but it does give you instant relief for around 20 minutes. Also putting an ice cube between your thumb and index finger where they connect and keeping it there for 10 minutes is great relief as well.
I know it sounds weird but it helps!

Pure vanilla extract works the best I would say. Just put some on a q-tip or cotton ball and apply it on the infected tooth and it will work wonders!! Tooth pain isn't fun and isn't worth it so make sure you call and get to your dentist asap because the pain isn't worth the fear of going.
January 26 2015

Sam from New Jersey

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The little fairy,milk + aleve

Hello everyone. I've battled with tooth-ache for sometime now, as it comes and goes at will. Last night wasn't an exception as the pain was excruciating coupled with a very severe pain inside my ear. I google for some home remedies and found this site. I tried most of the suggestions here, starting with gagling with some alcohol, warm salt water, toothpaste etc but they didn't work, so, I took 2 tablets of Aleve naproxen sodium, and while waiting for the med to kick in, I took a tin of milk and gulped it down!
After about 15minutes, Voila, the pains were gone and I could sleep for about 3 hours! I know I'm never gonna leave this Aleve out of my apartment!!! It works a great deal with pains!!! Hope it works for someone else! Thanks, people!
January 24 2015

Flora from Nigeria

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Toothache and heating pad comfort.

I think the tooth is cracked. It hurts off and on for a while but of course I ignored it until late on. Friday night I tried warm salt water, but it didn't work and I'm afraid to put anything else on it for fear of making it worse. My mom used to have us put a heating pad on a toothache, but that made this tooth hurt a lot more.

Fortunately I have some left over strong pain medicine, but unfortunately it didn't work, or at least not enough. Then I found myself lying in bed with my hand on the heating pad. In a very short time the tooth eased way back. I removed my hand from the heating pad and the pain went back up. I played around like this for a while and eventually settled down for a good night's sleep with the heating pad across my thighs. It's been almost 24 hours with a few more doses of medicine.

The medicine alone isn't cutting the pain enough, but it's minimal with the heating pad somewhere on my body. The heat is definitely comforting, but I think the warmth is drawing my brain's attention from my tooth pain. Try it even if you have nothing in the house for pain except ordinary Tylenol or Ibuprofen. It can't hurt anything, and it might help. Something is better than nothing.
January 24 2015

Karen from Indiana

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Milk really works

Hi I'm 13 years old and here it is 1:30 in the morning and I've had a toothache all day nothing has worked honey advil orjel nothing I brushed my teeth with sensitivity tooth paste an rinced then I brushed with cold water then took a drink of milk it does taste bad but it works please try it for immediate relief.
January 11 2015

Sara from New Hampshire

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Whisky, vanilla and oregano oil

Soak a cotton ball with colloidal silver, whisky, organic vanilla and oregano oil. It numbs it for about 15 minutes, then take capsaicin cream and rub it on your cheek(very little)

I first tried oil pulling with coconut oil(swishing it in mouth 4 15 minutes and then spitting it out, rinsing with hydrogen peroxide. Then I dabbed cinnamon, cloves and honey on it, but the soaked cotton ball worked a million times better--the alcohol of the whiskey numbs it for a while. I'm gonna keep doing that.
January 09 2015

Connie from California

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I have a MASSIVE TOOTHACHE!! I mixed cinnamon leaf oil, neem oil, tea tree oil, and peroxide in water and used it as a mouth rinse... Along with 2 Tylenol 3's, and Motrin 800! It dulls the pain enough to relax until the meds kick in. The night time is the WORST!! MY GOD!!!
January 06 2015

Smitty from Home

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Make a paste with: 1/2 tsp of Curcumin, 1/2 tsp baking soda, 1 tsp coconut oil - make a thick paste, add more curcumin and baking soda if need be. Apply with a Q-tip to affected tooth/gum. May burn a wee bit, but this really helps! Apply every 1-2 hours and over night. In between rinse well with concentrated sea salt water.
January 02 2015

To Your Good Health from Switzerland

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Cinammon and vanilla extract

I've been having severe toothache for 5 days now, I've taken regular tylenol and aspirin and it didn't work. Went to the dentist two days in a row and they prescribed me tylenol 3, 1 tablet every 8 hours. When I took the first tablet the pain was gone then for the next tablet it didn't seem to work.

I woke up at 2AM with severe pain, now its 6AM I tried everything from garlic, onions it soothe the pain for a few seconds but then it stopped working. Warm cloth against the cheek helps, swishing warm water with salt worked but just a few seconds, then I came across this website and thanks to all you guys I found a remedy that worked well for me.
After a few hours of swishing water with salt I decided to try the cinnamon and vanilla extract, first I swished with vanilla extract then brush the area with cinnamon like you normally do when you brush your teeth then I mixed warm water with vanilla extract and cinnamon in a cup and swished again and this remedy has me in heaven at this very moment.
If your suffering from a severe toothache please try it, it really helps its been almost an hour pain free I can finally get some sleep. I hope this helps and sorry for the now I'm off to bed oh and Merry Christmas eve everyone!
December 24 2014

Chelimar from Springfield, Ma

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I'm currently enduring excruciating pain I've taken 15 pain killers in the past 24 hours and willing to take more if needs be, but I tried vanilla essence swirl it in the area of the sore tooth for as long as you can and it soothes the tooth, the effects of this isn't very long but its long enough to allow a pain killer to kick in! Good luck everybody, there's no worse pain :(
December 21 2014

Ciara from Ireland

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Tooth paste and mouth wash

I have been going through awful pain for about a week now and can't go to the dentist for another two weeks because they are full what has helped me was swishing with mount wash for 30 seconds the applying toothpaste to that tooth with my finger. While the toothpaste is in your mouth, swish with mouth wash again and spit it out. Keep the leftover toothpaste in your mouth. This lasts for about 1 hour. Good luck!
December 17 2014

L.A. from Maryland

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