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Salt warm water....

Boil the water warmly and put some salt to it(you could add on some clove oil if you having or tulsi ) and you should rinse in the mouth and spit the water after sometime.
June 12 2015

Deepak Bn from Bangalore

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This sounds disgusting but.....

I came across this site Healing Teeth Naturally, just as I found this site (around 1am :0) and I came across a practice (with Testimonials) that was quite Intriguing and Equally Disgusting...The Practice of Urine Therapy....And if what these people have been sharing...It may just be something a person who is Desperate enough might "Have To" try. Not just because of the pain they might be enduring, but because of the High cost of Dental care...And therefore no other alternative..

Healing Teeth Naturally, again is the site, Urine Therapy for the Healing of Teeth and Gums is the subject...Also same site...Urine Therapy....Background on the Science and practice of Urotherapy as a cure for Diseases including cancer. (Interesting Read)
May 09 2015

Jamarie from Il

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Vanilla and cinnamon

I have horrible teeth, I am constantly getting cavities and I've already had two root canals by age 18. I take superb care of my teeth, but I'm convinced that some of us just have no luck in the tooth area.

After already taking a prescription strength pain reliever which helped none, I resorted here. I currently just made a paste of cinnamon and vanilla extract and brushed like a tooth paste, I then soaked a q tip in vanilla extract and left it in my mouth near area of pain for a couple of minutes, I am feeling a LOT of relief. It isn't all the way gone, but something is better than nothing!
May 06 2015

Hurting from South

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4am and only just relieved the pain.

I have tried almost everything (shy of actually pulling the tooth out myself) and nothing was working. My solution is far from perfect but enough to get some sleep before I have to be back at work in a few hours.

Gargle strong whisky for 5-10 minutes. It does get a bit uncomfortable but nothing compared to the pain I was experiencing. After about 5 minutes my mouth was pretty numb so now I can get some sleep. The girlfriend wasn't impressed with the smell of the whisky so a quick brush of the teeth and hey presto.
April 18 2015

Steve from United Kingdom

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Ground cloves!!! best pain relief

So I have been experiencing a horrible toothache for about 4 days. I have been taking so much ibuprofen that I finally ran out this afternoon. The pain seems to really hit at night when I try to sleep so I haven't gotten much sleep.
But tonight I am pain free. I first brushed my teeth with baking soda then swished around warm mouthwash. I took some ground cloves and baking soda and added warm water to it. Swished it around for 30 seconds abut 3 times and I have no pain now! Ground cloves and baking soda is the answer!!!!
April 04 2015

Asia from New York

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Late night experimenting

I have tried pretty much everything on here Garlic was good but it wears off Cinnamon was OK as was vanilla extract. Salt water did nothing, mouthwash did nothing I had no cough drops but swished cough medicine around and that helped a bit for a while as it has clove oil, peppermint oil and menthol in it Glad I can try what I DO have in the house thinking of making a TEA out of a mulled wine sachet I have as it contains cinnamon and cloves and may add some honey to it too, might be soothing if I drink / swoosh it around the teeth while it's warm, not hot sleep deprivation is kicking in and yet this is the first time I have tried home remedies rather than high doses of painkillers and so far it has been an interesting experiment as some of the things DO work enough for me to concentrate and be able to write this..

I have a "concoction" of a mouthwash sitting there for me to try including salt, pepper, vinegar, vanilla extract, baking soda, lemon juice, ginger and garlic so it will probably taste RANK but will give it a try and see if it works. Have not tried milk as yet but will probably go to bed with the garlic paste as that seems to be working the best.
It is so good we can share our remedies with others as everyone knows about those awful sleepless nights in pain and if SOMETHING SIMPLE can help which you DO have in the house in the middle of the night then it is a 'natural Godsend!'
April 01 2015

Caz from UK

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Boy im hungry

So I blended a can of vegetable soup in blender and no chewing so problem solved with me not wanting to eat.... Oooh I am at the moment popping Tylenol 800ml every5-6hour garlic did not work ice did not work in my mouth I have been using some baby oralgel along with clove oil.....I need a root canal done but seeing that I cannot afford that I will be getting them pulled...
March 27 2015

Vee from Phx., AZ

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Toothach due to chipped tooth

For me it was 2 weeks of pain after I fell playing basketball at the West Valley City recreation center and hit my cheek on the floor. I thought I just bruised my cheek but it was my tooth. I ended up going to the dentist and having it pulled because it had cracked right through and broke in half. I am happy to have it out. One other way to fix the pain is to eat bananas and drink "COLD" milk.
February 20 2015

Michael Neff from West Valley City Utah

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Healing toothache with nutrition

This is the remedy for healing cavities and sensitive teeth that my family uses: For instant pain relief you can chew on a clove. For deeper healing of your teeth take 1/2tsp cod liver oil 1/2tsp butter oil 2 to 3 times a day I take it in a glass of hot-to-touch water by pinching my nose and washing it down. I usually have to take it 2-3 times before the toothache is gone. During that time I donĀ“t eat, I just drink plenty of bone broth for remineralization.
February 18 2015

Stefan from Austria

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My tooth hurts so bad!!!!!! (cencored)

Try eating a banana and drinking some cold milk. Works like a charm for me and I hope it can work for you too. Thank you monkeys for giving us bananas (we are part ape).
February 18 2015

Michael Neff from West Valley City Utah

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Well the best home remedy for me is the panadol.. You just break it into pieces, and put small amount to the hole of your teeth ???? 5 mins the pain's gone.. It will last 24 hours for me!! This is the best solution I know..Try it!
January 30 2015

Liz from Hk

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I'm 19 years old with extreme teeth problems. My dentist decided to leave the glue from my braces on my teeth and I have had bad teeth ever since. I've seen plenty of remedies to try and cure the tooth pain but only a few seem to actually help. The biggest one I use is icy hot on my jaw/cheek where the pain is.
This doesn't solve everything but it does give you instant relief for around 20 minutes. Also putting an ice cube between your thumb and index finger where they connect and keeping it there for 10 minutes is great relief as well.
I know it sounds weird but it helps!

Pure vanilla extract works the best I would say. Just put some on a q-tip or cotton ball and apply it on the infected tooth and it will work wonders!! Tooth pain isn't fun and isn't worth it so make sure you call and get to your dentist asap because the pain isn't worth the fear of going.
January 26 2015

Sam from New Jersey

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