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Charcoal Remedy

I am a medical missionary and I have found for toothache pain activated charcoal works very well.

You can buy activated charcoal at most any health food store. Take about a tablespoon and mix it in with a little water,mix to a paste consistency. Smear it on a small piece of gauze,and place it directly upon the toothe.

Press down gently. Let it stay upon the toothe. The pain will subside in about 10-15 minutes. I have seen this work over and over again. I have even seen it work with one person where the decay of the toothe was such that the nerve was exposed. When the person was finally able to get a dental appointment the dentist, seeing the exposure of the nerve said to the person, you must have been in great pain. In fact she was until the charcoal poultice came to the rescue.
I hope this helps someone.

God Bless
November 17 2005

Keith M. Henry from Orlando, Fl.

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Baking Soda Comment

Hey guys, I also wanted to mention that the baking soda thing does work, but it doesn't last very long. When I swish around with it, I get relief for maybe 30-60 minutes. Still, it's better than nothing.

Maybe for smaller issues this works really well, but I have a wisdom tooth that has a huge cavity in it. I'm getting it pulled next week, but I'm suffering badly right now. I think we should get 3 sets of teeth... the third one should come in when we're 30 and will appreciate the nice new ones.
November 16 2005

Jason from Pawtucket, RI USA

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I wanted to let the lady that posted the Baking Soda remedy know that I thank her so much. I have a tooth in need of a root canal and another tooth with a cavity. I did what she said to do and the pain is gone. Thank you very, very, much.
November 04 2005

Lavelle from USA

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A Great British Toothache Remedy

I suffer from toothache quite often, and it is horrible and annoying, so what i do is get 2 soluble paracetamol and stick them in luke warm water, then swill in your mouth for a minute and then swallow..firstly it takes away pain in minutes and swallowing it will last you for upto 24 hours.
October 28 2005

scott mcfarland from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England

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toothache relief

Apply oil of clove or a whole clove against the aching tooth to relieve pain. It will quiet the throbbing nerves in a tooth that has lost it's filling.

You can reduce toothache pain by holding an ice cube against the stretch of skin betwwen the thumb and forefinger. Make sure it's the hand on the same side of the body that the toothache is.
October 17 2005

mom from Jasper, IN

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Mouth wash for pain

If you are having pain in your tooth due to tooth ache. Then this is the best way to deal with pain.Using listerene or any other mouth wash.Hold it in mouth were tooth hurts for about a min or two.Then spit out. Pain will be gone.

spring hill,fl
October 11 2005

Stacey from florida

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Toothache remedy

Let me just say that I hate dentists, and I'll put off seeing them for as long as I can. Partly because I don't have enough money to pay for a dentist at the moment.

As a result, sometimes I get stuck with a terrible toothache. Now, I have tried many home remedies when the pain strikes. Only one has worked for me so far.

Not only does it work, it works every time. What you do is, take glass and fill it with warm water, not too hot and not too cold. Take a teaspoon of baking soda and stir it in the glass of warm water. Now swoosh the water on the side of your mouth where your bad tooth is. Don't swallow the water, spit it out, and keep doing it till your glass is empty.

It takes me about 5 min and lasts for a good nights sleep... sometimes days. What it does is, it disinfects the infected tooth.

If your cheek has swelled from the infection, this will help it as well.

I got this remedy from a native dentist while visiting another country. I hope this helps you as well.
September 23 2005

Vlad from Connecticut USA

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