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Put a piece of wax on the sore tooth and it well cure it with in a copule mintues you can use candle wax (not melted) or wax that you use on your braces it really works put it all around that tooth
January 26 2006

Aj from GA

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Take small sips of Ice water. Swish the cold water around near the hurting tooth. The water settles down the nerves. Its very temporary but works. Do this several times.
January 09 2006

In Pain from OKC, OK

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I was at work and had a toothache that made me feel like i was going to pass out. The only thing i could find that had anyting to do with numbing was a sucrets so i put it right next to the acheing tooth and left it there. it actually numbed it. Its just a short fix but i was able to get through my shift.
January 04 2006

Amber from Crescent City, CA USA

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place your forehead down on a matress or other flat surface

i have had severe toothache especially at night,
and i find that getting on your knees and pressing your forehead onto your matress seems to stop the toothache long enough for you to get to sleep!
December 30 2005

holly from manchester

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salt water remedy

hi ive been suffering with dental pain for a few weeks now,as i chipped one of my back teeth.

i heard from a family friend to try using salt water, i did this and it really worked!!!

*put 2 teaspoons of salt in a cup, add boiling water to dissolve the salt, wait for the salt water to cool then rinse round your mouth paying attention to the infected area spit the water out and hey instant pain relief that last 4 hours.
hope this helps

December 29 2005

laura crossland from uk

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Hi, I don't have any baking soda in the house, and its Christmas day... I have rubbed toothpaste on my bad tooth, and it works... it lasts a couple of hours so far, and works straight away.
December 25 2005

Glen from London, UK

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Toothache relief

Take a large whisky, keep it in your mouth and make sure the infected tooth is well soaked. This gives a good temporary relief. Of course you swallow it afterwards, don't waste it.
December 08 2005

Johnny from UK

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I woke up in the middle of the night with a toothache, found this site for a temporary cure and of course I had none of the ingredients listed. Baking soda cure sounded good but I did not have any. Found some sore throat spay in cabinet so I said what the heck, I poured some in a small cup and swished some in my mouth for about 30 seconds (don't swallow)it actually deadened the pain
December 07 2005

Janet from Pearl, MS, USA

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make sure you brush your teeth
December 06 2005

Grant from Uk Manchester

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Bonjela & Co-Codamol (Cavity Relief)

Break up a Co-Codamol Tablet (Paracetamol & Codeine).

Mix with some Bonjela (Gel Based) and use a Ear Bud to put into the tooth cavity.

I have done this many times when ache appears and works great.
December 05 2005

Steve J Wells from England, U.K.

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Clove Oil

just buy clove oil from chemist, and dab some on a cotton bud, rub over infected tooth and gum, area will go numb in seconds, providing relief, until you have a chance to see a Dental Surgeon
November 29 2005

Laura from United Kingdom

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When I have a toothache, I put a half a cup of Hydrogen Peroxide and half of cup of water in my mouth. (don't swallow) Leave it in your mouth about 3-5 minutes. spit it out, and you will feel relief in about 1 minute. Its works for me!!
November 27 2005


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