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Dental Surgery Relief

1.Extraction- Make a pad of the right size, soak with aloe gel from aloe plant, fold into a trough, fill with gel, fit over hole and clamp gently with teeth. What happens is, the gel squishes out the blood, goes into the hole, stops the bleeding and Prevents the Pain. I had three teeth in a row removed, used a aloe gel pad, and when the freezing came out there was no distracting pain, just soreness, only if I touched. Rinse mouth and replace pad when needed. I used three pads in three hours. The bleeding stopped and there was no pain, so I rinsed with baking soda to get a nice clean mouth. Surgery was completed at 4 pm, at 8 pm I popped and ate some popcorn and had a beer, and watched a movie on T.V. No problems then or since.
February 05 2007

Charles Mathison from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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If you are suffering from unbearable toothache, I recommend NyQuil. Two or three of the green liquid gels. They kick in within 30 minutes. As soon as they do, drink some soup to keep your stomach from getting beat up by the NyQuil, and go off to bed. You'll get about 4 1/2 hours pain free sleep. Enough to get you through the remainder of the night and closer to your emergency dental appointment the next morning.

I had bad teeth my whole life. I am a a seasoned veteran of some excruciating toothache. The kind when you are almost ready to grab a pair of pliers and yank it out to stop the pain. Thankfully, after many rootcanals, bridges and $$, mine are all fixed.
January 04 2007

Jason from Utah

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Tea Bags

Bite down on a warm tea bag. I use this everytime and it really helps!
October 19 2006

Sara from Florida, USA

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Toothache help

Get a goodys powder open it up and lick your finger dap it onto the powder then put it on the sore tooth and the pains gone instaly used it sevral times trust me.
October 04 2006

Scottie Buckner from Hickory ,NC

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Tears to your eyes

Had a major toothache that put tears in my eyes, throbbed so bad that I would rather have been in labour again! I swished with warm water and salt, than put some liquid Anbesol on the gums surrounding the tooth.. Tooth about 2 minutes and the pain was gone!
August 27 2006

Jodi from Canada

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Toothache Remedy

My toothache was so bad that it hurt my ears and curled my toes. I've never known any pain that compares to a severe toothache

My cure is to rinse with a little warm water mixed with ALOT of sea salt. Rinse everytime you have the pain. The pain will cease immediately. After a couple of days, the pain is completely gone. The sea salt will also draw out any infection that may be in the root or gums.

I also make a sea salt brine or thick paste with sea salt and rub it all over the sore tooth, gums and in between the teeth. The salt particles will fill in any holes or sore spots in the tooth itself. Try this it works!
July 12 2006

Anonymous from New York

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pickled mussels

I am very fond of sea food cockles/mussels.pickled)
I have had a very sore tooth now a few days so i havent been eating hot food or anything to hard.
I opened a jar of pickled mussels and to my surprize ........PAIN FREE.So what i done was got another jar for later incase.Well 2.00am sore tooth was back, got out of bed and got the mussles out.. Bingo pain free again Now im of to bed. Night everyone
June 28 2006


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toothache pain gone away

I bought some toothpaste with baking soda in it and then used listerine, within minutes the pain went away for 3 hours at most.
May 30 2006

Melanie from Vincennes, Indiana

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Baking Soda really Works!!!!

I was suffering for 4 days trying everything you can find at the pharmacy nothing worked the only thing that worked was applying ice dirrectly to the tooth. Then I read about the power of the beaking soda in this website. I try it and I started to cry but of happyness. Thank for this website that I found. I was searching for hours and I found one solution that really works!!!
April 22 2006

Carlos from Long Beach California, USA

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Simply Axe Oil will dO=)

just simply use a cotton bud to apply an amount of axe brand universal oil on the infected area and tooth ...it will help for a period of tym...hope this helps...
March 20 2006

Shenn from Singapore

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Baking Soda

I'd like to thank the people who advised using Baking soda for a tooth ache, my boyfriend had a tooth ache for a week and nothing seemed to work, clove oil failed we tryed everything, then we tryed baking soda and the pain went away in the first mouthful, thank you very much
February 17 2006

Barbara from Seattle, WA

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theres a hole in my tooth

i kid you not i have a hole in my tooth and it hurts like buggery, it is 01:31 on a sunday morning and i have to be up for work in 3 and a half hours. the pain is so bad i have tried pulling my tooth myself with a pair or pincers. i tried the co-codamol crushed in bonjela it worked but only for about 20 mins, then i tried the baking powder, its like an angel is dancing in my mouth. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH ANYTHING ELSE GO STRAIT FOR THE BAKING POWDER
January 28 2006

Gary from nottingham England

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