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here are a few things I do.

My husband gets them more than I do, but these work on both of us.

I rinse mouth with any of the following... (warm salt water is most soothing)

1. warm salt water
2. baking soda and water
3. peroxide and water (follow directions on most bottles of 3% bottles of peroxide)

rinse mouth at least four times per day

also on top of this, I like to take natural antibiotics (which are better for your body than real ones!!) here are a few I take

1. Garlic
2. Vitamin C
3. zinc (the kind that disolve under tongue)
4. Goldenseal

Goldenseal and Garlic work best followed by zinc, I take vitamin C with all of them.

My husband swears that if he drinks alcohol it makes the infection worse, and I have witnessed the sudden onset the next morning after him drinking alcohol the night before. Not to discredit the alcohol cures, but it makes his worse instead of better. I am sure its a good painkiller though
August 20 2007

Stephanie from Montgomery, AL USA

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Sea Salt God Sent cure

Hi! I have a cracked molar on the left side of my mouth. I haven't had much sleep the past week cause of the horriable shooting pain!!! The pain was so intense-it felt like a knife being shoved into my jaw.The pain traveled all the way up to my ear.I felt like I could die.
Than I tryed Sea salt mixed with warm water (about the size of a coffee cup) I swished this around the side of the mouth that hurt & spit out. Do NOT swallow!!! This works like a god sent.No more pain!! do this a few times a day to kill any infection you might have.
I recommend everyone with tooth pain to try this.
August 19 2007

Mystic from Ohio USA

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Baking soda Hooray!

I have just had the most excruciting tooth ache ever I was writhing around the floor in agony- I couldnt sleep nor even function properly. The whole of my face was numb and I had a constant headache I seriously thought about extracting the tooth it was that bad Took like 10 Ibruprofen in an hour it didnt even touch it

Then I found this site!

The 2 most helpful solutions are

1)Baking soda: works almost immediately but if your tooth is sensitive like mine it might come back worse as water gets into the tooth. Keep doing it until the infected tooth eases. Use lots

2)Salt: you need literally half a glass full of salt with half a glass full of water and rinse- same effect as the baking soda. It does work but it might need to be repeated a few times till the infection dies down.

Make sure you do see your dentist though most of us are on here cos we hate dentists but I know for a fact the pain of the dentists drill can NO WAY be worse than the EXCRUCITING pain I have had for last 2 days.

August 06 2007

Damian from London

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flouride toothpaste

Im not sure what type of problem I have, but I believe the pain is caused by a cavity. The pain was unbareable and i couldnt even think ! My whole left jaw was in pain.

This trick relieved it immediatly for me. I tried everything and this is the only thing that worked. Flouride toothpaste. Im not sure if it has to be flouride, but any strong toothpaste may work.

Brush the area that is causing the pain with the flouride toothpaste vigorously. You might even want to leave toothpaste directly on the area.

After about 3 mins of brushing the area the pain was gone, and the relief lasted for about an hour. Each time i did it the relief lasted longer and now today i havent had ache at all. Try it out and I hope this helps someone.
July 08 2007

Joe from PA, USA

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Touch of spirit

I had severe toothache for a few days and cant get in dentist until next week!!! I decided to try various remedies on here but they havent worked. So i decided to just use the tried and tested method of swiggling some jack daniels around the infected area - this worked immediately and helped cure the pain and give me decent night sleep.
July 05 2007

John from UK

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3 Aleve

One weekend, I was driving along and a toothache hit me; it hurt so badly I had to pull off the road and cry. I had never experienced pain like that in my life, it was way worse than labor, even worse than a broken bone. I called my dentist, and he said for a short term remedy until I could get into see him, to take 3 Aleve (naproxen sodium). I was amazed at how well that worked; no pain whatsoever. I found it worked even better than prescription strength pain reliever. This of course is not something you would do long term, to take 3 Aleve at once, but for the short term, for complete relief it is amazing.
June 12 2007

Anonymous from Yukon, OK

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The best remedy for me yet and makes your teeth more white

I am a long time toothache survivor, past 32 years on and off I've tried every remedy but either got short term relief or non at all.

Without the money available to pay for a 800 dollar dental procedure so I decided to perform my own procedure for this horrible throbbing pain...

I thought to myself, what is one of the strongest germ fighting substances around... bleach!
So I poured 1/2 cup of bleach into a cup (clorox pref.), added a dash of salt for extra germ killing potency and 2 tic-tacs for taste, (tic-tacs optional of course)

My theeth are whiter then they have ever been in my life! My gums are highly pail but it passes in time.

Make sure you eat before you do this, after this remedy your moth will be too sensitive and soar but it is totally worth it!

"God Bless"

May 11 2007


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Baking soda

I have a broken filling along with the untimely presence of my wisdom tooth. My brother-in-law told me bout baking soda and woo pain disappeared. Slept like a baby that night!
April 30 2007

Sherene from golf course st.georges grenada

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Use the baking soda

Thanks to those recommending the baking soda I can type this on a relativly pain free morning. Waiting for root canal procedure but the last week has been hell. Ibubrofen/paracetamol hasn't touched it. At the hypermarket at 5.00am and bought baking soda. Doesn't work instantly but give it time - use the whole glass and rinse for 5-10 minutes. Combine with soluable paracetamol-I am now much relieved. Try it.
April 11 2007

sebastian from UK

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Usually a bad tooth will will start to flare up a number of days prior to the onset of a full-blown, all consuming, mind-numbing pain ride from hell. When you notice the twinges of pain and realize that the worst is yet to come, go visit your family doctor and get a prescription for Apo-Pen VK 300mg and Apo-Metronidazole 250mg. Both for 7 days. One will kill the infection, and the other is an anti fungal. Both will start working within 48 hours, and will keep you pain free for months and months, or until you visit the dentist. This medication is prescribed by dentists when the tooth is to infected to work on. Works every time....%100%!
April 11 2007

Craig from Vancouver, BC, Canada

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February 16 2007


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Cavity/Toothache Pain

For the last two days, I have been in pain (I mean PAIN) with this cavity on my back tooth. Saltwater, peanut butter, ground cloves...all have stopped working. I just got finished mixing a tablespoon of salt in a cup, with a 1/2 teaspoon of oregano and a cup of vinegar with a cup of warm water. It smells like bad feet (lol) but hold your breath, and swish it around. It burns, but I swear it instantly helps. After that, rinse your mouth with water since vinegar can decay the enamel. (you wont feel any pain while rinsing). Then, I took a cinnamon teabag and held it on the tooth for 30 minutes. I feel ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! It sounds like a lot, but I didnt get any sleep until 8 am and had to be at work at 11 am. I sure hope this works. *And if you are up really late viewing this, please dont hesitate to cry while you are able to finally sleep! lol*

~God Bless You!~
February 14 2007

A'zia from Kansas City, MO

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