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Tea bags, salty tea, and clove oil

I had a tooth that the US Army did a root canal on. After a year the filling came out and I was left with just a hole in my tooth. I get abcesses and toothaches very often. I use dry tea bags and clove oil to help relieve any pain I am in. I do not take any other medications with this. I stay away from cola drinks. I also use a salty tea mixture to wash my mouth out at least 4 times a day. Why salty tea? I have no clue, but it seems to work better than salt water...a friend of mine suggested the tea. I use clove oil as needed, yea it's nasty and burns but it helps the pain once all that has gone away.
October 31 2007

CJ from Tyler,Tx USA

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I guess different things have worked for different people. I tried the clove oil, didn't touch it. Salt water does help some, but if you're trying to get some sleep, it doesn't last very long at all. Maybe one hour or so. The thing that has worked the best for me is a black tea bag, folded up and placed against the tooth/gum that is the culprit. I leave it on for about an hour or so. It gets soggy, and the tea tastes a little bitter, but for me, it is definitely worth it because the pain leaves for at least a week. I don't know why this is, but I have heard that black tea draws out an infection. It's worth a try for you if you've never done it.
October 31 2007

Sherri from New York

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PURE - Vanilla Extract

Purchase a bottle of: PURE - Vanilla Extract. Simply apply the PURE Vanilla Extract to the painful tooth with a Q - Tip (as needed) ! For me it works almost on contact,hope it works as well for you !
October 14 2007

Mr.Dennis R.Stevens from Frankfort,IN. USA

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strange remedy

Depending on the type of pain or what's wrong (and I know this sounds unbelievable), eating helps, or chewing I suppose.

If you have a normal cavity obviously it might not work so well, but I have an infection from dead pulp and for SOME odd reason chewing any relatively soft, room tempurature food helps. A banana, a sandwich, whatever. So if you're not too sensitive to the mere touch, try it, and give it a minute, I swear it works if you bear with it for a sec. Good luck.
October 08 2007

Mallory from IL

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Cold Cucumber

I am currently having a severe toothache from an abcessed lower tooth. This pain is so severe that it makes my ear hurt and face go numb! It is just horrible! I sliced a piece of cold cucumber about as thick as a pencil and then cut it into four pieces. I then placed it on my aching tooth and bit down on it and the pain soon went away. This really works, and be aware this is only a temporary fix. I am seeing the dentist later TODAY

September 25 2007

Charlie from East Tennessee

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cold milk

Swish cold milk around the sore tooth. The cold will hurt for just a second, but hopefully it'll be all worth it. In all honesty I'm in excruciating pain right at this very moment and milk isn't helping, but all other times it has been a simple miracle, so I suggest everyone try it at least once.

Otherwise, I vote for saltwater and don't even bother trying to lie down, if you feel like I do now, sleep's just not gonna happen. Good luck!
September 24 2007

Jayne from MD

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My method

I experience a lot of toothache pain, dentists around my area are all private practice and they aint cheap so here is my method.

1st I'll rinse my mouth out with luke warm water and a lot of salt, don't swallow, this will take away some pain, this will hurt a bit but its worth it.

Then after that the tooth will feel tingly but might still be in a bit of pain.

Then I will lightly brush it, then put toothpaste in my mouth and mix it with saliva to use it as a mouth wash,

after ill use listerine (green) and use that

if I still feel a bit of pain or a sensation of pain I'll take a pain relief tablet or two, crush it up mix with warm water and again use this as a mouth wash

followed by something to eat I'll take some pain killers

really your best option is to see a dentist, yes a lot of people are scared of the dentist but this method will probably cost you in the pockets as well.
September 23 2007

Steve's from chester ,uk

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I have a tooth cracked in half! Root/Nerve exposed and all. I dont have insurance and money's tight at the moment. Pain is unbearable. Im a grown man crying like a 2 year old. Read on here about baking soda dissolved in water remedy.OMG!!! nothing has yet worked as well. Not even vicodin. You have to repeat the process 2-3 times but for a 99cent box of arm and hammer and some water ill take this relief any day. ;)
September 12 2007

Carmen from San Diego, CA

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Toothache Relief

Make up a rinse with liquid Orajel and warm water. Rinsing with this will numb the area around the tooth.
September 05 2007

Anonymous from Des Moines, IA USA

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Put it on a cotton swab and rub it around and on the tooth and gum it works..keep it next to tthe bed.
September 02 2007

Theresa Goble from Portland, Oregon

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Whole Cloves

When your tooth is sore or abcessed take a whole clove, chew it a bit and place it next to the tooth. The pain will diminish and it fights the infection.
August 28 2007

Connie from USA

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I had extreme tooth pain due to a broken tooth with a small cavity.This went on for several days.I tryed the sea salt/warm water rinse and it does help-it took the pain away.Than I got a Huge Abscess right below my bad tooth.I grew to the size of a jawbreaker (candy)!!!!A very uncomfortable thing to get! So, I started taking Echinachea & goldenseal herbal capsules.I took them 3 times a day for 3 days now & my abscess is so small it's almost gone & still no pain.
This method is so amazing- I recommend to all!
August 23 2007

Kat from USA

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