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Cinnamon the miracle powder....

I have an absessed tooth that I went to the dentist to extract she prescribed some antibiotics and some ibuprofen and said I should take them for a week and come back for the extraction. This stopped the pain for the first 3 days and then after I felt intense pain. I tried Panadol ultra an it didn't work. Went to my cobbard and found some cinnamon powder I instantly remembered a home remedy my mom taught me and I applied some directly to the tooth and gum. The pain went from a 110-05 in less than 10 mins . Cinnamon saved me I swore I would have died from that intense pain.
March 25 2016

Tamara B. from Jamaica

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Works every time....

Peroxide. Swish a few minutes and spit. You may want to rinse with warm water afterwards, but not for long. Has worked for me, my family, and friends. Dissolve an aspirin on the bad tooth helps a lot too....
March 13 2016

Kelly from North Carolina

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Honey, cinnamon and vanilla extract

To those of you that suggested this.... May Sweet Baby infant Jesus bless all of you!! LOL

I've been drinking cold water every 5 minutes for 3 days straight trying to soothe and exposed nerve in a cracked molar. The pain was unbearable. So so so glad I found this website.

Here's what I did:
Mixed Honey, Vanilla extract and cinnamon together in a cub and dabbed a qtip in it and pressed into the whole in my tooth. First 5 minutes the pain went from a 10 to a 5 but I could still feel that heartbeat/pulsating feeling faintly. So I pulled the tip off the qtip and dipped it into the mixture and stuffed my tooth with it. A few minutes later I no longer had any pain. That was about 8 hours ago and I've eaten twice since then with no problems.
March 04 2016

Kevin from Atlanta

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Vitamin c powder

3 half teeth at the back and yes pain IS worse than Giving Birth. Cant take strong medicine tonight because of morning commitments. Ice packs weren't working. After reading 10 pages here I thought I'd dig around the kitchen and decided to put Vitamin C powder right inside the half teeth. It worked . Immediately!! I have cloth soaking in peppermint tea, a glass of milk, and ulcer oil, all waiting experiments but haven't had to touch them.. 10mins and I am still down from 20+pain to a 2pain!! Too incredible not to share! Good luck with your midnight remedies x
February 24 2016

Nina from Australia

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After fillings came out

I have fillings from childhood that have finally come out. There's no dental care with Medicare. The only thing that's worked is aleve and advil plus Dr Tichenor's mouthwash. Get a qtip dip in mouthwash do not dilute. Rub on affected area. Soon after you will feel relief.
February 20 2016

Jaye from Texas

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Cough losenges work!!!

Hi - its 1:45 am and I am in horrible pain, tried saline rinse, baking soda, chamomile tee, ginger slice - nothing worked for me. Just took a cough lozenge from my medicine cabinet - it is actually dissolving in my mouth right now, and I can feel pain go away as it dissolves. Hope I will be able to return to bed soon, this is a first toothache in my life, it really feels like nothing I felt before - excruciating. I wish you all a good night and hope you'll find what work for your type of pain.
February 03 2016

Alina from Canada

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If anyone is up in agony, struggling through a long night with extreme toothache please please try this. I was in A and E just 24 hrs ago with my infected wisdom tooth which is being taken out next week. After three days of sheer hell, on a cocktail of codeine, naproxen, amoxicillin and paracetamol I simply could take no more and went to hospital.

3 hour wait, was given a dental antibiotic and a shot of morphine - didn't touch the pain WHATSOEVER! Came home considered overdosing on my meds, read up on home made remedies.... Within two minutes I was pain free. Vapour rub!!!! Rub it along the affected area on the OUT SIDE of your face. Instant relief. Please try this tonight if you are in pain.
January 16 2016

Zoe from England

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Toothaces suck!!

I'm 10 years old and I have a tooth that needs a filling its my right bottom moler. Some things I do to get rid of the pain is to

1.Only eat soft foods and not hard,crunchy, or sugary foods for an example : no popcorn or chocolate.

2. Try using ambosol ( I think I spelled it wrong) it may work for you. When I use it releves the pain for 30-45 mins sometimes or dosen't work at all it works most of the time.

3. Get a ice pack (no rag or tissue to make it not so cold it won't help at all) Try watching YouTube something you like to watch. It will distract you from your pain if you can't watch YouTube you can try lying down and taking your hand and put a bit of pressure on the tooth but don't touch it just push on your cheek. It will help do it for 5-10 seconds then give a 1-2 second break.

4. Try drinking water at room temperature if your thirsty. If it is cold it will make your toothache worst. Try taking the ibuprofen chewable tablets for kids if your a kid and if your an adult I don't know if there is a ibuprofen for adults ( sorry ) but don't chew it with your bad tooth.

This is just what I do I usually do things when I'm in pain but if I'm having fun I'm not in pain most of this can be used for kids. I hope it works for you ! :)
January 14 2016

Amy from Arizona Usa

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Happy new year! have a remedy!

I was having a HORRENDOUS toothache in two teeth today and found something that helped immensely. Swish some pure vanilla extract on the tooth for 30-60 seconds (It's gonna burn a bit, so find something to distract yourself with), spit and rinse and repeat the process with an antiseptic mouthwash. Took my pain from a 8-9 to a 2-3. Hope it helps!
December 31 2015

Silverstar88 from Orlando, Fl

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Honey an cinnamon

I didn't believe it at first but I had to try something, I have horrible teeth an hate going to the dentist but tonight I've had the worst tooth ache in a long time so I put cinnamon an honey on a q-tip an rubbed it all over the tooth an gum it takes a few moments to kick it but works wonders so thank you to you guys an all your remedy's I wouldn't be going to sleep tonight if I didn't find this site!!!
December 28 2015

Courtney from Minnesota

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The worst pain ever!!!!!

I have given birth five times even had a broken leg but nothing compares to the pain of severe toothache...The pain was absolutelty agonizing, the pain affects my jaw and up to the ear up nights crying and shaking trying all the home remedies.
I think a combination of the honey and cinnamon soaked cotton ball has definitely helped and rinsing with warm milk in addition to painkillers I have been laying here now with the cotton ball in my mouth on affected area and have very minimal pain the most relief I have felt all nite...I hope that this can be helpful to someone as it was for me.
December 22 2015

Mrs abbott from From philly

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Combo factor

My toothache got so severe tonight that I got out of bed, dressed and went to the only market open after 11pm. I bought some Oragel and it numbed the gum around the tooth a bit. I took two Advil PMs. After several minutes, started feeling tired yet still in pain... These were the steps that worked for me...
I took a small mouthful of vodka and swished in around. It burned a bit, but the most intense part of the pain (from my chin to my ear and eye) improved somewhat. I'm not a milk-drinker but I do have plain yogurt on hand. I mixed that yogurt, honey, cinnamon, and vanilla extract put it directly on the tooth and on the gum beneath the broken tooth. The yogurt, ate a spoonful or so, then swished it around in my mouth. I was concerned about the honey, but decided to put the mixture on a Qtip and held the Qtip between the gum underneath the tooth and my cheek. After having pretty good success with the concoction, it began to occur to me that the honey is like a delivery system to get the cinnamon and yogurt to the painful area. Since bacteria love sweet, the honey attracts it and then the yogurt with its living cultures and and the the cinnamon, with its numbing and anti-bacterial qualities, go on the attack.

I'm ready for bed, whereas hours ago, I tossed and turned wondering if I would get any sleep tonight. This worked for me, and I hope that somebody out there in CyberWorld can benefit from my sharing...
December 07 2015

TerrywolfbisbeeI from Bisbee, Arizona

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