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Weird but works

April 19, 2014
I broke half a molar and was screaming all day. Pain was so overwhelming that vise grips were sounding like a good idea. But I found out that if you take 1 aleve liquid gel and cut it in half. Then take a q-tip and dip it into the gel. Rub that mixture on the problem area and holy mother of Jesus batman, no pain whatsoever! It does have a bad taste, but it's a small price to pay to get sleep.
Robin from Cowtown texas


Severe tooth ache

April 19, 2014
I have horrible teeth for being 20 years old. Its not that I don't take care of them (could do a better job at doing so) but it runs in the family for having bad teeth. Dentist say I need dentures ALREADY :( Anyways, outta nowhere, one of my teeth (cracked, demolished, nothing hardly there) started to kill me. I wanted to rip my head off it hurt so bad. I took about 1200 MG of IBU but didnt help, about an hour later I took bout 15 shots of sore throat spray (aimed directly at tooth) that didn't help, about 30 minutes or so later, I drank a few beers (some reason beer helps with the pain of teeth ,) still nothing worked.

So I just got back from the store and I bought Riccola Cough drops and a bottle called KANKA. The beautiful gal at the store said it works great, so I will be trying it. Anyways, I don't know if its the Riccola Cough drops I am eating right now that made the pain go away or if its EVERYTHING combined that made it go away. But, I can tell ya, I feel purdy damn good right now :) haha. Hope something in this little paragraph helps ya.
Nikk from Montana


Summary of all these entries

April 15, 2014
The top suggestion is rinsing with baking soda and warm water or salt and warm water. Or all three. Here's a list of all the other things you can try to swish with:
Hydrogen peroxide
Whiskey or vodka
Vanilla extract
Listerine (yellow)
Peppermint oil
Clove oil
(and In a couple unrecommended cases) bleach
Also bananas and black tea bags have been suggested.

Cold water or hot water depending on what gives you relief. I have tried all of these and most did offer some relief. Lots of folks say "this works perfectly" but I think the truth is that tooth pain is not something that will magically disappear and so far we don't have a perfect cure all. But swishing for a minute or more with something above and then taking some ibuprofen or Aleve or something should help for temporary pain relief. If your pain is fleeting and not serious, you shouldn't have pain more than a week at most. Otherwise go directly to dentist. Tooth pain is the absolute worst. Stay well!
Caroline from Periodontal Trouble Land


Learned in india

April 07, 2014
I had a toothache while traveling on business in India, and I got the best advice from a worker in the Reliance Factory in Surat:
1. Place a tea bag next to the tooth for fast relief. It worked by being an astringent. Drawing out the infection, which causes the pain.
2. Eliminate sugar from your diet, including pasta, wheat, but rice is OK in moderation. This lowers the sugar in your blood, which feeds the infection.
3. Drink or eat fermented food, I love beet kvass. This strengthens the blood and keeps your gums healthy.
Jim from Greensboro


Halls honey lemon drops

April 01, 2014
I must say....This site is from the heavens! My first toothache ever...And im about to pass ouuuut! I've tried brushing and rinsing with salt water and IBU 600 3x/day. But when I read about the Halls throat drops, man, let me tell ya...IT WORKED! Totally calmed the throbbing and after the 3rd drop and a dose of IBU...Gone!! Thanks a bunch!
Scared of the dentist from Charlotte


Ibuprofen as needed

March 31, 2014
I've had a toothache for 4 days now severe really bad exposed nerve swollen gums and tooth was even sore to the touch. I tried everything best thing I found was Ibuprofen and allot of it be careful not to take to much cause its not easy on the stomach. Also hot compress as hot as you can stand it for as long as you can seems to help a little.

PS I took 2 800 mg every 6 hours but I don't recommend taking allot I took about 8 in a 24 hour period my tooth didn't hurt as much. Hope this helps.
Jessica from WV


Tooth pain 4 am

March 22, 2014
Ok just did sugar free ludens cough drops and 800 mg of ibprofen. It freaking worked. Don't just eat one cough drop I did 4. Also peroxide didn't work but 5 mins also sore throat s spray on tooth is awesome too and don't ever jab toothpick in your cavity, dumb idea for infection.
Cat from NC


Bc powder

March 17, 2014
You have got to try it you can get it at any Walmart and if you take two make sure to put a little on the sore spot, I swear the pane will go away.
Josh Gold3n from Rawlings



March 17, 2014
I'm currently suffering a terrible toothache and nothing seems to work for me but Ibuprofen. It won't last long, but you'll be able to get some rest until the dentist opens. Hope you all feel better soon.
Alex from Unknown


Bad toothache remedy

March 17, 2014
The best thing that works is cloves if you want a good night sleep whole cloves put two or three in your mouth the side that the bad tooth is on chew on them when there all chewed up put them on the gum and the bad tooth this will numb the toothache for hours so you can get rest till you can see a dentist. Hope this helps Martin in LA
Martin from California


Lemon works!!!

March 16, 2014
With some lemon juice (from a lemon or store bought lemon juce)and WARM water my toothache was relieved instantly trust me it works amazingly!!!
Toothache Reliever from Florida


Salty water and garlic!

March 16, 2014
I was in absolute agony with a broken tooth hence exposure of gum... Of course it happened out of nowhere and in the middle of the night so had to look up online what to do! This website saved my life! Pain was unbearable to the point it had me crying and on the floor. Felt tired due to exhaustion over thr pain!

So I mixed some salt with very warm water and added two garlic gloves in a glass. I began to gargle the mixture especially around the pain area. No word of a lie, I had not even gone down to half the glass when I could feel the pain going! I am now pain free and will be giving the dentist a call first thing in the morning! I would definitely recommend this.
Faz from England


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