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Pain killer

December 05, 2014
I am 16 year old. Yesterday, too much pain my teeth. I cry soo much. But then I take cold water and brush my teeth very deeply. It's really help but for one day. Next day it not work. I have to pull out my teeth.
Kamran from Pakistan


It works! !

November 18, 2014
Cinnamon oil helped mine it burns but works.
Kellsey from New Albany Indiana


Honey really works!

November 18, 2014
I was suffering through much pain in teeth but when I applied some amount of honey pain goes immediately. Plz try it!
Priya from Pune


Who knew?!

November 17, 2014
I've had horrible teeth my whole life. So when my wisdom teeth came in it was no surprise they were rotten and caused my back molars to rot as well. Ive had one side all taken out but now the other is horrific and hurts like hell! As a mother of two, I need my sleep lol over the weekend my pain got horrible. I was able to play it off with Tylenol but last night not only did I run out of Tylenol but what I did have and take didn't help. I was up literally all night pacing, searching every home remedy possible.
I tried them all, from garlic to onions to cinnamon to baking soda to the tea bags, NOTHING!! :( Finally I came across a post about bananas and milk. At first I thought Ya right but finally at 6am I tried it is voilĂ ! Pain is gone, not for long mind you but long enough for me to fall asleep! I just kept a banana beside me and when the pain woke me, I'd take another bite of my banana and sip n' swish my milk and back to sleep id go.
Mel from Canada


Hydrogen peroxide

November 10, 2014
Hello, I've been suffering from a serious toothache for a couple of days now and it was not getting better. 10 minutes ago I tries Hydrogen Peroxide and the pain is gone.

Instructions :
1 - Gargle for as long as you feel comfortable (is not pleasant)
2 - Wash mouth with water
3 - Drink milk (just in case you swallowed some HP)
4 - Feel the worst pain you have felt in your life for 5 minutes
5 - Be happy (No pain)
Lucas from CZ


Make it stop!!

November 10, 2014
I have tried everything on this list, everything and not a single one is working. The ONLY thing that is working is me keeping ice on that side of my face. I have managed to use a head band to secure a towel and baggie covered clump of ice to my face. I do not care how crazy I look, its working!! I have finally become hungry, which we all know is the farthest from our minds when dealing with that pain. Unfortunately, I have to continue to do this until my antibiotics kick in. Or my dentist may be able to get me in tomorrow to pull the tooth. 600 to 800mg of ibuprofen to keep the inflammation inside the tooth down every 4 to 6 hours (I was taking 600 mg every 2 hours, which was making me feel sick).
Alisha from Maryland


Soooo relieved!!!

November 08, 2014
Pure Honey and Cinnamon WORKS!!! I was having severe tooth pain due to an exposed broken tooth that had previously been filled with a filling. It was excruciating pain. Been on Aleve every 10hrs but recently doubled the dose and still had pain!! Honey on a Q- tip covered with cinnamon took pain away 95-98 percent. Thank God!! Then I did a warm water Sea Salt gargle and reapplied the honey/cinnamon on a Q-tip....I am soo relieved!!! Peace be unto anyone suffering with tooth pain. Try this it really works and doesn't hurt.
Latecia from Mississippi


You wouldn't believe me but.....

November 05, 2014
MILK has given me relief tonight. I, like the rest of you came here looking for something, anything to help with my pain. I didn't have a lot to work with in my kitchen as far as cloves, garlic, peppermint oil, etc but I always have milk so I tried it and it has helped. The intense throbbing pain is gone and what I'm left with is a dull very tolerable ache. Don't brush this one aside, because it may help you too.
Ginger from Tenn



November 02, 2014
Im not sure if its true.. But I heard somewhere that sex gives off a natural pain killing chemical. It works.. It may just be the fact that your mind is not on your tooth but hey! If it works it works!
JW from Ermelo


Broken molar holding partial

November 01, 2014
Hylands Teething tablets and heavy warm salt water rinse along with either 6 advil or 2 naproxin sodium(aleve). Will get rid of the pain for at least 8 hours, I'm going on 10 hours pain free, the familiar tingle is just starting so I am going to be very proactive and take the steps again. Good Luck all. Dentist are expensive and it's even worse when they can't work you in for 30 days. But we keep going. Hope it helps you like it has helped me.
Lnda from Florida


Milk works!

October 27, 2014
I was sitting at work in excruciating pain and decided to look up home remedies, hoping there was something that I could buy in the store at work. I kept seeing milk so I decided to try it since pills arent working anymore and orajel makes things worse. I brought milk. It works!!! Now, its a kind of temporary solution since I have to keep sipping it to keep pain at bay. But its a very simple, easy fix. Hope this helps.
Stephanie from Richmond


Quick cure for severe tooth ache!

October 26, 2014
I have several teeth that have been hurting me on and off for several months now. The worst is a bottom molar which broke off leaving exposed pulp at my gum line. I can't afford going to the dentist yet. About 3 days ago, I bit down on something wrong, and now this broken tooth started hurting me again, but this time with the worst pain I've ever experienced! I've had Malaria, chronic pain and gone through very painful chemo, but nothing compared to this pain.
At times my whole jaw throbs, that entire side of my face hurts, my eye aches, my ear burns and aches, and I have a severe headache radiating out from my temple. This has been going on non-stop for several days, even while I've been taking very large doses of morphine (twice my normal dosage) and ibuprofen (3 to 4 times my normal dosage) 3 to 4 times a day! I can't sleep for long and I wake up from the pain. Several times I have almost thrown up from the pain!

Then I found this Web site! I have been reading and trying these remedies for several hours now. Here's what has and hasn't worked for me: the more Oragel I use, the worse the pain gets, a very concentrated warm salt gargle helped some. Then I tried gargling warm milk, and the pain got much worse again, swishing a compounded sore-throat rinse helped very little, a sore throat spray applied directly to the tooth helped a little, swishing vodka helped quite a bit after the initial burning subsided, but there was still quite a bit of pain left, so I finally tried swishing a very concentrated solution of warm water, mineral salt and baking soda for one minute about 3 times, and that worked amazingly well! Within 10 minutes the pain was 10 percent of what it had been. It has now been about an hour with almost no pain at all! I have the vodka on my bedside table just in case, and I'm going to try to lie down and sleep through the night now!
Thank you to all of you for your suggestions!
J.H. from Oklahoma


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