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Dentists here need weekend hours...

September 14, 2014
I just wanted to thank whoever said mix 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder and 5 teaspoons honey. I mixed in some unfiltered pure honey with the cinnamon and put some on a gauze pad next to my problem tooth and it has severely dulled the pain.

I was skeptical because of the honey/sugar factor, but it will work until I can get to the dentist. And yep very tasty requiring self control to not slather it on some crackers instead of using for toothache pain haha.

I'll also recommend the Red Cross remedy, but I don't have any at the moment. It has worked in the past however. It does taste nasty, but I've had excellent luck with it. Too bad it's super early in the morning and Walgreens is closed for several more hours so I can't run and get some...Hence the cinnamon remedy trial. Most everything else I try works for ten seconds then wears off other than taking painkillers....
Dusty from New York



August 31, 2014
I have literally tried it all, from gargling warm salt water, to putting crushed aleve, ibuprofen on the exposed nerve, nothing works, I found putting cold on my tooth seems to take away the pain for a few minutes, but the only thing I found to work is going to the hospital and getting a dental block to numb it, take the antibiotics and pray for the best. I know this is not helpful but nothing seems to help me.
Chaz from Port Richey, FL


Full time job

August 28, 2014
Fighting tooth pain has become a career for me over the last 12 years. My first toothache go to's - antibiotics! I find those by any means and take a double dose to shock the infection. Then make sure you have enough for a constant cycle, not just until the pain stops. Your body will mutate that infection into a stronger, more painful infection.

Also, try not to keep using the same antibiotic with each toothache. Excedrin migraine and Motrin are my next step. Stay ahead of the pain if you can, don't wait until you're in pain to take the second dose. -brush teeth with a good toothpaste like sensodyne and rinse with warm water. Things I avoid at all cost..
Cold anything, it may seem to help for a second but can make the tooth more aggravated.
Sugar- slows the antibiotics and aids the bacteria.
Aspirin or anything on the gums or tooth.
I absolutely never touch anything like orajel, it's always made my pain worse.

I did find a new remedy tonight which was the icy hot on the outside of the cheek. Keep elevated Everyone and every toothache is different, this just works for me. Do whatever you have to to get the problems fixed. Self medicating for 12+ years like I have has left me with even bigger problems like ulcers and internal bleeding. If you say you are scared to get it fixed than you've never had a toothache at this level. I have had a child and had my face shattered by a horses hoof and would take the two together any day over a toothache. I would face any fear or make any deal to get some relief, aside from hurting my child.

I really hope if you're reading this something helped. I wouldn't wish this pain on any living thing. Eat healthy- it truly does make a huge difference. Think before you apply any remedy, treat it like a cold or cut that was infected. Take care of your body, rest, the right fluids etc. Keep the area clean and dry. I'm going to try the garlic and the tea bag tonight. I was wondering if anyone else thought that orajel made tooth pain worse???
Rosie from Michigan


Finally at least a little relief!!

August 26, 2014
I am a 45 yr old grown man that has been brought to my knees for the last 24 hours in toothache pain. Little sleep the last couple of nights. I have searched high and low on-line for "home" remedies. I have been taking about 600mg Ibuprofen every 6 hrs. Seems to help intermittently. I have also taken a couple of large doses of antibiotics that I had left over from a sinus infection a couple of months ago. I thought that it would kill the growing infection. Not yet. Or maybe it did, but that is not the problem. The source of pain could be a small exposed /inflamed nerve?

I tried several things that I read in these posts. Salt water rinse. Milk rinse. Mouthwash, etc. I finally dug around in the medicine cabinet and found Halls Honey Lemon cough drops. After about 5 minutes of letting it dissolve between my cheek and gum near the bad tooth...POOF...PAIN IS GONE FOR NOW!! I will also take 3 Advil PM and try to sleep now!!

If you are reading this and in pain...I hope you find something here that works for you! Probably different things are effective for different people! Good luck!
RC from Houston, TX.


My remedy

August 24, 2014
2 Tylenol + 2 aleve (same as a loratab) Cold water allow to sit on area as long as tolerated And apply orajel severe pm cream... Pain isn't completely gone but a lot better and can help until I can make it to dentist.
Jennifer Self from New Iberia, la


Fixodent extra hold powder!

August 20, 2014
This is by no means a cure! But I wear an upper denture... And being desperate in a attempt and getting a lower molar to stop throbbing I sprinkled some over the tooth... And it helped quite a bit!! That with a Baggie of ice against it, and some pain killers and I might get some sleep! :(
Feel Your Pain from Cali


I have tried everything

August 17, 2014
I have literally tried everything from ice packs and heating pads to orajel cream with anbesol and cloves I try to alternate between everything so I don't get used to one thing. I have to find one thing that works for very long.
Bill from Wisconsin


Quick severetoothache pain releif

August 10, 2014
Pure vanilla extract put on tooth for 30 sec, instant relief!
Jeff from Missouru


Chew lavender on the aching tooth

July 20, 2014
If you are suffering from a toothache, just chew some lavender for a few minutes on the tooth or teeth in pain, you will see that the pain will ease away slowly. The reason why lavender is so affective, it is because of the fact that it has strong anti-bacterial elements in it. It kills the bacteria causing the pain. And it is safe.

You can also add it to your tea in the morning for any urinary track infection or chlamydia or gonorrhea. But make sure that you don't take sugar with your tea and not eat or drink anything for a couple of hours. Sugar is the food that bacteria feed on.
Ali from Turkey


Milk for pain

July 10, 2014
Just tried milk for my pain...It was cold on my tooth, I just held milk in my mouth drank it and I don't feel pain! I don't know how long this will last but this instant relief feels good!
Dolly from Arizona


Natural relief

June 24, 2014
If you are like me and cant take ibuprofen due to medical reasons then I have a remedy that just might help. You can try Tylenol but it doesn't contain the inflammatory agents most ppl with toothaches need and for me just doesn't work not even hydrocodiene.

After a 4am rush to the drug store I came home with Orajel Severe PM tooth cream and a bottle of a mouthwash my granny suggested called Dr.Tichenor's All Natural Peppermint Mouthwash. This stuff is very strong and must be diluted with water. First I brush my teeth really good, Second I swish with very lightly diluted mouthwash and let it sit on affected area till feels a bit numb, and last I take a cotton ball soak a little of the mouthwash (undilutted) make a tiny ball and plug the whole. You can also rub it on your gums.

The first time after I rinsed instead a mouthwash I packed orajel inside the hole, covered the cottonball with it then plugged the hole in my tooth. You will need something to spit I wouldn't suggest swallowing.

Hope this helps somebody. BTW I've been to a dentist but have to finish one med before I can start antibiotics for tooth to be removed next week. I also waited years to go see a dentist due to no insurance. Pain drove me to research low cost emergency dental care.
I ended up finding a county clinic in my area who has a sliding scale based on income. I was seen the same day I called. I paid $37 for first visit which included an xrays, examination, and appropriate pain relief. Unfortunately I will need to take meds first before surgery. But I will have it next week and it will only cost a whopping $27 bucks.
Luck lady from Texas


Pain after whitening my teeth

June 20, 2014
Oh let me tell you its a pain I will never wish on anyone I've tried everything the only thing that took most of the pain away was 2 teaspoons of arm and hammer in a 4 oz. Cup let it sit for a few mins then bite on a warm tea bag.
Tanya from San Diego Ca


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