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Milk works!!!

I read through every remedy here for a throbbing toothache I had. I have a cavity that was paining earlier this year that my dentist said I need a root canal on. However, he gave me antibiotics and they wiped out the pain which didn't come back so I didn't bother going back to the dentist for the root canal. I guess infection built back up and the toothache came back with a vengeance two weeks ago and my dentist didn't have free appointments for a few weeks and his staff said he can't prescribe antibiotics over the phone-it's like they're getting sadistic pleasure out of punishing me for not coming back when I was supposed to.

Anyway, I was popping so much Advil I was worried about liver damage and a friend who suffers from chronic migraines even gave me a few Percocet to help me sleep through the night (yeah-not supposed to do that but I was desperate) and even that-the strongest painkiller next to morphine I believe- didn't help. Nights were anguish-I'd dose off and wake up again and be up for hours in pain. Plus the pain was so bad it made my sinuses hurt badly as well.

I tried various methods I read in this forum. I used clove oil, chloraseptic throat spray, almond oil, warm water with epsom salt, etc. They worked for awhile then wore off. I had read about milk but thought it was too simple. Well, I should have tried that first. One night I was in agony and decided to try it. I warmed it up a bit because cold stuff makes the pain worse, soaked a bit of cotton in the milk and put it into the cavity. After a few minutes, the pain disappeared. It stopped-completely. I went to bed and instead of waking up constantly I only woke up once-to use the bathroom! NO PAIN. The next night I decided to try it once again even though the pain hadn't come back and had another blissful night.

After that, I didn't do ANYTHING and the pain has NOT returned! I read the milk destroys the painful nerve or something but I don't care how it works but it does. Do not try all the other remedies first-use the milk first. I saw a reply to the person who posted this remedy and the person said they were going to name their first born after the poster because of how their pain was relieved. I feel the same way. This remedy absolutely works-try it before you try anything else!!!
September 27

Annie from Bermuda

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Now a believer.

I was skeptical of most remedies. Until I came down with an abscess in my upper tooth. Most intense pain I've ever felt. Cold water and milk worked temporarily only relieving the pain for about a minute or so.

At 3 AM I was desperate as the cold trick no longer was working. My sister recommended this, and though doubtful, I was thankfully amazed at the result. Take a cotton ball and dampen under water. Place crushed cloves on napkin and roll the cotton ball over it, completely covering the cotton. Place cotton ball between cheek and gum area where toothache is most prominent.
Here's the tough part. I had to deal with an intense five minutes waiting for it to work. Trust me, leave it there and bare with it. After five minutes the pain rapidly decreased...After 10 minutes I had zero pain. Went straight to bed keeping the cotton ball there. 5 hours later no pain. Though I've switched the cotton out roughly every 6 hours.

I do hope this helps someone, as it helped me. The relief is heavenly.
September 20

Eric from Michigan

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See a dentist immediately!

Going on 2 weeks with an abscess molar upper left. Pain was originally tolerable passing a few hours with the help of oragel paste and warm salt water swishing which helped considerably.
Though the dentist upped the dosage of antibiotics, the infection grew, and now the original remedies have failed. With a root canal 5 days away, I'm finding the only thing keeping the pain at bay is cold fluids. Milk from the fridge seems to work best or ice water.

All other home remedies have failed. Even prescribed pain pills aren't working. Consuming alcohol isn't a wise course of action. It lowers the effectiveness of the antibiotics. As my dentist keeps telling me, controlling the infection is top priority and should lower the pain drastically once the bacteria is destroyed.

Overall, if you're showing symptoms of an infected tooth. Do Not Delay! Get in as soon as possible! This is a pain that gets horribly worse.
September 19

Eric from Michigan

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Instant relief if you need to sleep

I have a hole in my tooth which causes me extreme pain, mostly at night. This sucks because I cant sleep at all. Ive tried everything but last night I found a saviour, its not a long term fix, but if you need a few hours sleep, I suggest you try. I put a wheat bag in the microwave for 2 minuets and placed it on the side of my face with the bad tooth, helped me be able to sleep without pain!
July 23

Dennika from Australia

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The only thing that works thus far

I have three broken teeth, every nerve is exposed and I get constant chronic toothaches. Some times individually and sometimes all at once, those are the worse. I cant even eat crunchy foods anymore because I have trouble chewing and sometimes the pain makes my mouth so sensitive all over I have trouble just brushing my teeth. I am deathly afraid of the dentist because they make my anxiety go crazy and I couldn't afford it anyways.

Let me start by telling you I have taken all the over the counter pain killers, and motrin is the most effective in the least amount of time. Tylenol doesn't really help and taking to much in an allowed time period can actually poison your system, it happened to me. I threw up bile for 5 hours straight and couldn't take anything for a week after.

That being said the only think that really helps my pain is taking 4 or 800 mg of motrin every 6-8 hrs depending on the severity of pain in between. I work overnights so I often get horrible pain late at night on the job so I always keep motrin on me and a bottle of room temperature water. Sometimes it can take up to a half hr to kick in so in the mean time I use the palm of my hand to cup my face and put pressure on my teeth and gums and that helps a bit.

When I'm at home I sleep during the day and I wake up a lot from tooth aches,( I also believe I may be clenching or grinding my teeth in my sleep. If its been long enough I take more motrin and swish some warm salt water around my mouth and soak a face cloth in hot water squeeze it out and place it against the side of my face for warming pressure and that really helps soothe.
I highly recommend motrin if you are going to take pain killers though, as I haven't gotten sick from it thus far and it not only eases the ache but also relieves inflammation as well.
July 11

Amanda from MA

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My routine

I have 2 bad wisdom teeth on the left side of my mouth that I've been waiting about 3 months to get removed. They stay infected and I'm always looking for ways to help with the pain. About 2 hours ago my teeth started the normal night time aching. I found a routine that works for me until I can get them out.

I take 3 advil, brush my teeth for about 10 minutes, swish with warm water/salt solution and then I sit down at my computer and look for new home remedies in case this stops working. I got to about page 4 and the pain is completely gone now. Something that my dentist told me, don't let cold water touch your tooth. Maybe freezing cold water the first time will shock your tooth into not hurting but your hurt tooth will get like "addicted" to the cold liquid and will hurt excruciatingly when the water gets warm so you would have to constantly have cold liquid on it.
July 04

Tammy from Texas

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Finaly relif

I'm 13 years old and I have a enalmal disorder that can cause heath to grow in with all ready a cavity on it all so my roots are spiraled so that can cause pain it self. At fort I just took 2 aleve but then it just started to not work at all.I tried vanilla extract, salt and pepper, warm salt water,ice,and just random Pressure point tricks and none worked some even made the pain much worse but then I made some peppermint tea and mixed honey in it and it worked like magic and save the tea bag after sinking the tea suck on it for some extra relief and if you don't have any peppermint tea black tea works just fine.
June 24

Sammi Roth from United States Of America

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Nutmeg mix

Concoction of nutmeg mustard and olive oil on a qtip this was after swishing wild oregano oil that I bought at the Amish herb store, most everything is pure there and its a mile away from me very lucky!

Prior to that I had used clove oil but ran out midweek. I used cloves of garlic in between and yes it helps but little fragments were getting caught where my tooth filling had come out thereby irritating the gum. NOT GOOD And the garlic needs to be fresh to get its oil. I also used a compress along my jawline.
Back to my weird nutmeg mixture the only trouble with the nutmeg mustard, olive oil mix is that I might have used too much because I ended up throwing up. Not sure what the culprit was the remedy or the infection but for 8 hours I had no ache at all just nausea.

I also read that nutmeg is considered a narcotic in high doses so maybe that was the issue. I would recommend trying it but be careful on how much you mix, I wasn't precise just kind of mixed all randomly and kept dabbing it! Also mustard should be warmed... I wont do that again! Will use again just be careful on the dose.
June 22

Gina from United States

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Salt warm water....

Boil the water warmly and put some salt to it(you could add on some clove oil if you having or tulsi ) and you should rinse in the mouth and spit the water after sometime.
June 12

Deepak Bn from Bangalore

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This sounds disgusting but.....

I came across this site Healing Teeth Naturally, just as I found this site (around 1am :0) and I came across a practice (with Testimonials) that was quite Intriguing and Equally Disgusting...The Practice of Urine Therapy....And if what these people have been sharing...It may just be something a person who is Desperate enough might "Have To" try. Not just because of the pain they might be enduring, but because of the High cost of Dental care...And therefore no other alternative..

Healing Teeth Naturally, again is the site, Urine Therapy for the Healing of Teeth and Gums is the subject...Also same site...Urine Therapy....Background on the Science and practice of Urotherapy as a cure for Diseases including cancer. (Interesting Read)
May 09

Jamarie from Il

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Vanilla and cinnamon

I have horrible teeth, I am constantly getting cavities and I've already had two root canals by age 18. I take superb care of my teeth, but I'm convinced that some of us just have no luck in the tooth area.

After already taking a prescription strength pain reliever which helped none, I resorted here. I currently just made a paste of cinnamon and vanilla extract and brushed like a tooth paste, I then soaked a q tip in vanilla extract and left it in my mouth near area of pain for a couple of minutes, I am feeling a LOT of relief. It isn't all the way gone, but something is better than nothing!
May 06

Hurting from South

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4am and only just relieved the pain.

I have tried almost everything (shy of actually pulling the tooth out myself) and nothing was working. My solution is far from perfect but enough to get some sleep before I have to be back at work in a few hours.

Gargle strong whisky for 5-10 minutes. It does get a bit uncomfortable but nothing compared to the pain I was experiencing. After about 5 minutes my mouth was pretty numb so now I can get some sleep. The girlfriend wasn't impressed with the smell of the whisky so a quick brush of the teeth and hey presto.
April 18

Steve from United Kingdom

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