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46 Home Remedies for Swimmers ear

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Swimmers ear

Do not go to the doctors chances are, they cant do anything.
June 19 2013

David perez20 from Stockton

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A pharmacist told me to mix half white distilled vinegar with half rubbing alcohol. I dip a Qtip in it and clean my ears 2 to 3 times a day. The problem is solved in 1 to 3 days.
March 12 2010

Dave from Newport, KY

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swimmer's ear

swim-EAR(ear drying aid)found at wal-mart
October 07 2009

Anonymous from ca

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Hair Dryer cure

If you have a hair dryer set it to warm. Blow it in your infected ear and it should evaporate the water.
June 17 2009

Duffey Mills from L.A. California USA

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Salt Pillow for Swimmers Ear

When I was little I would go to the park pool all day and come home with an ear ache. My Grandmother took about 1/2 cup of regular table salt and sewed it up in a clean white cloth making a pillow. She would warm the salt pillow up in a frying pan and have me lie down with my ear on the pillow. The combination of the warmth and the salt drew out the water and relieved my ear ache.
June 02 2009

KD from Colorado

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Equal Parts Rubbing Alcohol and Water

Mix equal parts of rubbing alchohol and water. Put a few drops in your ear, wait until you feel the water "pop", tilt your head, and problem solved! It works great!
February 18 2009

Andrea from New York

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Bye-Bye swimmer's ear!

Being a swimmer I think that the best way to treat swimmers ear is to use ear wax remover overnight and then put in something called'water remover' that will remove the swimmers ear in less than 3 days.!.
November 05 2008

Payton from Hawaii

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Onion Juice

Get help from another person for this one.....Cut an onion in half, warm it up in the microwave... Have the person with the bad ear lay down so the infected ear is facing up. Your helper squeezes the warm onion juice into your ear. Use about 4 drops of onion juice to do the trick. The ear will feel better within minutes. Your ear should clear up once you sit back up and the onion juice runs out of your ear. If doesn't work the first try do again. My husband got swimmers ear and he couldn't get the water to come out for nothing. Then it turned into an infection. His Aunt told us about this little trick. It worked great!!
March 16 2008

Cheryl from WNY, USA

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alcohol/ apple cider vinegar

this is really a preventative. after swimming, fill ear canal with a solution of 50% alcohol and 50% apple cider vinegar then empty it out. This works really, really well. I used to get swimmers ear from just showering and this completely prevents it.
April 16 2007

becca from nor cal

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Just A Drop

Whenever I get Swimmer's Ear, use a dropper and drop just a drop of Alcohol in the ear you have it in. If you don't have a dropper you can drain a square of tissue in the alcohol and squeeze a drop out. It works for me!
June 01 2006

Alexis from IN

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